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ACKS Campaign Setting - The Corrin Empire

Continent Map. 24 miles per hex. Click to enlarge.
It's been a little quiet here over the past week as I prepped for my new ACKS game. I thought it might be interesting to share the results, both in terms of general interest and as a resource for my campaign.

Starting PointsUnlike most fantasy RPG settings, ACKS does not have a pseudo-medieval setting as its default setting. Rather it is set in a period called "Late Antiquity", a period more commonly referred to as the Dark Ages. The Roman Empire had fallen - at least the western half of [...]

Sistema Endless Ways -- Parte 7

Morto e Moribundo

Quando os Pontos de Vida de uma personagem totalizam zero ou so negativos a personagem cai ao cho inconsciente. A esta condio chama-se estar Moribundo.
A personagem Testa Fortaleza contra uma dificuldade Desafiante: se falhar o teste esta morre de imediato, caso seja bem-sucedida, na seguinte ronda ir testar novamente Fortaleza.
A personagem testa tambm Fortaleza, depois de cair Moribundo um nmero de rondas igual ao valor da sua Fortaleza, e pelo menos uma vez.
Se a personagem for bem-sucedida no Testar Fortaleza o Moribundo Estabiliza o seu estado de sade e parar de definhar.
Uma outra personagem [...]

Haste with guest hosts Robert Schwalb and Stephen Radney McFarland

|Episode 81 |


Tonight we’re joined by freelance game designer Rob Schwalb and game designer Stephen Radney McFarland of Paizo Publishing to discuss this weeks RPG news and murmurs. Enjoy!

WARNING: Today’s episode is more NSFW than normal and contains theoccasionalcensored swear word. Game Designers…what are you gonna do with them?

Topics World’s Worst Dungeon Crawl

The Dungeon Bastard has a Kickstarter going on to create the “world’s worst dungeon crawl” entitled Flaming Deathpits of the Minotaur Mage: Descent Into Doomfire. He’s taking it to Gencon and doing it to prove that DM’ing is easy! We get allphilosophicalabout DM’ing and discuss how [...]

Crewbrew (2) - tertiary functions & compartment use

Seeing the new troop variant of the Dragonfly from puppetswar, partway between thunderhawk, valkyrie and Squat gyrocopter, I got to thinking more about that underslung compartment and how small a role vehicle interiors still have in play.
So this is the second in the crewbrew run of supplementary homebrew, with suggestions this time for 40K. The first section below is a set of actions not so commonly covered in wargaming, the second an approach to compartments for systems that don't offer one.
Tertiary functions
Once per turn a crew member may perform one [...]

Refloating The Shipwreck: When Players Make A Mistake


This Month’s Blog Carnival was proposed more or less as follows:

People love it when player characters do great heroic deeds and win fame and fortune in a campaign. But how about when things horribly wrong go… and it’s all the fault of some foolhardy decision by some Player Character? Those can be either tragic-fun or Fun-Fun, or even just plain old un-fun, depending on the circumstances.

What is the most memorable experience you have had GMing your Ship Of Fools?

This proved to be a rather more difficult topic than anyone really expected. There were a number of problems and discussions about [...]

Crunchy Bits Nearly Done & Weirding Up Skarynth

It’s been a busy two weeks. Mostly on pounding away at Crunchy Bits and it’s damn near done. I know I keep saying that I [...]

V is for Vampires vs. Demons

Instead of doing stats today (sorry Vepar!) I thought I'd discuss some of the issues with research.

When doing research for this blogfest and for my game books in general the first thing you notice is that the myths of the world do not organize themselves in nice logical units.

This could not be more pronounced when trying to figure out what the difference is sometimes between a Vampire and a Demon.

Game books and novels that feature both often make pretty clear lines.  This is a vampire and they do [...]

Playtest feedback

I love getting playtest feedback, even if that feedback says that a game needs a lot of work to bring it up to scratch.

I've just recieved some feedback along those lines for 'Town Guard'. The good news is that there's plenty of time to get things fixed before the contest is judged.

V - venomous bite

Not every poisonous bite / kiss must be lethal. This little random table may help you when PC / NPC becomes poisoned. Roll 1d12:
  1. Paralysis for 1d4 rounds (1d4 days if '20' is rolled);
  2. Acute hallucinations, lasting 1d10 minutes;
  3. Dizziness for 1d6 hours (-2 to-hit, +1 AC);
  4. Paralysis of one limb (determine randomly), lasting 2d12 hours;
  5. Blindness for 1d4x5 minutes;
  6. Disease, not poison (determine randomly or just pick one);
  7. Lucky seven! Save or die;
  8. Effect similar to alcohol intoxication, lasting 1d6 hours;
  9. Stat drain (1d4 pick randomly). One point regained per one day of rest;
  10. Permanent 1 HP drain (can be regained during level-up);
  11. Murderous rage, lasting 3d6 rounds;
  12. Seemingly [...]

New Ad for the FLGS

Roll2Play is only a short hop from where I live, and receives a regular tithe from me. :)  Oh, and I think that's a Cthulhu die in her hand.

- Ark

D&D Encounters: Storm Over Neverwinter (Week 2)

Last week's session ended when the PCs arrived at Lady Nidris's home and discovered that her son had disappeared. This week they searched for the lost boy.

We had a great turn out at my FLGS with 19 players and three DMs. I ran a table of six that consisted of a Deva Wizard (Necromancer), Tiefling Warlock (Hexblade), Wilden Cleric, Drow Sorcerer, Halfling Rogue, and Shade Wizard (pre-gen).

Before we got into this week's adventure I reminded the players that they wouldn't get an extended rest until after week 4. That meant that they had to complete three more encounters with whatever [...]

RPG Thursday: Reading Shelf

Amid the bright blue skies and hail storms of the Seattle spring, I’ve been trying to get back to my habit of reading a number of books simultaneously. These are the three books at the top of my reading pile right now.


Kicking It: Successful Crowdfunding

Monte Cook, Shanna Germain.

Stone Box Press, 2013.

I’ve been a part of a few Kickstarters, and a couple of GoFundMe campaigns. I bought Kicking It to see what wisdom I’d gain for the future, and give it a good once over to see if it was a book I could recommend to others. Some of the [...]

Pending Announcement Perhaps?

I may have something to announce later today... or tomorrow. Hopefully more on the soonish side than the not so soonish side.

Don't you hate stuff like that? I'd like to announce it, but until it is ready, there isn't much to announce. Or there is, but then I wouldn't be able to tell you where to find it ;)

Eh, forget I said anything or I'll beat you with a stick. Or a pony. Or a pony on a stick...

It's So Funny Because It's So True...

Our Valued Customers hits on the secret ingredient in HeroPress film review recipe.

Remember, as Gandhi said, if you're not reading Our Valued Customers every day then your life is incomplete. Either click through the links here or pop over to my lower blogroll in the left-hand column of this blog.

Maptacular Mapping with ROFLInitiative

Geoff Nunn over at ROFLInitiative has been doing the April A-Z blogger challenge. But instead of just blogging every day with an alphabetized subject line, he’s taken it up a step and is drawing a map every day.

Every Freaking Day.

Naiad’s Pond

For the full collection of maps, follow this link and just keep going down the page for map after map of awesome. Check out H, not only for the epic Hag’s Hovel (on a freaking awesomely done giant turtle’s back), but for the whole Hand Drawn Maps commentary.

Kudos, Geoff, for rocking the maps hard-core!

Storm Over Neverwinter: Session Two

I took part in SessionTwo of the new D&D Encounters season at Sacker’s Collectibles in the DuBois Mall. This one is called Storm Over Neverwinter. D&D Encounters is an exciting, weekly campaign that plays out one epic encounter at a time. As you defeat enemies, solve puzzles, finish quests, and perform heroic deeds, you'll earn [...]

U is for Unicorns

This post seems out of place, considering the theme of my A-Z, but I thought it'd be fun. Unicorns don't seem scary. They don't seem to have a place in the World of Darkness. I still agree with the former, but after watching Cabin in the Woods my stance on the latter has softened. If you haven't seen the movie but have watched the trailers, the picture below will make no sense. Just watch the movie... all will be explained (or not, but still watch the movie).

Official unicorn stats appear in my favorite World of [...]

On the OSR New Wave: Patrick Stuart of False Machine

The OSR is currently today, vibrant in a way it has never, ever, been. The ideas are bright and strange and
more creative than can be believed.

I've interviewed some of the most prolific and creative bloggers in the OSR with some non-standard questions. We are going to start this week with Patrick Stuart of False Machine. I first became aware of his blog with a link to shadow biology and how it relates to Dungeons and Dragons. He is currently involved in producing content on his blog eventually to be collected in a great work of the [...]

V is for Virtoaa

If you've been following this blog, you've probably notice I keep mentioning "Virtoaa."

Who is this Virtoaa?

Virtoaa is the god of the Imperiks and many of the peoples the Imperiks rule. He, and I do mean He, is a warrior-god, a jealous god. He could the be the one-and-the-same Yahweh from the Old Testament for all I know.

His symbol is the Sundisk: "die Sonne."

In gaming terms, Virtoaa is firmly entrenched on the side of Law, barely tolerates neutrality, and abhors Chaos. His religion, Virotaanism, is monotheistic, which has come into conflict with polytheistic [...]

Why Am I Attacking That Guy?

Insert yo broodmama jokes....NOW!! I am the Warden and I hate video games again!!

Back story. For the past couple of months, I've returned to the world of Dragon Age. Electronically, that is, in the form of Dragon Age: Origins for the Xbox 360. It's not my first time, but I've enjoyed it immensely more than my first time out due to two simple factors. One, elves aren't the glorious immortals made out in every other fantasy campaign known to existence. And two, I'm a rogue.

Yet last night's events have threatened to derail my efforts to finish this [...]

Threat Assessment: Seela Vrei, Twi'lek Gambler

There's a number of dangerous individuals out there, and any one of them could pose a threat to your hero when they least expect it. For this installment, we'll be introducing something a bit different than the usual assortment of dangers we've met in previous editions. There's an old adage that the female of the species is deadlier than the male, and this is adage is quite true, as this lovely yet dangerous lady will gladly demonstrate to her marks.

“She’s everything you dream about… but don’t fall in love.”

Seela Vrei (Nemesis)
Game: Star Wars: Edge of the Empire Beta

Brawn [...]

Character Death and Power Levels

Yesterday on Facebook, Silver Gryphon-Games posted a picture with the caption of "Player Character Deaths : Don't cry just roll-up another one ...at level one". While certainly funny at certain level, It sort of got me to thinking about how times have changed in gaming. I know what you guys are thinking right now, not another in the old days story. But I beg you to bear with me.

So, turn back the clocks to the late 70's and early 80's. You are playing D&D with some friends and your level 5 Magic-user dies. The party has no way to [...]

Samurai, Ninja & Creatures of Japanese Mythology -- Kensei Miniaturen via Indiegogo

Kensei (Zenith Miniatures)

Kensei Fantasy Creatures. Die Crowdfunding-Kampagne von Zenit Miniatures (Nemesis u. a.) fr ihr Tabletop Kensei luft noch rund 20 Tage.

Lngst konnte das Team mehr als die 6-fache Summe des eigentlich initialen Zielbetrags von 5000 ber Indiegogo sammeln. Mit dem Erreichen der Stretch Goals winken den Untersttzern “kostenlose” weitere Bonusminiaturen.

Zwischenzeitlich gibt es einige Beispiele zu bewundern. Fans der Comic-Serie Okko oder des Rollenspiels Legend of the 5 Rings finden sicherlich Gefallen an den japanisch inspirierten Samurai, Shinobi, Oni und anderen asiatischen Ungeheuerlichkeiten.

Fans des Skirmish-Tabletops Bushido oder des eher chinesisch angehauchten Qin: The Warring States RPG knnen ebenfalls das [...]

New Artwork for Verloren! New Product Coming Soon!

My next Labyrinth Lord adventure, titled Verloren, is coming along.  The first draft is done, and I continue to hash out some illustrations.  Below are a few unfinished pieces I hope to polish up and find a place for.

This product will be very different than my other Labyrinth Lord products.  Most significantly because it's more subjective and less specific to a particular system.  That is, my goal to was to establish mood and story more so than mechanics.  Whether or not I've succeed in that endeavor, is far from certain.

I hope to have a limited run [...]

Random Table: Coin Descriptions

I missed the random table last week, I was recovering from Swords & Wizardry Appreciation Day and the trio of posts I did for that! The random table returns this Thursday though, with the 10th installment!

This week I present 20 coin descriptions. Coins of some form are nearly always part of the most recent treasure stash. So often these are just listed off as 23 gold pieces or 63 silver pieces. Sometimes a GM might want to spice that up a bit. Or perhaps a coin the character gets back in a tavern has something unique about it. In either [...]

Lords of Gossamer & Shadow

 There's something wonderful happening.  Well, I suppose it's wonderful for fans of Amber Diceless Roleplaying Game (ADRPG). Then again, what's happening should actually be wonderful for newcomers to diceless roleplaying as well. I know, there are a lot of gamers out there that balk at the concept of diceless roleplaying. How [...]

Lunch Bag Love

Over on ThisIsColossal.com there is a pictorial titled "Graphic Designer Dad Illustrates His Kids' Lunch Bags Almost Every Day Since 2008." Enjoy it here!

Recounting Encounters - Storm over Neverwinter - Session 2: Lost Boy

Adventure Background: Storm Over Neverwinter

The frontier city of Neverwinter has persevered in the face of calamity. Yet even as the city rebuilds, an insidious threat rises from within its walls. Neverwinter's citizens are succumbing to an inexplicable madness, while from the shadows, an evil cult of Asmodeus spins sinister plans. Unless a group of heroes rises to stop these perils, Neverwinter might face an even greater danger on the horizon.

This D&D Encounters season takes characters from levels 3-6. It also includes an optional online component, which allows players and Dungeon Masters to convert the adventure [...]

When you're serious: Medieval Push pins

I guess these could be seen as ‘tacky’, but I know they would make an excellent addition to my collection of thumb tacks. So far I have Red, Blue, Yellow and White. All that’s missing is Axe, Sabre and Dagger for my collection to be complete. Get yours here at …


VQWYF6Y74AHWStalk us on Facebook? We post links and everything!

Shop: Viable Connection Service

This business is a one-man operation run by Lian Weaver. In effect, he introduces a person who is looking for something to a person who has that something. His business is built on effectiveness and discretion. In the past, he has done such things as helping a necromancer find a lost tome (and barely avoided going to the dungeons for it), found a wizard adept at making traps for the city guard

Shrug It Off

While we were playtesting the Action Point rules for The Last Gasp, we ran through a boxing match. Or rather, one of my playtesters ran through a boxing match.

The AP rules worked well, encouraging fighters to take standing 8-counts, lots of recovery actions, and generally making it take longer to fight. All well and good.

Still, the reality of it is that in a match of fifteen three-minute rounds, that is, a whopping 2,700 turns in GURPS, two combatants of moderate ST and fitness (say, ST 13 with Boxing at DX+2, even with boxing GURPS Martial Arts, p. 233) will be rolling 1d-1 cr on every hit, with the +2 per die damage you get from Boxing canceling out the -2 you get from your gloves. In short, three or four successful punches and your other guy is flirting with kissing the mat.
gloves (see

But wait, you say. These guys are throwing a lot of defensive attacks, which means that the above guy is probably only rolling 1d-3 cr instead of 1d-1 cr. OK, so? You're still looking at 2,700 turns, with Boxing-14 you're looking at a 90% chance to hit, and about a 75% chance to parry (assuming a retreating parry, defensive attack, no Combat Reflexes). Let's say one hit in four does damage, and you only do damage half the time (1d-3). So one turn in eight you take 1-3 points of damage. You're still looking at being KO'ed in the first round [...]

On the OSR New Wave: Patrick Stewart of False Machine

The OSR is currently today, vibrant in a way it has never, ever, been. The ideas are bright and strange and
more creative than can be believed.

I've interviewed some of the most prolific and creative bloggers in the OSR with some non-standard questions. We are going to start this week with Patrick Stewart of False Machine. I first became aware of his blog with a link to shadow biology and how it relates to Dungeons and Dragons. He is currently involved in producing content on his blog eventually to be collected in a great work of the [...]

Venomous Clockwork (Frightful Fridays! A-Z!)

With five monsters left in April, this feature finally includes a new spider-related monster. Rather than a mashup with another monster, though, this one stands alone as a construct. Its modus operandi matches that of real-world spiders: wait for its unsuspecting victim to stumble upon it and poison it. This is great for the character ultimately responsible for the poisoning, but, of course, not for the poisonee. The extra for this monster allows a GM to craft slightly different versions of a venomous clockwork depending on the GM's desires.
I hope you like the venomous clockwork, and I'll be back [...]

Powerful Artifacts : Eadal


Cannot be crafted. Unique.

A legendary Gauntlet made of Darksteel, imbued with potent pain energy. The Gauntlet covers the left arm of the wielder and anyone that dons it once cannot remove it until death or if the limb is permanently severed. Eadal was said to be the left arm of Anima, the Grand Elemental of pain but this is only a Myth. Eadal provides the user with the following abilities :

>User can have his SF used as if he was a Half-Elemental of Pain.

>User gains Pain SF pool 100.

>User feels pain but has no penalties from it. Also he gains a natural understanding of pain feeling a certain pleasure with inflicting and receiving pain. [...]

Neil Gaiman & Martin Wallace: A Study in Emerald via Kickstarter

A Study in Emerald. Martin Wallace (Treefrog Games/Warfrog -God’s Playground,Brass, etc.) bietet das erste auf einer Geschichte von Neil Gaiman (Neverwhere, Sandman, American Gods, etc.) basierende Brettspiel ber Kickstarter an.

Die Groen Alten kehren nicht nur auf die Erde zurck, sie beherrschen die Welt. Der aufkeimende menschliche Widerstand ist untereinander zerstritten. Wie soll die Zukunft aussehen? Sherlock Holmes und Professor Moriarty sind zwei Figuren in diesem Spiel.

30000 sind zwar eine Ansage, aber bei diesem Gespann, kann man davon ausgehen, dass die Summe bis zum 24. Mai 2013 erreicht und auch berschritten wird.

Martin Wallace gehrt fr mich zu den gewieftesten Spieledesignern [...]

Community Voices: Chris Helton's Top Five Mashup List

Meet Chris

Chris Helton has been running the Dorkland! Blog for ten years. That is quite an accomplishment. To celebrate, he is raising money to attend Gen Con this year. Help him here:http://www.gofundme.com/GenCon-Fund.

The List

Pete asked me (and I promptly forgot) to make up a Top Five post for the site. He knows that I’m a fan of mashups (check this link if you don’t know what I’m talking abouthttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mashup_%28music%29). This is a mix of favorite producers, collections and songs in the style that I really like.

1. One of the best mashup album/compilations ever, bar none, is Uptime by The Kleptones (http://www.kleptones.com/pages/downloads_ud.html). [...]

Spoilerific Featurette About Iron Man 3...

If you don't want to know too much about the plot of Iron Man 3, don't watch this!

Nephilim - Occult Rolleplaying

This is a product by Chaosium that has been discontinued. This started as a French game released in 1992. It was translated into English and released Chaosium in 1994. I was eventually discontinued in 1999 after the release of a number of supplements and a collection of adventures. The subject material is not one that I have a love for. I am really not even sure when and why I picked it up. I can only imagine it was part of a bulk collection or that I bought it for the cover alone not reading it in advance. Roleplaying games struggle with the appearance of being occult in nature and having been through the 80's purge as I like to call it I have championed the idea that there is not active occult material in the games and then this book features a blurb from a High Wiccan Elder/Magus on the back cover. If I were to make a list of games I would get rid of just because this might top the list.

From the back of the book:

 In ages past you lived many lives: your slaves built the Great Pyramid to honor your death; you died for the sins of Jerusalem; you lost your head suggesting they eat cake. You are Nephilim - demi-god, prophet, saint, and magician from the mythic past.

Again you incarnate, to continue an ancient struggle for enlightenment and to stand against the plots of occult societies, who seek to enslave you and steal your essence.

We invite you to cross the threshold of fantasy in order to discover the hidden side of our everyday universe. Here you will discover the underlying reality which has been hidden for millennia, [...]

Gaming Notes April 21, 2013... with Jim Krohn

This is Gaming Notes, the weeklynews-magazineabout all kinds of games and the home of Space Gaming News,Designer Spotlight, andBlog Watch.

This week’s special guest is Jim Krohn, the designer of Space Empires 4X.

Space Gaming News:

Ogre(Steve Jackson)2013 Stakeholders Report– “The final box will be 24″ 20″ 5.75″ and will weigh 24 pounds. It will have five huge maps and more than 1,000 counters, many of them 3-D constructible Ogres and buildings. It will probably never be equaled in sheer size and awesomeness. If it were sold at a normal gaming markup over print costs, it would probably go for around [...]

The Institute for Higher Learning and Mentalist Arts on Klesmer VII

I should never have tried to find it, really. I should never given any credence to the rumors and conspiracy theories. I should never have paid any attention to all those teachers and guidance counselors that had told me that I was special, that I should follow my dreams. The mistake wasn’t so much in thinking that I was different– oh, there was no doubt about that. But my ultimate downfall stemmed from pride, really. It was my desire to make something out of it that would be the end of everything for me.

People always said it would be in [...]

Revisiting Matt Finch's Zen Moments of Old School Gaming

Running the Isle of Dread at Madicon 22….

I never thought I’d play any sort of Dungeons & Dragons type game again. I gave away my modules. I traded my priceless boxed sets for games I would end up hardly playing. I got rid of just about all of it, including several beloved issues of Dragon magazine.Months passed and I become aware of the “revival” in Old School gaming when stumbling upon Jeff Rients’ game blog. It really blew my mind. I’d passed over D&D so quickly when I was a kid, that I couldn’t imagine it being cool in any [...]

Daily Cosplay

Quantum Physics

Quantum Physics, also known as quantum mechanics, is an abstract science that deals with the mechanical properties of the microscopic world. The wave-like behavior of energy and matter as it interacts is understood through a series of mathematical equations. These theoretical mathematical constructs originate in the works of mathematicians such as David Hilbert. The first application of quantum mechanics lies with Max Planck and Planck's Law

This law deals with the electromagnetic radiation emitted by any physical body (this is the energy emitted that causes an item to seem normal to use, or at extreme temperatures, to emit heat and [...]

Weird Science

Literally. It would seem that Universal Pictures is set to remake a classic movie from the '80s, Weird Science. The original starred Anthony Michael Hall and Kelly LeBrock and was directed by John Hughes. This is going to be a hard turn to take as John Hughes was a master at the craft, creating such classics as Sixteen Candles, Breakfast Club and Home Alone.

It also had Robert Downy Jr and Bill Paxton in it and Bill actually survived!

GE36: 5 Ways to Pass the Time When Sick

Ever feel ill and wish that you would hurry up and get better so you could do something fun?

Being sick doesn’t mean you need to languish in boredom.


5 Ways to Pass the Time When Sick

  1. Discover a new film/TV show
    1. Local Library
    2. Redbox
    3. Netflix
    4. Hulu
    5. iTunes
    6. Network Websites
  2. Catch up on your reading
    1. Amazon.com (Affiliate Link)
    2. BN.com
    3. Free Comics apps for mobile devices
    4. Internet Archive for FREE ebooks
  3. Listen to a favorite musician/album
  4. Create your own game
  5. Get creative
    1. Draw, write, or paint



What are your favorite things to do when ill?

You’ll want to check out Jonathan’s other podcast: Wargaming Recon, a historical wargaming podcast with new episodes on the 2nd & 4th Monday of each month.

Be [...]

Roll 20 in the Google Hangout

When I first played a Google + (G+) hangout game I was introduced to the world of roll20.net by +Christopher Hardy.  I was also told that there are a variety of tools that some people used like Dice Stream in the Hangout with a whiteboard type function.  But for me it was too late, I was very intrigued with the roll 20 setup and signed up for an account immediately.

The official logo!I had discussed a few of the other options with people over the preceding fortnight and some options came up like Obsidian Portal, which to my mind was not a [...]

New Monster: Vethmer

"There it is" the pirate pointed toward a giant pinkish balloon floating just below the surface.

"It's bigger than I expected." Feris said. "How can we get it while it's under the surface?"

"Oh, there are a few tricks we can use. The thing we really need to worry about is that once we attack it, the Vethmer will try to swarm the ship."

"Which is why the city elders sent us" Feris noted.

"True, but you've never fought them before. They're slippery, the Vethmer. You don't want to go touching them, they're skin'll burn [...]

MWP part ways with Marvel; offer 150% refund and pull books

Margaret Weis Productions have posted a pipline post discussing future projects. Tucked in the end of the post is the news that the company will stop producing Marvel Heroic Roleplaying: Basic Game.

The reason? Success was not good enough. Christi Cardenas explains, in the post, that;

Our first event, CIVIL WAR, was successful and well received, …

The second half of the sentence puts significant twist in;

… but it didn't garner the level of sales necessary to sustain the rest of the line.

The post also says that any customer who has pre-ordered Annihilation will receive a full refund worth 150% in credit. That's [...]

3 riddles

Q: I am and yet can not
am an Idea, yet can rot
am two but none
am on land, but on sea.
What am I?

A: Paradox (and a pair of docks)
Use the cursor to highlight the area above and reveal the answer


Q: This thing is a most amazing thing.
For it can be both as sharp as a knife,
Or as flat as a floor.
And yet, for all that it can be,
It is as natural as a bee.

A: Music
Use the cursor to highlight the area above and reveal the answer


Q: From sun up to sun [...]

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