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It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a...red panda?! SkyJoy Interactive, an emerging Miami-based video game developer focused on casual and social games in the mobile market, today reveals more details behind the story and characters in their first title, starring the charming red panda Super Kid Cannon. Launching this fall on both iOS and Android mobile devices, Super Kid Cannon is the first game of its kind: a vertical launcher! Featuring an incredible adventure with brilliant characters in a "Classic platformer meets iOS" style game, Super Kid Cannon is an enchanting story of the hero, his girlfriend, Justine, and how far he'll go to save her from the clutches of pure evil.

"We want Justine to represent a new type of female protagonist in video games," said Abboudi Taher, Founder and CEO at SkyJoy Interactive. "She's strong, feminine, cute, and a loyal companion, but she's not a wimp. Her strength and spirit were key points we're keeping in mind during development"

Super Kid Cannon opens with a seemingly simple love story: Super Kid Cannon, a heroic red panda, will journey through mystical and magical places to save his beloved Justine from the evil clutches of the despicable Kahn. The prettiest of [...]

DC Universe hits the Asian Market

Sony Online Entertainment LLC(SOE) today announced a new partnership with Asiasoft Corporation Public Company Limited (Asiasoft), a leading online games operator in southeast Asia, to bring the award-winning massively multiplayer gameDC Universe Onlineto major Asian countries: Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Myanmar, Cambodia, and the Phillipines.The international partnership grants Asiasoft exclusive PC publishing rights forDC Universe Onlinein multiple Asian territories and ensures dedicated servers, local customer support and payment gateways will be provided for the game. Utilizing a free-to-play model,DC Universe Onlineplayers are granted basic access to the game free of charge so they can choose to play in a way that suits them best.DC Universe Onlinewill be available on the PC in Asia later this year.

"Batman, Superman, Wonder Womanand the entire roster of DC Entertainment heroes and villains are among the most recognizable icons in the world. By bringingDC Universe Onlineto southeast Asia, more people than ever will be able to gear-up and fight alongside their favorite characters," said Louis Figueroa, Senior Vice President, Business Development, Sony Online Entertainment. "Asiasoft will provide high quality player support ensuring the DCUO community continues to thrive throughout Asia and beyond."

AboutDC Universe Online
Lex Luthor has traveled back through time with news of [...]

Quick Update: Con Prep Devours All My Time!

Don't click him, he's a tease. So, as of yesterday around 6:15, I am officially on vacation, a vacation which will run me through this year's MichiCon event on Friday & Saturday (I'm running DCC sessions both nights) and then a Tigers game on Sunday. Busy weekend, lots of fun to be had! All week, I've been doing small amounts of prepwork for my games, but just today it dawned on me: "this shit starts tomorrow!" In that time, I have to finish all my prep for +Michael Curtis's amazing Tower out of Time (not really much to do here, just building some [...]

It's time for.... JOHN KERRY COMICS!

It's the secret origin of John Kerry, United States Secretary of State!

Originally published in by Fox Features Syndicate in 1941 and 1942, the comics stories contained in John Kerry vs. The Queen of Evil present irrefutable evidence that John Kerry has been "reporting for duty" a lot longer than his official biography would have you believe. (Well... the evidence is at least as solid as that proving that Barack Obama is a foreign-born agent of sinister powers whose presidency represents the culmination of a a plan hatched decades ago.)

Aside from three classic comics stories, John Kerry [...]

Contest Entry: Muertos Carmesi (the Crimson Dead)

Here's the next entry into the Psi-punk Giveaway Contest, a gang named Muertos Carmesi (the Crimson Dead) by Maire Gray.
What is your gang's name?Muertos Carmes (the Crimson Dead).

Who is their leader?El Hueso Blanco (the White Bone) is the sociopath running the show. The thin veneer of sanity he wears is calm, collected, and magnetic. You don't have to understand to want to follow- you don't even have to see his face. And you won't: it's hidden under a dual-port [...]

Pay What You Want

A few RPG titles, including the colour version of Renegade, are now on Pay What You Want on DriveThruRPG. The price of Renegade ~ Sovereignty has been reduced by about a third – and there’s another download to add to the PWYW later this week.

Spinechillers has been [...]

Fianyarr Race: Brawler

(Castlevania: Lord of Shadows)Campaign World: Fianyarr.

Purpose: Not everyone relies on bladed weapons.  Some rely on their own fists and their fury to win in combats with their enemies.  Still there is often a certain fear factor that comes hand in hand with being able to tear someone apart with your bare hands and the people around you are generally well aware of that possibility.  Nothing prevents a brawler from picking up a weapon and using it well.  Its just that their focus on brawl makes it more difficult for them to specialise in such weapons and learn [...]

Fantasy Is Coming Back To The Silver Screen...

Thanks to Calvin's Canadian Cave Of Cool for drawing Seventh Son to my attention.

This potentially excellent fantasy flick is due out in January next year.

According to Wikipedia, it is "based on the first installment in Joseph Delaney's children's dark fantasy novel series The Wardstone Chronicles titled The Spook's Apprentice. The story centres around 14-year-old Tom Ward, a seventh son of a seventh son, and his adventures as the apprentice of the Spook."

Although the movie has a Facebook page (where people are already bitching about the film not being like the book), Wikipedia goes on to say:
"In a time long past, an evil is about to be unleashed that will reignite the war between the forces of the supernatural and humankind once more. John Gregory (Jeff Bridges) is a Spook, a person who fights against the Dark, who had imprisoned [...]

By Light, By Night Part 3

The Changeling Way (cont.)
Making more changelings
Depending on what kind of mature themes you want to handle in your By Light, By Night campaign, you may find yourself confronting the problem of changeling reproduction.  Changeling fae are not infertile, but most changeling infants are stillborn and most of those that survive are merely human (humans imbued with excellent luck and maybe a little magic, but humans nonetheless).  A very small percentage of children born to changeling parents are also fae... but the only way to know a child is fae is to wait for that inevitable, terrible, glorious night [...]

Writeups.org is still on a break

Not much new recently, as you may have noticed. I’m moving to another continent yet again, so that eats most of my free time – and I was starting to burn out a bit anyway.

What I manage to cram in is backstage stuff – finishing to switch the titles of the entries to the transition format so I’m rid of it, and cleaning up proto-specifications for a new round of major evolutions for the site (mostly technical, this time). So generally, July is going to be pretty flat content-wise.

Camp Myth: the RPG Review

Game Info

Publisher: Third Eye Games

Writing: Chris Lewis Carter and Eloy Lasanta

Layout: Eloy Lasanta

Cover Art: Tey Bartolome

Interior Art: Melissa Gay, Jay Camay, Therese Sevidal

Year Published: 2013

Pages: 110


I mentioned in my review of Mermaid Adventures that this game was successfully funded on Kickstarter and would be out some time [...]

Continue reading Camp Myth: the RPG Review

The Herbalist Base Class

By Endzeitgeist This base-class is 48 pages (!!!!) long, 1 page front cover, 1 page ToC, 1 page SRD, leaving us with 45 pages of content, so let’s take a look, shall we! Base-wise, the Herbalist gets d8, 2+Int skills per level, proficiency with simple weapons and the scythe, light armours and shields (but incurs [...]

"Renegade" (OSR Clone Rules) Goes "Pay What You Want"

For some reason, this makes me think of Chivalry & SorceryRenegade is one of the more recent OSR clones to hit the playing field, and by more recent I mean in the last year or so. It didn't get much notice from what I saw, but that may have been due in part to the fact that most of the OSR rulesets have a free version for you to kick the wheels and try before investing in it.

I guess you could consider Renegade to now be the the "Try before you buy" category, as it has gone "pay what you want" at RPGNow.

Even if you aren't interested in another OSR clone, the adventure design tables and charts in the second half of the rules [...]

New Magic Item -- Steelidun Fiddle

“Let me play you a stompin’, dancing’ song,” said the smiling Bard Aja with a wink. His fingers and bow flashing across the fiddle as his music filled the barn.

“Grab you partner!”

Steelidun Fiddle

The Steelidun Clan love their music and that is shown in the craftsmanship of these fiddles, made of the best wood the maker was able to beg, borrow or steal. They are decorated as best the maker can, with inlays of wood or more rarely shell or metal. It is tradition for each new owner to lightly carve his or her name, lightly on the back.

It is an [...]

Red Dragons

Challenge your adventurers with one of the most recognizable and deadly foes in all of Dungeons & Dragons: the mighty Red Dragon.

This set contains:
  • Red Wyrmling
  • Young Red Dragon
  • Adult Red Dragon
  • Elder Red Dragon
  • Ancient Red Dragon
Download Red Dragons Set

Looking for other dragons?
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Victorianna 3rd Edition is here!

Cubicle 7. Die 3. Edition des Steampunk-Rollenspiels steht als PDF zur Verfgung. RPGNow bietet diese elektronische Ausgabe des Victoriana 3rd Edition RPG fr 24.99 $ an.

Vorbesteller des gedruckten Buchs erhalten einen kostenlosen Download-Code.

Victoriana 3rd Edition (John Hodgson, Cubicle 7)

Das Cover von John Hodgson finde ich gelungen. Normalerweise sagt man, ein Bild sagt mehr als 1000 Worte, aber fr ein Rollenspiel gilt wohl eher, ein Character Sheet sagt mehr als …

Victoriana 3rd Edition Character Sheet (Cubicle 7)

“Victoriana 3rdEditionis available to purchase now in PDF formatfrom RPGnow.


Victoriana -- a world of high adventure and intrigue in an age of sorcery and steam!

The [...]

Supernatural: Bitten

Supernatural has - naturally - often paid homage to horror movies,as well as drawing directly from our world's mythology, which is why it is almost a surprise that it has taken this long for the show to get round to doing a "found footage" episode.

Sam and Dean come upon a truly gruesome murder scene in a student house, where they also discover a laptop with a post-it note saying "play me".

The majority of the episode is then the compiled footage of three AV students - Michael (Brandon Jones), Kate (Brit Sheridan) and Brian (Leigh Parker) - chronicling the downward spiral their lives take after Michael is bitten by "something" in the woods when he is hiding from campus bully Scott (Eric Banerd).

The Winchesters actually appear as "background characters" in this movie as they were already on campus, investigating an initial murder - [...]

Sometimes I wish I could talk Robin into playing a Western

Does anyone know what this was for?  It's one of my favorite Frazettas, but I've got no idea why he painted it in the first place. 

History Hooks: The Empty Fort Strategy

Thanks for subscribing to TPK! For more posts, check out TPK - Theory, Planning, Knowledge

In the Thirty-Six Stratagems, an ancient Chinese essay illustrating stratagems used in politics, war, and civil service, the 32nd is the Empty Fort Strategy. This was employed several times throughout Chinese history but today we will focus on the general Zhuge Liang and his use of the stratagem during the Three Kingdoms period.

The History

Okay, well history might be pushing it a little with this one. I am stretching this a little as the story appears to be an invention of the author Luo Guanzhong as a [...]

Interview With Perijove, Creator of the Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity Rover

Reblogging because it’s cool.

Interview With Perijove, Creator of the Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity Rover.

Filed under: Random

Player's Options: Gnomes

This installment of the Player's Options-line is 12 pages long, 1 page editorial, 1 page SRD, leaving us with 10 pages of content, so let's take a look

Seventh Son Trailer: The Dude goes Fantasy!

The Seventh Son. Jetzt mal im Ernst, alleine der Dude, Jeff Bridges, reicht fr einen coolen Film, oder?

Wenn aber auch noch Julianne Moore mitspielt, knnen die Hobbits bleiben wo ihr Pfeifenkrauf wchst. Endlich ein paar “richtige” Schauspieler in Fantasy-Filmen. Okay, Tilda Swinton konnte Narnia nicht mehr retten, dennoch es kann eigentlich nur besser werden – zumindest auf der groen Leinwand. Der russische Regisseur Sergei Bodrov hielt die Stars hoffentlich bei Laune und womglich gelang ihm auch noch Unterhaltung fr die Zuschauer von 2014?

Die Story basiert The Wardstone Chronicles von Joseph Delaney.

Zugegebenermaen liest sich Zusammenfassung eher konventionell, klassisch, besser altbacken, aber [...]

Customisable Weapons

As you may know, I’m only some instruments of targeted destruction away from giving my game it’s first actual test. If you want to help out with this, then everything you need so far is in this Google doc. All you’ll need is a couple of characters and preferably a friend so you can try and kill each other. What I have spent today thinking about is how to write up the weapons for the game.

I already know that it will more than likely include a handful of specialist weapons that require specific training to use, but I wasn’t sure [...]

The Road to Meckwick's Challenge

Meckwick's ChallengeWhen I was a young man in high school, I would often sit in the library for lunch and a small group of friends, students would gather to play a quick game of some RPG (D&D, Gamma World, and others). I would run the game without rule books, as carrying them around was frowned upon by the staff (and practically every other social clique). During the summers, I would run games for the entire neighborhood and groups of 10 to 15 would stay over, watch HBO, eat junk food, and play games.

It was rare that I would [...]

A Gamer's Education: Dividing for resources in Stone Age

Stone Age is a 2-4 person worker placement game created by Michael Menzel and published by Hans IM Gluck and Rio Grande Games. In Stone Age, players take turns building their civilizations by collecting various resources and trading them for huts and civilization cards, each of which earn the players victory points during or at the end of the game. The player with the most victory points at the end of the game is the winner.

Each player begins the game with five wooden workers. Going around the table, each player places one or more workers on the circles [...]

All rules in one document

A quick post here, just reassuring people that work is ongoing, but will stop appearing as dropbox links. They tend to get messed up as I modify things and move them into places that make more sense. Instead I’ve been advised that Google Drive might work for me. Because of this I have also popped everything into one document. It is not yet fully formatted, and still needs some work, but there’s plenty there to be going on with.

At the moment I’m putting some extra touches onto the combat system, and this has been leading me down the damage and [...]

The Reloaded Black Box

I am the Warden!!

Before we get started today, what do you think of the new presentation? Maybe it's the graphic designer in me rising out of the ashes, but I wanted to revise this blog's visual appeal a couple of notches and make it easier to read. There are still a few tweaks to make here and there (I'm not overly satisfied with how this layout adjust to the mobile format), but it's a vast improvement from before in my book.

Now to the actual topic of the day: analyzing the wreckage that was the Killshot Reloaded [...]

We Meant To Do That....

Only War – RPG/TRPG Session Run by Will Imperial Guards; Baine Bravith – Jason (jymmijamz) Father Deimos- Chris (alcoholandaphorisms) Hans ‘Loki’ Lokisson – Me Odetta – Tanja (Write-up by Chris) EPISODE SIX Travelling at high speeds through the air over the jungles of the necropolis planet the crafts bay doors open, air pulled out by […]

Writing out my NPC details - Part III - Breakdown of Details

As talked about in my previous posts (here and here) i've recently been attempted to create personalised and filable index cards to store the NPC details for my FATE powered Rogue Trader game; one of the things that I gave a lot of thought to (and discussed with several people on Google+) was what these index cards should include.
Here is an example (please click on the picture for the full size version):

It was very important for me to include a picture or some sort of representative graphic on each of the cards; i'm a firm believer of [...]

PSA Blast From the Past: When D&D Was Satanic

This guy must have had a hell of a time filing his group…

The Future of Aviation Warfare: the X-47B

The X-47B drone just made its first carrier landing. How important is this? Well, the Navy is saying its on par with the first naval aircraft. The craft are remote-piloted, smaller than most naval aircraft (more to a carrier), and are much, much cheaper per unit than most of the hot-shit new fighter designs. Oh, and not having a pilot on board means it can out turn anything in the skies.

Here’s the first catapult launch of the craft:

And the first landing:

Can Cylon Raiders be far behind..?

Here’s the stats for the X-47B for theJames Bond: 007 RPG:

PM: +2 RED: 2 [...]

New Year, New (Social) Game: Wastelands Game Session 5

Last night, I ran the 5th session of my USR game set in a post-apocalpytic sci fantasy world. I'm going to skip the session summary this time and focus more on things from my side of the GM screen (figuratively speaking, I don't have a screen for this game).

On Role-Playing (Part 4 of 11)

The PHB, DMG, and MM all bear the same phraseology on their gold corner bar: Adventure Game. At least, that's what MY books say...I know there are some older printings that simply say Advanced D&D. "Role-playing" in other words, is something neither TSR nor Gygax were advertising or promoting at this stage. The books were compilations of "essential reference information"...the definitive version of the D&D (fantasy adventure) game, in other words, and if you wanted there to be "role-playing" well fine and dandy, but that's not what was being offered.
And it really isn't. [...]

Tips for New RPG Players

I wanted to follow up on my tips for new GMs by posting a few tips for players new to the world of role playing. Being a new player in a role playing game can be hard and if you are not careful the veteran players around you will steal the stage and you will have the potential to end up on the side lines so to speak and miss out on a lot of fun. As a new player if you keep the tips below in mind it will lead to a much more entertaining experience and leave you [...]

Let no one say Chris Gonnerman is not an alright dude.

Several months back, I wrote a rather scathing polemic about violence against women in RPGs, and the BFRPG module Morgansfort was the unfortunate target of my fey mood.

I won’t say that I don’t have problems with Morgansfort as I read it, because there are some personal lines that it crosses for me with how it was originally written. The original post, however, unfairly hammers Chris Gonnerman’s work when there are far more egregious offenders out there, but my frustration reached a boiling point while I happened to be reading Morgansfort.

I like BFRPG, and enjoy the several modules I’ve read, and [...]

Writing out my NPC details - Part II

Following discussion with Robert Hanz about the differences between Aspects and descriptions when it comes to creating NPC descriptions I decided to have a go at knocking up some customised NPC index cards.

A few of the NPC cards are shown below.

Krunk, The God Of Battle And Fear-tility...

A couple of cut/extended scenes from the series so far.

Game of Roles: Revised Mesmer

One of the players in my group expressed the desire to play a Mesmer in the next campaign, so I took a look at the class. I posted the original at the end of April, and I’ve learned a lot in two and a half months — and it was pretty rough even then.

Guild Wars Mesmer Class (Apr 29, 2013)

The first thing you might notice is that I formally attached the Mesmer to a class archetype — the Wizard. I’m loathe to admit it though since there are already a gazillion Wizard classes, but the Wizard did inspire the class [...]

[Shadows of Esteren] bei Grognard Games

Grognard Games packt die Lieferung vom letzten "Shadows of Esteren"-Kickstarter aus. Wer einen Eindruck davon gewinnen mchte, was ihn beim aktuellen Kickstarter erwartet, sollte sich das Video auf jeden Fall ansehen. Wrde sich doch ein deutscher Verlag fr SoE finden. Aber vielleicht nehmen sich ja die Durchbltterer schon einmal der bisher erschienenen Bcher an. Links: Shadows of

13th Age v Pathfinder

I run Pathfinder on and off. I always start super excited and then get bored (thats all games actually). Here’s it’s because everything thing seems so samey – characters all roll d20 to hit, roll the same dice, do the same things. Throw some wizards in and then the opposite happens. Same with monsters. Start […]

Reaper Bones: Introducing Shaina Coppervein, Dwarven Orc Hunter

Last Friday saw a new campaign start at the Hobbits Hole with Andy donning his DM's hat (truly a thing of majestic beauty which I will have to snatch a photo of) whilst I assumed the role of Shaina Coppervein, Female Dwarven Orc Hunter.  Of course a freshly minted PC needs a freshly painted mini and the Vampire Kickstarter came to rescue in the form of Freja Fangbreaker, Dwarf Sergeant (14085).

Shaina Coppervein (aka Freja Fangbreaker)

I found her incredibly tricky to paint for some reason, I guess I'm just getting old and my eyes and technique are [...]

Review: King of Tokyo


pew-pew-pew *booooom*

“ARG! GRRRRR!” *smaaaash*

“Oook-ook, aaa-aaa-aaaAAAA!!!”


Growing up, my siblings and I never had the joy of watching any Japanese kaiju films. Godzilla really doesn’t count, even if it did have a cool soundtrack. Don’t even talk to me about King Kong.

We had an Atari 2600 and played Rampage, though. It was a simple game. You move your monster around a cityscape, climbing up skyscrapers and bashing away until you turn it all into rubble. You can eat soldiers and recover health. You can whack other monsters. There wasn’t a lot of strategy to it.*

We used to watch Power Rangers as [...]

The Player's Perspective: Negating the Premise

Some years back I was helping some friends of mine run a LARP. It was actually a reasonably large operation; we had around 20 to 30 players if memory serves. When discussing my LARP activities with non-gamers, I found myself describing it as an improvisational acting group. At the time it seemed to make sense and was a lot easier than telling folks that every other weekend I pretended to be a vampire. While I was using this as a ruse to hide my geek activities from those in my life that wouldn't understand, it was, on some level, true. [...]

GM Prep Tip: Wiggle Room

There has been a recurring theme I've gleaned from a string of conversations with newer GMs over the years. Sometimes it is an open question, others a complaint, but the theme is that the GM is frustrated when the players don't fully take the adventure hook and go along the prescribed path.

I'm not trying to insinuate that newer GMs want to railroad players, but more often than not they expect the PCs to behave in a certain way. Truth be told, I don't think this expectation really goes away with more experience.

The core issue is that [...]

Breaking Through Writer's Block Pt 2: Conceptual, Specific, and Setting Blocks

This article is going to provide solutions to three of the specific types of writer’s block identified in the first part of this series:

  • Conceptual Writer’s Block, when you trouble breaking an overall story idea down into a detailed plot outline,
  • Specific-Scene Writer’s Block, which is a difficulty in taking that detailed plot and putting the key plot points into the best narrative sequence for telling the overall story, and
  • Story Setting Writer’s Block, which deals in the difficulty of deciding in what location a specific plot event should take place.
Conceptual Problems

So you have a general plot idea, perhaps know exactly what the [...]

"The Loosing of the Beast"

Same copyright notice as the rest — characters belong to their respective creators, and the story is free to distribute for non-commercial purposes.

The Fall of the Forest Cycle (Sep 22, 2010)

This is one of the longer chapters, and arrives at just under three thousand words. This is also unfortunately the last part of the story I possess — my ancient print copy having been lost to the ages. I’ve been contacted by a fellow who may have the fifth part, and we’re in the process of arranging a transfer.

If I do come into possession of part five, I will certainly [...]

TLG Website Overhaul

Today we unveil the new website. You can visit either or the sites at www.trolllord.com or www.trolllordgames.com and find all the information about Troll Lord Games or Castles & Crusades. Or you can linger on the front page and follow us on facebook, twitter, watch our youtube videos, check out the latest tumblr and news. Its all there.

The site is now fluid. We've abandoned the old static site that didn't allow you to view all the information on multiple devices or with smaller screens. Now, as you resize your screen the content resizes as well, or comes in [...]

Steven Moffat: Doctor Who 50th anniversary special will be "movie-length"

It's long been speculated just how long Doctor Who's 50th anniversary special will be but now Steven Moffat has put fan fears to rest: it will be a feature length episode."I think you could call it movie-length, yeah," he said. "I mean, I'm saying that with a slight hint of vagueness because I don't know the finished running time. It's certainly well over an hour."Moffat's comments follow on from speculation after an official BBC press card seen at the London Toy Fair earlier this year appeared to confirm that the 50th anniversary will be marked by one special, lasting for 60 minutes; a running [...]

BASIC 4 -- A Miraculous Time

A Miraculous Time The fourth adventure for Pathfinder’s beginner’s version is 26 pages long, 1...

BASIC 3 -- A Giving Time

BASIC 3: A Giving Time This module for the beginner’s version of Pathfinder is 28...
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