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[Clockwork: Empire] Quick Start jetzt mit Gratis-Kartendeck

Krzlich hatte ich das Quick Start-PDF fr das im kommenden Jahr erscheinende Steampunk-Rollenspiel Clockwork: Empire verlinkt. Damals war dieses kostenlose PDF leider nur eingeschrnkt verwendbar, da Clockwork: Empire statt Wrfeln ein aus 100 Karten bestehendes Deck verwendet, welches damals nur zum Preis von $ 12,49 verfgbar war. Jetzt hat Reliquary Game Studios nachgebessert und

[Clockwork: Empire] Quick Start jetzt mit Gatis-Kartendeck

Krzlich hatte ich das Quick Start-PDF fr das im kommenden Jahr erscheinende Steampunk-Rollenspiel Clockwork: Empire verlinkt. Damals war dieses kostenlose PDF leider nur eingeschrnkt verwendbar, da Clockwork: Empire statt Wrfeln ein aus 100 Karten bestehendes Deck verwendet, welches damals nur zum Preis von $ 12,49 verfgbar war. Jetzt hat Reliquary Game Studios nachgebessert und

13th Age: "The Tales of the 13th Age program will start running on Saturday August 3rd"

13th Age: Lich King (Pelgrane Press)

13th Age. Das erste Abenteuer des Spielerprogramms, Tales of the 13th Age, fr den schnsten aller D&D-Klone startet am 3. August 2013 mit dem Abenteuer Crown of the Lich King aus der Feder von Ash Law.

In diesem fr 6 Wochen (ca. 6 * 2h) ausgelegten Abenteuer, spielen nach eigenen Aussagen Dmonen, Katakomben und Drachen eine wichtige Rolle. Hey, hier geht es um so ein D&D-Ding?!

“A Tales of the 13th Age adventure path in 6 linked 2-hour adventures for characters of level 2
With additional text and art from the 13th Age core [...]

Further Meditations On The 'Free' Download Of Spine Chillers And Silent Killers From Thistle Games For Your Old School Space Operas

I've spent the weekend watching a lot of 70's And 80's Science Fiction and Fantasy movies and television shows . I got the chance to design a failed colony/western style space adventure. I was also able to unleash it on my players. The results were something out of Space 1999 mixed with a Battle Star Galactica vibe. Yet the experience was gritty to say the least.
You can download the book and its massive from  DrivethruRpg right over
The Desription From DriveThrurpg:
Spinechillers and Silent Killers is a system free add-on for tabletop RPGs. It's full [...]

Horror For The People - An ENnie Awards Platform

The EPOCH roleplaying game was thrilled and honoured to be nominated for several ENnie awards this year (Best Rules, Best Electronic Book, Best Free Product & Product of the Year).  However, looking at the competition in each category it became clear that we were by-far the smallest dog in this fight.  However, like all small dogs, we know the value of making a big noise, and we thought we might have a little fun during the voting process. 

Without further ado, I present EPOCH chairman and cover-model, the Doomed Diver to present our platform to voters, who might [...]

The Eleven Pillars, Part IV: Cinereal Marsh and the Bog Frill

This is the fourth post in my series exploring the creation of my new campaign setting, The Eleven Pillars. The first post answers some important questions about the setting, while the second post provided a map and some general terrain notes. Post 3 looked at a specific terrain/region of the Lowerlands and described the dominant [...]

Hobbit Tales - A One Ring Card Game

November should see the release of a new Tolkien-themed card game from Cubicle 7 Entertainment: Hobbit Tales -- A One Ring Card Game.  The 2-5 player game was designed by Marco Maggi and Francesco Nepitello, who also designed the strategy boardgame War of the Ring and the role-playing game The One Ring.
A true story-telling game, in Hobbit Tales -- A One Ring Card Game the players take the role of hobbits who find themselves sharing stories and beers at the iconic Green Dragon Inn.  Each player takes turns as the Narrator and must devise a story using a hand of illustrated cards.  The other players play hazard and monster cards to twist the Narrator's tale.
The box contains one board, 75 Adventure cards, 40 Hazard cards, 5 coasters, a set of cardboard tokens, The One Ring 12-sided feat die, and a set of rules.  It also includes bonus rules [...]

Choosing the right sorceress: Images for this blog

OK, so last post featured a note about a sorceress with tattoos.

No problem there. That seemed a good iconic image to search for.

So I went and did what I always do: hit Google for it. "Sorceress Tattoos images"

So, I wind up picking this image of the iconic sorceress for Pathfinder: Seoni.

Here's the trick, though. Go ahead and follow the link - but not at work.

I almost went with this one.  But, well, a lot of these are pretty much NSFW, and while I can appreciate cheesecake in many respects, I do try and keep this blog something that by and large I don't have to turn off the screen when my preschool-aged daughter walks up.
This one is not too bad . . .
And seriously: is that dragon flying out of her butt?

Am I being overly prudish? Some of those images are quite nice, and might have fit even better than Seoni. But, my, there are a lot of boobs and other things.

I like it when people come to visit. I love it when people make comments. I hope that the images make the posts more fun, alive, occasionally amusing, etc. And I think that eschewing stuff that might either get you sent straight to HR or having a too-early conversation with a young child is the right call. Do I overthink this one?

Update on Issue #4 of The Manor

Finished the first round of edits given to me by the proofreaders.  One more to go, I believe he said he would get me the edits by Tuesday.  I'm hoping to be shipping contributor and subscriber copies out by the end of the week.  It looks really good.

Because of the extra size and weight this issue is going to be a little more expensive. 
  • USA $5
  • Canada $5.50
  • Rest of the World $6

 Here's a sample of the art done my Mike Varhola for Incident at Butcher Creek adventure.  He did the cover as well at the interior art for [...]

I Went Looking for DCC 66.5 and Found It and Other Free DCC RPG Goodies at Goodman Games!

I have this in print, but the PDF makes using it with Roll20 a breeze!Back in April, Goodman Games was offering DCC 66.5 Doom of the Savage Kings and the Free RPG Day 2012 release for free in PDF. I posted about it but forgot to download a copy of DCC 66.5 for myself (I have a print copy, but PDF is a Godsend when working with Rol20). I had trouble finding it online before stumbling across it in the Goodman Games download directory.

Well, that and other goodies, such as a form fillable DCC RPG character sheet. I think my players might need this.  Damn it! 4e not DCC RPG! Wait, class specific DCC RPG sheets, but alas, not form fillable...

They [...]

Skull and Shackles: Blue Blight's Embrace

All sorceresses have tattoos,
I guess, but this one had a map!
Today was Pathfinder, day, with +Jeromy French as GM, and +kung fu hillbilly and +Matt Sutton joining me as players. +Joshua Taylor and Evil Gimble was missing tonight.

I am going to unashamedly talk spoilers here, so be warned.

Last game ended with a combat, our tower had been attacked by quite a large force. We'd reinforced anyway, and as usual we played out the battle mostly with the teeming hordes of the bad guys in the background. We basically wound up chasing a sorceress around for a while, eventually killing her.

Turns out there was some interesting stuff tattooed on her back, which naturally Evil Gimble had flayed off and made into a nice portable map.

Hey! Something like this . . . but skinEvil-aligned characters can get away with that sort of thing, and the rest of us neutral types mainly just make noises of "is that really necessary."

Anyway, the map had a key bit on it, a bit of a puzzle-poem, which I won't fully reproduce.

Nonetheless, Admiral Allejandro (Kung Fu Hillbilly's bard) totally nailed every single Knowledge: Local and other Knows Trivia roll he was asked to make, so we were able to deduce the rough corner of the ocean we should visit.

It was only a week away, so we gathered up a crew, set sail, and headed out doing what pirates [...]

The Player's Perspective: Proactive v Reactive Players

Hello there folks, I am back with another viewpoint from the player's perspective. Today I want to talk about a topic that made me decide to start writing these articles in the first place. When it comes time to sit at the table and play are you proactive or reactive?

Let's start at the beginning, all players fall into one of these two categories. The proactive player takes charge of the situation and takes action. In doing so, they move the plot forward and keep things rolling. The action taken does not need to be relevant to the current plot hooks. [...]

Original Art For Sale

Now that I've fulfilled all of the Kickstarter orders, I've started to sell some of my other original art pages. I figured I'd test the waters with ebay, and put up a few pages as auctions. I may ultimately post more pages as buy-it-nows, although I assume that some pages will be more desirable than others - pages where the ants are doing cool stuff are going to (I assume) be more desirable than a page where you have the sun setting for 9 panels. What do I know? Maybe the sun setting for 9 panels is EXACTLY what you've [...]

New Adventure Update!

Sketch I did while brainstorming the adventure.
I'm working on my next Labyrinth Lord adventure that I plan on publishing.  Currently, I have 15 pages finished, and the outline nearly complete.  Each time I publish something, I try to do something a little different.  Something that will stretch me as a writer or illustrator.  With my first game, The Blasphemous Brewery of Pilz!, everything was new.  I just wanted to get it done and do it well.  With my second game, The Horrendous Heap of Sixteen Cities!, I wanted to create a unique environment for players.  The third, The Veiled [...]

I Want Some Direction From You!

Watch the video log and find out what about :)

When Is a Role Playing Game Not a Role Playing Game?

Image from BoardGameGeek
An established RPG publisher with a proven capability for adapting licensed properties obtains the RPG rights for a popular toy-line/TV cartoon.  What could possibly go wrong?


I can only speculate as to the reasons, but with The Masters of the Universe Role Playing Game (hereinafter MOTU RPG) published by FASA in 1985, I can emphatically state that things went wrong; very, very wrong.  The person ultimately responsible for allowing the game to be sold in its final form ought to be removed from gene pool and forced to plant saplings for the rest of [...]

Fantasy Version of the Underworld

The Underworld ... cold, wet, full of ghosts.
(The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim)The Underworld as a place of death is best treated as a dangerous pathway to either heaven or reincarnation as it's a bit grim for fantasy to have it as the destination but not scary enough to be much of a hell.  In Fianyarr, it could also be seen as a purgatory where one purges one's sins or simply as a series of trials and tests that careful religious instruction can help one pass.  There are many plots that can be wrung from such a place.

The Book of the Dead [...]

Dangerous Encounter: Up From The Depths

This encounter takes place very close to a coastal region, preferably an ocean or sea. The party will hear the sound of an emergency klaxon horn sounding in the distance. Every 60 seconds, there will be a series of 3 short air horn blasts (ERHNT-ERHNT-ERHNT) as if something is sending out a warning, signaling imminent danger.

If they investigate the siren, they'll find themselves on a high bluff, looking down at an ancient Bygone sailing craft that seems to have run aground in the shallow water. By the looks of the gaping holes on the side of the [...]

Mini Review - The Folk of Osmon (DCC RPG Campaign Element)

The Folk of Osmon is the third release in +Daniel Bishop 's Campaign Elements series. These are set pieces, locations, hooks, etc meant to be dropped into an ongoing campaign or to be used when the party zigs instead of zags. In many ways, their are the sandbox elements currentlt missing from much DCC RPG play.

The latest release raises the already high bar ser by the previous two releases.

The Folk of Osmon is a setting piece. As the scale is 10' per hex, the scale isnt large, but the value certainly is.  A new human like race, four new creature, natural hazards, random encounter charts (often overlooked in other DCC RPG adventures), four fairly well detailed encounters / hooks / mini adventures [...]

A thought experiment in foreshadowing

The foreshadowing idea from my last post seems to have drawn a bit of interest, but it needs a little clarification and fine-tuning. Here's a pair of play examples to put some of the concepts into a working context. One example uses a generic d20 fantasy system, the other example uses Walkabout; both examples use 4 players and a GM.

The specific wording for foreshadowing in Walkabout is...

The Foreshadow
Time means little in the quantum world of the spirits. Traditionally in the physical world, memories echo events; but in the dreamtime of the spirits, memories can precede [...]

Review: The Plane Above for D&D 4th Edition

Okay, so I finally finished reading The Plane Above, written by Rob Heinsoo and published by Wizards of the Coast for Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition.  Now, it is quite possible that I may never run a game with these rules.  Only one person in my group has any interest in playing it and its days as a happening game seen to be coming to a close.  But that's not why I bought this book (at my FLGS, Games & Stuff). Construction of my new RPG campaign world is coming along pretty well but I haven't put much thought into [...]



Dog Days of Summer Sale!

Now through Saturday there’s a sale going on at the d20pfsrd shop!

This includes 25% off select some great games and supplements from a wide variety of publishers, including Asparagus Jumpsuit! Hurry over and take advantages of some great deals!

Disclosure of Material Connection -- Affiliate Marketing Links

Orcs and Stuff

As indicated by my last post, I have recently developed a renewed interest in all things Star Frontiers.  Last night I did what I always do, and created my own content for it.  As you may have surmised, I am somewhat enamoured of Orcs, in all of their glorious forms.  So I decided to combine that with SF, and do a Race Sheet for Orcs (with original artwork by yours truly).  It's been uploaded on the My Addiction page here.  Take a look and let me know what you think!

Interestingly, that idea came about based on a fiction idea [...]

Star Frontiers

The more observant among you might have noticed the slight change in the graphic that I use for the background of this blog.  Specifically, I replaced the image of the Champions cover with one of Star Frontiers.  I did this for a couple of reasons.

First, although I loved Champions, I never played a whole lot of it.  If I wanted to play supers back in the day, my go-to game was Marvel Super Heroes.  So, it seemed odd that I would include that where it was.  Then, about a month ago, I picked up the Alpha Dawn Expanded [...]

Free stuff!

Inspired by a comment from The Digital Orc, I have created a page above where I will link to the various creations I make for RPGs.  Please feel free to download and comment on anything you see there.  I am very interested in hearing some critical feedback. 

Right now, the material presented is all based on the Moldvay/Cook rules.  The problem is, I haven't played them in years, and have only been reading them.  However, I think I'm experienced enough to tell when something fits a given rules set.  But, I am only human...

I'm going to have to start reading Marvel again

DCC Session Recap Part II - Sailors on the Starless Sea (Spoiler Alert)

The previous post was more about the technical side of last night's Sailors on the Starless Sea DCC RPG Session. This is going to be more of "play highlight". It will have spoilers. It can't be helped. You have been warned ;)

For this, we're going to cut to the chase and head right to the highlights.

The party spent time searching the pool of skulls. One of the PCs found the mechanism that opened the drain (he got sucked down but saved and lived). The rest of the party lowered themselves down after him and searched the cavern, with the fortune teller finding a boney finger with a magic ring. This becomes important later.

Leaving the flooded cavern, they come across [...]

Conventions, Conventions, Conventions

The Savage Troll and Duck are convention bound. As I type, Duck is in San Diego attending Comic Con. Expect a blog post later in the week containing all his wondrous discoveries and adventures.

One bit of news I've just seen announced is the next Superman movie will feature Batman. I can't wait.

On August 2nd I, your humble Troll, will travel to Houston to attend the 2nd annual Space City Con. I had a great time last year and hope to discover more about the upcoming Matt Mercury Movie - The Future, The Way It Used To Be. As [...]

Kickstarting your game UK Games Expo seminar video

Have you ever thought about funding your game in Kickstarter? Me neither, but quite a few people have and we thought it'd be a good idea to organise a panel at the biggest games convention in the UK so the attendees could have an insight and get some proper good advice. With Andrei Novak, from [...]

[Let's Read] Playing With Fire, Part 14: Chapter 5 The Occult Connection

Chapter 5: The Occult Connection continues from Part 13.

Three items of Note:
1) direct quotes from the text will be italicized,
2) my analysis of this text is not an attack on individual Christians or to paint Christians as a whole in a broad brush, and
3) the authors' ideas will be critically examined, especially when they present a Christian idea without using the same rigor that they have used on RPGs.

Spaceships and Teddy Bears [Urseminite PCs for Stars Without Number]

So last week, our space-heroes finally got themselves a starship, though not without complications. They found a electronic ship locator on the bodies of some less-fortunate explorers in the old bio-lab ruins. The locator indicated a shuttle a few miles away, buried under many years of sand. When our heroes get there, they discover that a band of road agents (the Dread Bear'uns) have

The G*M*S Magazine Writing Competition has started!

Calling all short-story writers out there! G*M*S Magazine, in partnership with The Creativity Hub, is calling on writers to submit short stories for their first fiction-writing charity competition. The competition is open to writers of any age, experience or part of the world, and entries will be accepted between the 21st of July and 31st [...]

Succubus Sunday - Lilith for Swords & Wizardry

These stats based on the Demon Prince, ORCUS and Demon, Succubus stats.
Demon Prince(s), LILITH
Hit Dice: 30 (115 HP)
Armor Class: -7 [26]
Attack: 2 Claws (2d8+1d4 Strength, No Save)
Special: Magic resistance (75%), +3 magic weapon required to hit, immune to fire and charm, level drain 1d4 with kiss, spells, magical abilities
Move: 12 (20 Fly)

Saving Throw: 3Alignment: ChaosChallenge Level/XP: 34/5500
Lilith is a demon prince(s) of lust and the patron of vampires (which often puts her at odds with Orcus). She has magic resentance of 75%, and is completely immune to fire and charm [...]

Celebrating The First Year Of Stan Lee's World Of Heroes...

And a sneak peek at World Of Heroes' contribution to YouTube's upcoming Geek Week (August 4-9):

Analog Pixels: The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot

<!--[if gte mso 9]> 72 544x376 <![endif]-->A new type of article for the Dorkland! blog and one that I've been toying around with for quite some time. An overview: I'll be throwing around ideas and thoughts for tabletop RPGs that I get from computer games -- in this particular article, The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot. (TMQ from here on.)For those unfamiliar with the title, TMQ is an

Nyssa Game Summary Write-Up (July 16th)


Plans secured for weeks, many of them with newly purchased items or enchanted ones, the group held itself tight. It had been too long since they worked together "in formation" as the paladin Dassadar referred to the group and somehow felt very comfortable. He had selected six volunteer journeyman soldiers carefully, knowing going into a new environment would present unique challenges for them. Yet none of them had connections so if they were lost in battle it would not cost him politically.

Galdahad flew down for the last time, it was always hard to say goodbye to [...]

Dual propose

New kitchen table or new site of Saturday night games?

Using Checks as Saving Throws

Something I have been doing lately...
Using Checks as Saving Throws

Kick-Ass 2: Extended NSFW Trailer (Not for Kids!)

Kick Ass 2. Liebe Kinder unter 18 Jahren hier endet dieser Artikel fr Euch … Na, immer noch da? Noch nicht erwachsen? NSFW (=Not safe for work) steht hier nicht umsonst! Ade.

Was soll man von einer Gesellschaft halten, die die Darstellung von Gewalt zelebriert und Sexualitt einerseits heuchlerisch hochstilisiert und andererseits verschmt tabuisiert?

Bedeutet dies symbolisch: Tten geht in Ordnung, zeugen nicht?

Inwieweit Universal Pictures mit Kick Ass 2 diese Doppelmoral goutiert oder persifliert liegt in den Augen der Betrachter.

Kinder, nun ist aber gut. Auf Wiedersehen!

Die fragwrdige Selbstliebe “aller” vigilanten Superfetischisten kommt im Trailer freilich sehr deutlich zum Vorschein. Kick Ass gewaltverherrlichend, [...]


WIP: Cinerators

A Proud Father

So my two youngest children, M (12 year old boy) and E (9 year old girl) want to run DnD for their friends at their birthday parties this year.  Not as one big group, but two groups with each of them being Gamemaster!

I'm a pretty proud dad right now and have begun putting things in motion to make it work out.  I'll probably used a very simplified version of DnD Next, but I might go all the way back to the Holmes Basic DnD.

I'll keep you posted.

Troll Questions

Trolly Troll's Top Ten Troll Questions for Your Game.

  1. Race (Elf, Dwarf, Halfling) as a class? Yes. We can always add more classes.
  2. Do demi-humans have souls? What is a soul? They can all be resurrected.
  3. Ascending or descending armor class? Descending. I can use the books I like as they are.
  4. Demi-human level limits? Yes. They are strange.
  5. Should thieves be a class? No. Anybody can steal. Yes. It’s what some of my players want.
  6. Do characters get non-weapon skills? No. If you want to so something that requires training, explain why your character has that training and add this fact about your character’s past to your character sheet.
  7. Are magic-users more powerful than fighters (and, if yes, what level do they take the lead)? I don’t know. My campaign has not reached that level, yet. With appropriate preparation and the right spells a magic user seems invincible. Without the right preparation, a magic user seems very fragile.
  8. Do you use alignment languages? No. A surprising number of creatures speak the common tongue, however.
  9. XP for gold, or XP for objectives (thieves disarming traps, etc…)? XP for gold spent. I have price lists for buildings and encourage characters to hire servants and guards and specialists to populate them.
  10. Which is the best edition; ODD, Holmes, Moldvay, Mentzer, Rules Cyclopedia, 1E ADD, 2E ADD, 3E ADD, 4E ADD, Next? Moldvay. Easy to get started. I’m assuming I’ll eventually switch to the Rules Cyclopedia for the high levels.

What about you?

Tags: RPG Old School

Soundtrack Suggestion: The Last of Us - Gustavo Santaolalla

The Last of Us
Composed by Gustavo Santaolalla

The Last of Us is one of those Playstation 3 games that just makes you stop for a moment and appreciate how far we have gone in the video game industry in making games strike a much more powerful emotional resonance to the player.  And this magic, admittedly, is greatly in part due to a very effective score.   For those who don't know the game, The Last of Us is an action-survival horror game by Naughty Dog (creators of the Uncharted franchise) which has been gaining a lot of raves in [...]


Tony doesn't need anyone else. He is THE ONLY AVENGER.

[SPACE 1889] The Mission Is Funded, Now Let's Head Out Into The Ether...

The Kickstarter campaign to fund the English translation of the German edition of the Space: 1889 RPG has hit its target - just days after launching.

Now the campaign is sailing on into stretch goal territory and so still needs your investment.

These stretch goals will include upgrading the entire print run to full-colour, adding extra art and producing a whole bunch of new adventures and sourcebooks - from a variety of well-known game writers - which many backers will receive the PDFs of as part of their pledge reward.

The first couple of stretch goals have been revealed, along with a new add-on:
  • At 18,000 every pledger for the Digital Rulebook Plus and the Rulebook Plus onwards will receive a 32-page PDF adventure by John Wick: The Order of the Invisible Eye.
  • Then at 21,000 those same backers will receive a 32-page PDF adventure [...]

Issues and Fixes

Greetings RPG Blog Alliance Members,

It's been a while since I've posted anything. For the most part, things have been fairly calm. Which I think is a good thing. That said a couple of things has come up and while they been fixed, I thought I should tell you about them.

First up, we have finally switch back to our own Twitter posting software again. We were using Twitterfeed ever since there were some major API changes at Twitter which prevent the library we were using from working. The downside to Twitterfeed was the lag in posting and sometimes it seems like some new blog posts were skipped. The new library has allowed me to once again automate the posting from our end. Which means all posts should be posted on Twitter. They should be posted in a fairly quick manner to boot. Of course, this is not to say that Twitter will not change the API and break the library I'm using. We shall just have to wait and see.

The other major thing is we told about an issue with logging in after someone changes/updates their password. If they reset their password with the reset system, they could login again with that password. However if they changed it they would not be able to. Well it seems we had a flaw in the update password code, which created a bad hash. That's been fixed, so if you update your password, you will be able to login the next time.

Well that's all for now. Happy Blogging.

- Jeff

G*M*S Magazine turns three!

Yes friends, three years ago G*M*S Magazine started as a means to write my own reviews and stir up some interest in games, as well as get new games to write the reviews of. As it turned out, I didn't get anywhere as many games as I thought I would, I got more reviews than I thought I could and the website became bigger than I ever thought possible.

Why D&D Next Leaves Me Uninspired

From what I’ve seen of D&D Next --- and admittedly I’ve only read the playtest files, and haven’t actually played it --- it seems like it will be a simple, easy-to-learn, fun game. It has a few interesting little fiddly bits, but all in all it feels very familiar. It feels much more like Dungeons & Dragons than 4th edition, that’s for certain. And that might be the problem.

For a dozen years the “Old School” gaming movement has done a wonderful job of curating the look, feel, and experiences of pre-2000 fantasy roleplaying. Labyrinth Lord, Castles & Crusades, Swords & Wizardry, and many, many others have nailed classic D&D, and they’ve done it without the assistant or the overt blessing of Wizards of the Coast or Hasbro. The game is in the hands of the people I believe it really belongs to: the fans who have put the sweat equity into keeping it alive.

If 4th Edition was trying a little --- okay, a lot --- too hard to be edgy and innovative, D&D Next seems to be trying equally hard to be static. It’s looking, the way the above-named Old School “retro-clones” have, to capture a snapshot in time and [...]

Get the first issue of Go Wherever! The USR zine

The first issue of Go Wherever! the quarterly zine dedicated to Unbelievably Simple Roleplaying is not available to buy at DriveThruRPG for the meagre price of 50p.

For less than the price of a chocolate bar you get articles on new settings, GM ideas, rules and other fun stuff. In this issue:

  • Advice on running a stonepunk USR game
  • Albalia - a new fantasy setting
  • An exclusive exerpt from Full Moon Defence Squad, an upcoming USR playset
  • Random planet table!
  • Ideas for non-violent games
Done in DIY zine format, Go Wherever! is a quarterly periodical that looks at everything USR, but [...]
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