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Spaceship Sunday

CoC - A Resections of Time

"A Resection of Time" is scenario for Call of Cthulhu set in the 1990s. I have gone on record as saying I prefer the 1920s as a setting and if I ever ran this I would go through the effort of making it run through that time period. The adventure has strong elements of "The Whisperer in Darkness" which might be a bit of a spoiler if you have read that tale. The book suggests it can be run in two or three night but I suspect they are selling that time short and it might maybe as much as double that depending on the group. This is not one of my favorite adventures for the game but it is still a solid one.  It was released in 1997 and comes in at 64 pages in length.

From the back of the book:

"At first, the death of successful archaeologist Kyle Woodson seemed an accident, an automobile crash turned fatal. When certain medical irregularities become apparent, and then the body was quickly cremated, the case becomes much more sinister to trained eyes."

"In this adventure, the investigators are challenged by the strange case of Kyle Woodson. Inquiries will take them across the United States of the 1990s, from San Francisco, and the Sanbourne Institute of Pacific Antiquities near Los Angeles, to decaying modern Arkham. In the end, all clues lead to ancient Mayan ruins, deep in Central America."

"This 64 page scenario book can be played in two to three nights. It contains twenty-five handouts, many featuring genuine Mayan glyphs and annotated translations. Artwork includes many thumbnails, several drawings of Mayan artifacts, and a number of beautiful grey-scale illustrations. "

FtA: From the Ashes Interior Art Update 2

Another Jez Gordon piece, depicting a Prophet, previously discussed here

Space Gaming News: ROBOTS! on e23, The Cauldron #1 on Lulu, and Road of Kings development continues...

Car Wars(e23)Uncle Albert’s 2036 Catalog Update– I’m not sure what all we used from this except for the Gauss Gun. Shopping for equipment from an actual catalogue was freaking cool, though, and this booklet was fought over a great deal in the hours leading up to the big Friday night duel back in the day. The ATAD rules resulted in more than a few arguments in our role playing sessions– we paid very close attention to ADQ&A to resolve them. Without a dedicated referee, you sort of needed an “official” answer. If you actually grokked the fact that you didn’t [...]

Steve Jackson: An interview with a role-playing game titan

The Register. Zwischen Sonnenschein und Schreibblockade gibt es in der englischsprachigen Nachbarschaft ein schickes Interview mit Steve Jackson (UK).
Die ganze Spielbuchwelt spricht vom Einsamen Wolf. Erinnert sich noch jemand Sorcery! (dt. Analand Saga)? Ich gehe davon aus.

Gemeinsam mit Ian Livingstone entwickelte Steve Jackson die Spielbuchreihe Fighting Fantasy. Der Vierteiler Sorcery! nimmt in diesem Kontext eine besondere Stellung ein.
Mit John Peake und wieder Ian Livingstone grndete er Games Workshop – bevor das Unternehmen ein sektierender Seelen(ver)kufer wurde.
Gemeinsam Peter Molyneux zeichnet er sich fr Lionhead (Fable, XBOX 360) verantwortlich und eine Game Design Professur an der Londoner Brunel University [...]

Free RPG Day 2013 BandB giveaway report

Let's make it quick: during yesterday's Free RPG Day Bandits and Battlecruisers PDF was previewed 268 times and downloaded 202 times. I hope that you enjoy it!

Sunday Inspirational Image: Catacombs of the Star Spawn

ther Organ? Egg Room? There had better be some really good treasure in there...

Image Source: Sapiento

...Considered as a Matrix of Semi-Precious Stones

Found this cool "table" on a Chinese gem seller's site while figuring out what kind of semi-precious stones (entry , [1] on my treasure table)  to put in a treasure hoard. Numbers added, anachronisms (synthetic stones) removed and replaced with glowing stuff. Enjoy your petrified wood necklaces!

Click to read it.

A most difficult question

Over the years I have been asked what role-playing is so many times. It is one of the hardest questions for me to answer. I just couldn’t put words on it. I’ve tried so hard to explain people what it’s about, and I always feel that it lands flat. I’m terrible at selling this hobby to non-gamers.

After some thought, I’ve finally figured out why I can’t explain it. To me, roleplaying is all about the experience, the experience of telling a meaningful story without any safety nets. It is not about the game itself, though the choice of game certainly [...]

My first time promoting at the UK Games Expo

My journey to the UK Games Expo was a little different than last year - I took a lot of stuff with me: Promo junk! We arrived on Friday night and set up on Saturday morning - with Lauren's help, I got the stand looking as snazzy as I could! The little ole' Tweet RPG stand Then it was sell, sell, sell! We promoted our backsides off, and had great responses and conversations, but more importantly, lots of people [...]

Succubus Sunday

Sorry about forgetting to post last week. Life happens I suppose. For today's Succubus Sunday I decided to share some of my favorite succubi pics from Deviantart.

succubus by ~dypsomaniart on deviantART

Succubus by *gb2k on deviantART

Nagel Succubus by ~HoiHoiSan on deviantART

WoW Avatar: Succubus by ~p3p574r on deviantART

10 Futuristic Sounding Company Names

  1. Support Compound Cathode LLP.
  2. Thruster Brokers
  3. Reduced Valve Gmbh
  4. Recorder Bank
  5. Mega Zygomorphic Coordinator Brokers
  6. Virtual Astigmatic S.A.
  7. Major Ballistic S.A.
  8. Instant Organism Et Cie
  9. Frame Zygomorphic Mega Federation
  10. Helical Component Federation

Reprise: The Generic Villain Compliments the Enemy

Originally posted July 31, 2011.

I've talked a good amount about messing with the minds of your opponents. But there's one thing I've found that tends to be really good for the job with minimum effort---no monetary outlay, no risks of experiments going horribly wrong, just a little thought and a little bit of talking.

Compliment them. You'll love the looks on their faces.

See, giving protagonists compliments throws off the dynamic between you and them. When the compliment's sincere, it makes you seem more reasonable, or at least more polite; bear in mind that the urbane, [...]

Been There, Got The T-Shirt...

Open discussion: PS4 vs Xbox One - which will you be getting?

After this week's events at E3, gamers everywhere are talking about whether Microsoft royally buggered up (very likely) and if Sony delivered them a body slam for the ages (very probably). But after all the smoke clears and the dust settles, which console will you be splashing out your hard-earned moolah on? Maybe you won't even both with either, of perhaps you'll get the both. Let me know in the comments. 

Game Idea: Kumiho of the Nine - a KDrama RPG

As part of this year's Creative Pay It Forward, I promised my friend Dekya an table top role-playing game inspired by My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox.   This is her request.  Also, happy Free RPG Day!

Kumiho of the Nine
A Korean Drama table top role-playing game

There are beings that live amongst us who are not human, though they appear to be.  Beautiful, seductive and sweet, these women have the power to change their forms and use magical abilities that are beyond mortal men.  Called the Kumiho (pronounced "goo-me-hoe"), these women have been mistaken as demons, [...]

Its My Birthday and So Here Are Five Free RPG PDFs!

 Its my birthday and I wanted to share a few freebies! I hope you enjoy!

For years people of the city have been searching for the hideout of the famed medusa. Someone suggests she's too clever to be a normal monster. Voices on the street say she's actually an evil wizard heading a band of outlaws. Nobody knows the true purpose of the medusa but sometime she leaves behind a petrified corpse marked with a medusa head...
This product details an underground medusa hideout and contains a Referee Map and 9 customizable tiles  Get it Right HERE 

[L5R Unicorn Clan Campaign: Legacy of the Ki-Rin] Dramatis Personae

Last night the gaming group finally got together to finalize character concepts. While some of my players were already done with their characters, the others were still trying to find interesting concepts to play for the Unicorn Clan campaign. We didn’t get to play for very long as character creation finished by the time dinner rolled around, but it was still pretty amusing and I think we have a decent set of characters to work with for the game.

Iuchi Mei-Xing (Ide Courtier Rank 1 played by Silver Countess)

A young scholar from the Unicorn’s holdings in Medinaat al-Saalam, Mei-Xing could be [...]

The Pen and the Sword: Pirate Latitudes

He turned to look around the room. This was Cazalla's quarters, richly furnished. A dark-haired girl was in the bed. She looked at him in terror, holding the sheets to her chin, as Hunter dashed through the room to the rear windows. He was halfway out the window when he heard her say, in English, "Who are you?"

Hunter paused, astonished. Her accent was crisp and aristocratic. "Who the hell are you?"

"I am Lady Sara Almont, late of London," she said. "I am being held prisoner here."

Hunter's mouth fell open.

"Well, get on your clothing, madam," he said.


Horror on the Orient Express links

I've found a really good blog about the Call of Cthulhu campaign called Horror on the Orient Express.  I've never been all that interested by the campaign until I saw this blog and the wonderful research the Keeper has done in preparing for it.  It made me realise that part of the glory of the train campaign isn't so much what occurs on the train itself but more the opportunity to visit and investigate the world beyond the train.  If you'd like to see this blog yourself, take a look over here.

Dads & Dungeons & Dragons

I was raised by my grandparents. Most of my values I learned from them, or I should have. I'm of a nature that I will not learn the meaning of flames until I've been burned. Nevertheless, I had a prime example of what it means to be a man, in the form of my grandfather. He is a thoroughly pragmatic fellow, not in any amoral sense, but rather he faces reality head-on under its terms. Life would have been much easier for me had I learned to do so much earlier. Happy Father's Day, grandpa.

Why would I mention [...]

Origins 2013 Saturday coverage

This is Critical Glitch, a Shadowrun Podcast. Origins 2013 coverage day 4

Your host, Steven A. Tinner, GM to the Stars

Co-Host, The Most Dangerous Man in Gaming-- Tim Patrick

It's the fourth day of Origins and the first day for Shadowrun Live action RPG

These will be a bit loud as we are recording in a live gaming hall with dice slinging going on.

Happy Father's Day

Mother's get a lot of credit. Year in, year out we're constantly told to appreciate our mothers. Good fathers very rarely get the credit they deserve, and are often the reason why mothers are given as much vocal appreciation as they're given. Don't take this wrong, I don't want to take anything away from mothers, but this year for Father's day I want all the dads out there to feel extra special and loved.

Happy Father's Day. Keep on being a great dad! Your sons and daughters need you.

Coming Soon From Dragon

Much like my recent update of Wizards' Dungeon ezine, this month's issue, Dragon #424 is not the focus of this post. This despite some interesting article topics on dragons and the Martek/Desert of Desolation mods. No, I'm here to tell you again that next month's issue will be somewhat Greycentric. There is a couple previews to note...

The Anatomy of Elemental Evil by Thomas Reid

"What is the essence of Elemental Evil? How did something so basic and fundamental as elemental worship become twisted into the insidious cult made famous by its iconic temple? What is the relationship between [...]

Awarding Experience

In the earlier editions of D&D--and the current retroclones/simularica--the management and attrition of hit points are the core element of the game (more about that in a later post). The ability to avoid, withstand, and inflict hit point damage forms the most fundamental aspect of the game.

A key facet of hit point attrition is the ability to increase one's own hit points and also increase the ability to inflict hit point damage. This, of course, is done through moving up in experience levels. This, in turn, is the resulting of gaining or earning experience points through play.

Monster Books

Since I'm deeply in the final stages of putting together the Adventures Dark and Deep Bestiary, I was wondering if there were any OSR-type monster books that I'm missing from my collection.

I've got Malevolent and Benign, Teratic Tome, Tome of Horrors Complete, Varlets & Vermin, and Monsters of Myth. I've got the C&C books Monsters and Treasures and Classic Monsters. I don't have Treasures and Monsters of Aihrde or the three M&ToA supplements; can anyone tell me if they're significantly different than the regular Monsters and Treasures Book?

Please let me know if there's anything of significance I've missed. You [...]

A Little Late To The Party

As Bruce Heard originally reported and Tim Brannan posted about we have another, "It's not plagiarism!" situation. This time it's not a game, but an self-published author named Tracey Alley.

Apparently she thinks it's okay to use names from the BECMI setting originally known as the Known World, and later Mystara. This includes place names (Glantri, Alfheim), character names (Duke Stefan) and even the map.

Like the Dark Phoenix Publishing affair, it's her reaction I bristle at much as the fact she did it in the first place. The fact that any author would claim names and maps can't [...]

Check Your Backyard -- There May Be A Long-Forgotten, Fully-Stocked Fallout Shelter Out There

Twice in the last 45 days, two separate families in two separate states have each unearthed a fairly well-preserved and long-forgotten fallout shelter from the 1950s-60s.

In May this year, a family in Wisconsin decided to check out the shelter they knew existed on their property. Although they had lived there for 10 years, they just assumed the shelter was an empty moldering hole. When they finally did unlock the steel doors and descended the ladder, they instead found food, toiletries, clothing, and medical supplies all preserved and ready for the apocalypse.

Looks inviting, eh?
And last week, [...]

Character Workbook: Antipaladin for PFRPG

Character creation and leveling up can be confusing, even for experienced players. There's a lot of keep track of, including abilities to choose and statistics to be recalculated.

Character Workbook: Antipaladin for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game is a game aid designed to walk you through the process and help you keep track of all those changes. It's not a character sheet -- you'll still need one of those -- but it will help you make sure you've filled out your character sheet completely and correctly. You'll never have to worry that your character has been short-changed. If you gamemaster asks how [...]

Dungeon Master's Log - Long Term Planning and Making Players Paranoid

  Here's the thing - I like DMing. A lot. Underneath all the theory, work, etc. I just love working with friends and family to build stories.
  But since, in my mind, RPGs are a form of interactive storytelling part of my job is build a plot. This means I think about RPGs like they were television series - episodic storytelling.
  Now, TV shows with no continuity or overarching mythos can be great (Twilight Zone) and a series with a very limited mythos can also be very, very good (Mission: Impossible) but I want to build something where [...]

Pirates Of the Something Or Other PMG

Pirates Of The Spanish Main is a nifty little pocket model game that WizKids put out back in 20XX. Like many pocket model games (PMG) you were given 5 cards in each pack. You got a couple ships, a terrain card and some treasure or crew card. The little ships are really cool, the crews added special abilities to your fleet and it was a pretty fast and playable game. Topps put an end to it in 20XX because they're bastards.
The rules for basic play are staggeringly simple. Simplistic is a better term because though almost every ship in [...]

Vote for Town Guard

I don't know how many of you look at "The Game Crafter", or have "Crafter Points", but if you do I'd love for some people to use them to vote for my game Town Guard.
Apparently there is a public voting stage to narrow down the finalists in the contest.
You can find the entries here.
I'll be looking through the competition shortly, any votes heading my way would be much appreciated.

Free RPG Day Score & More

Is that a beautiful picture or what?  So I hit two stores today for Free RPG Day.  First was Gold Star Anime.  I got there before they opened.  For Free RPG Day I get a self set, small allowance to blow on gaming stuff while I collect the free stuff.  At Gold Star I picked up a copy of Dungeons of Dread.  I've been wanting to get this since its release.  S1 is the dungeon I grew up on.  Then I got a pay of over sized d20s and a pack of Gamemastery, Chase Cards.  Mine has a [...]

Hulks & Horrors: My Way

So I threw out some ideas to my gaming group for a longer term game than we've been playing.  One of the options was a Hulks & Horrors (which I reviewed a while back) type game.  I'd use the overall concept from H&H and a lot of the world-building rules from it but the main rules of play would be something else, probably one of: d20 Modern/d20 Future, Albedo: Platinum Catalyst, or classic Traveler.

For my H&H style game I decided to use a hex map with the starting world in the middle.  There would be a couple of [...]

Free RPGs and Jello

Thanks for subscribing to TPK! For more posts, check out TPK - Theory, Planning, Knowledge

Happy Free RPG Day everyone! Here are a few links for your Saturday as we continue improv month here at TPK.

Edible Gelatinous Cubes

Regular gaming snacks getting boring? Try these gelatinous cubes from the D&D website. Maybe one day I can do a fully edible battle one day.

Early Curtain Call

What do you do when the PC’s kill your main villain before they are supposed to? Dungeon’s Master gives us some good options for solving this dilemma.

Free RPG Day

If you’re looking for participating lacations, Free RPG Day has [...]

500 posts! And what to do now?

Wow. It's hard to believe that I managed to publish five hundred posts here!
Unfortunately, things aren't going very well now, at least in terms of writing new stuff. I lost my dedication to RPGs... well, not all my heart I've put into my products but at least big part of it. But - fortunately for you - I still have some unreleased stuff I want to publish and I will try to do it in the following months. Also, it's highly possible that sooner or later I will start writing some new shit - I just don't believe [...]

How to Lie to Your Players and Get Away with It...

A little tip for today: If the players catch you lying a once, they won't look for another lie at the same scene. Sounds strange, of course, but to my experience it is true. Players come, for some unknown reason, with the confidence in their ability to know when their GM is lying to them and when the GM isn't. If they catch you lie, as little and as unimportant as it may be, they will trust themselves even better with their ability to discern lies. This enables you to lie big time without them knowing it, or even suspecting [...]

Free upgrade in our store!

Free upgrades! This weekend, I’ll be upgrading orders of 10 Horse Minis to 12. I’ll also be upgradingorders for the Adventurer’s Bundle (super saver) to the Deluxe version (more horses AND minis!) No special reason for the extra stuff – I just felt like offering it today.

New Zealand - Home Of Middle-Earth...

Pack your bags, Rachel, we're off!

Quicfic: Atmosphere

T-minus 30 seconds

She hated grav drops, hated them with a passion. It wasn’t the drop itself, 120km up from a suborbital spaceplane is one hell of a distance but after the first dozen everything had fallen into a simple routine. No what Jana couldn’t stand was the view. From this high up the world appeared as it truly was, dirty, polluted and spoilt. The ‘shopped landscapes, Corporate sponsored jungles and managed nature reserves were impossible to spot; sprawling city complexes, barren open cast mines and lifeless wastelands constituted the modern, industrial environment.

The plane itself was little more than a cigar [...]

A Little D&D Humor

Yeah, it’s an older video. Yeah, I don’t playDungeons & Dragonsof any edition. But I’d go classic geek and play a female tiefling any day….

It's Free RPG Day!

It’s Free RPG Day! To celebrate, we’ve released an enhanced version of Beginning Spellbooks, now with embedded links to d20pfsrd!

Available at d20pfsrd

Available at DriveThruRPG

Available at RPGNow

Where I've Been

The first quarter of this year, I limited myself to two posts a week with an average of 2000 words a week. Most of this was dedicated to covering session reports from the convention games I ran, but some general rambling and game reviews got slipped in for variety.This second quarter has been about experimentation. Its seemed a little crazy to write so much stuff that pretty well has negligible demand, so I felt like I really should try to branch out in to things that could conceivably lead to “real” writing. When I couldn’t decide which specific thing to [...]


EAD Entry (Late) from Mordom at Earthdawn.blogspot.de

And a late entry, but an entry none the less. To see the original format go to the Original page: http://earthdawn.blogspot.de/2013/06/earthdawn-study-research-topics-table.html The recently announced Earthdawn Appreciation Day was yesterday and I am a little bit late but nevertheless, here's my late contribution.Based on this article at Inkwell ideas I made up an Earthdawn study & research

Zatannurday: Happy Father's Day!

Here is what looks like Zatara's first appearance in the new DC 52.

Kind of a downer image...

How about something from pre-52, Zatara going Liam Neeson in Taken on a bad guy.

Don't piss off Giovanni.

I might need to up some of the stats I have made for him.

Happy Father's Day!!

[GUEST POST] Happy Birthday, NPH!

It's Neil Patrick Harris' birthday and, if you can believe it, he's turning 40!

In honour of this milestone, we're planning to watch everything NPH that we can find (see below) - but first, let's take a look back through the life and career of America's favorite child doctor, sitcom womanizer and awards show host!

Born on June 15, 1973 in Albuquerque, New Mexico with the real name of Neil Patrick Harris, Neil began his entertainment career by performing as Toto in a grade school production of The Wizard of Oz.

Throughout high school he continued to participate in drama and perform in musicals, until a chance meeting with a talent scout in 1987 led to a film role in Clara's Heart opposite Whoopi Goldberg - and his first Golden Globe award, won when he was just 15 years old!

By the following [...]

Every Day is Free RPG Day

...on the internet. How about twenty monsters, each with but a single hit point, to go up against one or two first level characters?

 Or free pdfs of a complete OD&D Clone, Delving Deeper?

Or free pdfs of Holmes Basic clones Blueholme Prentice or Mazes & Perils?
But today is also FREE RPG DAY 2013 in a participating store near you: Store Locator.
Is this a depiction of Azathoth?And here's the loot list for 2013.

The OSR is well-represented with modules for Swords & Wizardry (by Frog God Games), LotFP, DCC RPG, Tunnel & Trolls and Castles [...]

Happy Free RPG Day 2013

Happy Free RPG Day!  I've clearly not been following the gaming news recently because today is FreeRPG Day.My local shops aren't even sure what an RPG is so I doubt it's happening around here. But enough of my speculative cynicism regarding UK bricks'n'mortar stores.
 Check out the download lists to see if anything really special has popped into the free listings on DriveThruRPG  http://bit.ly/DTRPGfree   (link valid all year around)
Free RPG Day home site: http://freerpgday.com/

Apropos of Nothing: Man of Steel

For the first time in a long time, I made it out to a movie in the actual theater.

I love Superman, and have for a long time. I was a reasonable fan of the Christopher Reeve movies (well, the first two), and enjoyed Lois and Clark and Smallville well enough. I thought Brandon Routh made a very good Superman in Superman Returns.

I had high hopes for Man of Steel, not the least of which is because the trailers were damn effective, and very evocative. Even in the Minecraft version.

It may be hard to avoid spoilers as I discuss this. Be warned.
So, how did it actually work?

+Fred Brackin over in the SJGGames Geek Culture forum posts a pretty devastating (and spoiler-filled) review. I think most of what he says strikes true to me, but let me go through my impressions, since I went to the movie predisposed to like the film.

First off, we spend a lot of time on Krypton in the beginning of the movie. And when things do start to happen, you get the first taste of the frenetic action that seems to characterize a lot of this era of cinematography - shaky cameras and purposefully out-of-focus, sometimes even out-of-frame, action.

I did like the hints of a previous friendship between Zod and Jor-El, and a long life of mutual respect. I did find it odd, as Fred did, that Jor-El went toe-to-toe with Zod and his troops and [...]
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