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Month In Gaming: September

Well folks, one more month of great gaming under the belt and another one is under way. Here's what September looked like from where I sit.

Jewels of the CarnifexThe Metal Gods of Ur-Hadad crew plowed through +Harley Stroh's Jewels of the Carnifex module in September. I think that this is only the second published module that the group has ever been through (the first being Brave Halfling's The Vile Worm. The crew lived in fear of this module and were certain that all of them would die. They went for overkill whenever possible, just to make sure that whatever [...]

13th Age Icons by Jack Kirby!

13th Age Icons using the King's imagination!

The Archmage

The Crusader

The Diabolist

The Dwarf King

The Elf Queen

The Emperor 

The Great Gold Wyrm

The High Druid

The Lich King

The Orc Lord

The Priestess

The Prince of Shadows

The Three

The Hour of Meeting Evil Spirits -- a Japanese Yokai Kickstarter

Matthew Meyer has proven his talents with The Night Parade of One Hundred Demons: a Field Guide to Japanese Yokai. Which illustrates one hundred yokai (monster or creatures) from Japanese myth and legend.

Now he is working on a companion volume, The Hour of Meeting Evil Spirits, an illustrated bestiary of monsters and ghosts from traditional Japanese folklore which (like the Night Parade) he is financing through Kickstarter. It should be an amazing resource for any Japanese horror game and an interesting read for anyone interested in myths and monsters.

Moving Forward With Wildpath

A rough "logo" for my latest project and likely
the first foray for the Wildpath System.  I am the Warden!!

Sure, it's been three whole days since the Development Team drove up to the 'Frew for some playtesting and nothing's been posted to brag/moan about it, but I have a really, really, really good reason.

I wrote a new game using the same system. My bad.

Thanks to the two playtesting sessions (including the LUG Con game mentioned in my last post), both of which had two players and a Director (myself), I'm extremely confident this is a [...]

The Armours of MYFAROG

First some appropriate music.

One of things I wanted with MYFAROG was to have authentic armours in the game; no anachronisms (like e. g. a plate armour from the 16th century would have been in a setting aiming to be similar to Classical Antiquity, and with no armours more modern than those from Viking Age). This left me with fewer options, but I still managed to include quite a lot of armours.

All the metal armours can be made of either bronze (more expensive, not that good and heavier, but better for enchantments), iron (the most common and [...]

Tales of woe and misery in the wake of the shutdown

Shame on those evil Republicans!

Because of them and their government shutdown:
-you can’t watch a live feed of pandas
-congressmen will have to push their own elevator buttons and open doors for themselves
-you will have to go to state and local parks and museums instead of federal museums for the next few days
-the KKK had to cancel a rally
-a bunch of bureaucrats get a short unpaid vacation

So far, my day has been entirely unaffected. I got to buy sudafed after jumping through federally mandated hoops. I mailed a cd at an open post office to somebody. None [...]

Kickstarter projects I've backed: Number 11 through 20 (chronologically)

Continuing my series, I’m going through the Kickstarter projects I’ve backed, in chronological order, noting why I backed each project, what level I backed at, and how it turned out. Part 1 of the series, covering the first 10 games I backed on Kickstarter, is here.

11. Roll20 Virtual Tabletop – April 2012

Why I pledged: At the time, I was still running a D&D game online using MapTool. I love MapTool, but Roll20 seemed like a cool attempt at a new, user-friendly virtual tabletop, and I wanted to see it become a reality.

My pledge: $25 for access to the closed beta [...]

Leprechaun Mob Gangsters

Yup, you read that title correctly. This set, brought to you by Jaylaxuk, features a variety of Leprechauns. And not just any Leprechauns - Mob Gangster Leprechauns. These miniatures really make me wish I could see his campaign setting. Maybe these will inspire some of you to add a seedy, Leprechaun run urban underbelly to your own gaming worlds. Here are the different minis you'll find in this fun set:
  • Leprechaun Minion: Basic grunt wielding a crowbar.
  • Leprechaun Brute: A set up from the Minion, the Brute is sporting a set of brass knuckles.
  • Leprechaun Crossbowman: This 'chaun is carrying [...]

The Pay What You Want Adventure -The Vile Worm From Arcana Creations On The Dark Corner Blog

 Cults, nastiness, sacrifices and Lovecraftian horror!
What more could you ask for your October first!
All right over

Way Of The Tiger - The Challenge Of Moving From Novel To Gamebook Writing

As some of you already know, The Way of the Tiger is coming back in a big way. The Kickstarter has decimated its goal of $10,000 and is now ploughing upwards to lofty financial heights.

So it gives me enormous pleasure to welcome once again to The Trollish Delver my good friend David Walters, who is writing the prequel gamebook - Ninja!. This is the third and final part of an epic post about writing the book, the first of which appeared on Brewin's blog and the second on Stuart Lloyd's.

Without further ado, here's Mr Walters with [...]

Fantastic Feats Sample -- Stupid & Overpowered -- Suave Posturing

Suave Posturing


The way you stand gives a bonus to how you're are perceived. Works best when talking to a member of the opposite sex.


CHA 12


Gives an optional +2 to any romantic interactions.

On the first use with a person roll a dice.

Odds = no other effect

Evens = See Special


Bonus is doubled if talking to a member of the opposite sex. However if the initial roll is a even number then the bonus doubles and becomes a penalty instead (for a maximum -8 to CHA) with that person due to their disgust. This lasts a number of weeks equal to the penalty [...]

Threshold #1 is out

It is no great secret that I love Mystara.

So imagine my joy to discover that Threshold, a Mystara Fan-zine has published issue #1.

Threshold Issue #1 (pdf)And it is a big one.

Thanks to everyone that made this possible.  I have often said that the online Mystara groups have been the most consistent in terms of their fandom and their creative ways of keeping their "dead" world alive and well.

Choose-your-own-annihilation and cheese with peas

Pegboard left an interesting comment at Faeit 212 yesterday. Here's the essential part:
Tzeentch book has a table on every page. You start by rolling a d6 per page number and comparing it to the table. Your army then takes that many hits. Your opponent gets that many models back. If you roll an even number, you go back a page, odd, forward a page, roll more dice and then your opponent gets the special rules haywire and feel no pain.
It's a joke of course, presumably aimed at GW and a [...]

Multi-Variable Spells: 0-2nd Level Spells Beginning with F

Fabricate BulletsSchool transmutation; Level sorcerer/wizard 1Casting Time 1 roundComponents V, S, M (1 pound of lead or other soft metal worth 2 gp)Range touchTarget 1 pound of soft metalDuration instantaneousSaving Throw none; Spell Resistance noYou convert 1 pound of lead into bullets. When you cast this spell, you decide whether you create normal sling bullets, firearm bullets, or firearm pellets. The spell creates two sling bullets, 30 firearm bullets, or 10 uses of pellets.Diminished Effects: The spell only converts 1/2 pound of lead (or other soft metal worth 1 gp) into one sling bullet, 15 firearm bullets, or 5 uses of pellets.Heightened Effects: The transmuted projectiles gain a +1 enhancement bonus [...]

AtG: Kill List

This is the kill-list from ourAgainst the Giants campaign (77 sessions and counting). They do like to keep score.

Star Wars GMing tips

By Ralph McQuarrie

Since reviewing Edge of the Empire, I’ve been playing and running and watching Star Wars almost exclusively. I’ve learned a few things and wanted to share them here for gamers looking to both run or play. I think the system does a great job at providing the tools to have a great game, but ultimately I’ve learned that a great Edge game is more of a conversation than any other RPG I’ve ever played. Due to the narrative and somewhat improvisational nature of the dice results, it can be a lot of pressure on the GM to come [...]

Wheel of Time fan movie -- Flight From Shadow

Non Earthdawn content! When it comes to reading fantasy novels, I have to admit that this years August was a very special month for me. Because the final book of the Wheel of Time series written by...

4C The Free Marvel Super Heroes Classic game and Resources For Your Old School Super Hero Campaigns

Because I mentioned the classic  Marvel Super Heroes Rpg I forgot to give a quick due to the 4C system and its products.
Its basically Marvel Super Heroes with the serial numbers filed off so that you can pretty much make it your own and best of all its free, easy to use, and reliable.

Available right over
When it comes to bare bones Super Hero Rpg action the 4C system is the public domain source.
The 4C System -- including both Basic and Advanced rules -- is a public domain work inspired by a classic superhero [...]

Ring Side Report- Elder Sign: Unseen Forces AND Elder Sign iOS Reviews

Game: Elder Sign expansion Unseen Forces

Players: 1-8

Playtime(setup/play/clean-up): 60 minutes

Set Ending: Kind of


TL;DR- A fun game expansion that’s worth it only if you like the first game. 85%


How You Play: Think Cthulhu Yahtzee. Players take the roles of different investigators in a museum trying to prevent the emergence of an old one. Players roll dice on six different spaces trying to meet all the dice needs of a spot. Can’t make a roll based on the what’s on the space? Then you lose a die. A player keeps playing until he rolls all the needed symbols or he/she can’t succeed. Player [...]

D&D Without the D&Disms, part IIa

Well, I'm revising my race list for my ODD D&D setting (which clearly also still needs a new name.  But not urgently.)  The palnetouched races, which I really like, are very D&Dish still, and feel much more magical rather than "psionic."

Here's the improved list:
  • Human (as listed in the SRD or PHB)
  • Half-orc (as listed in the SRD or PHB)
  • Orc - I'm scratching them. Orcs as a race are extinct. Rather, they've been hybridized so thoroughly with humans that pure-blooded orcs simply don't exist anymore. Half-orcs are still out there, of course, but they're half-orcs now. Full-blooded orcs are [...]

Reaper Bones II Kickstarter

Unreal. They have already breached $500k in about a half of a day. The last one was amazing. I couldn't resist joining this one too.


These minis would be a good investment for the Red Aegis: Tactics skimish game ;)

Choose-your-own-annihilation; squeezy cheesy peas

Pegboard left an interesting comment at Faeit 212 yesterday. Here's the essential part:
Tzeentch book has a table on every page. You start by rolling a d6 per page number and comparing it to the table. Your army then takes that many hits. Your opponent gets that many models back. If you roll an even number, you go back a page, odd, forward a page, roll more dice and then your opponent gets the special rules haywire and feel no pain.
It's a joke of course, presumably aimed at GW and a [...]

GoingLast panel at RCCC

Hey guys, Sorry for the delay in posting, but this week we have a special podcast for you. We have Mark MacDonal from TFAW’s heroclix league, Mr and Ms Davena Oaks who are in charge of the encounters program at Guardian Games and www.theshedm.com, and lastly Robert Altamore the volunteer coordinator for WoTC at PAX […]

GoingLast panel at RCCC GoingLast

Good Savage Stuff in the Mail

My book purchases tend to reflect my mood, so you can draw your own conclusions about the two books in the Amazon box about the Eastern Front in World War 2. However, the box did include a third happier item, Savage Worlds Deluxe: Explorer's Edition.

I don't buy a lot of gaming stuff that I do not intend on using, but I am not sure when I will get a chance to play Savage Worlds. This being said, I am liking what I am reading. I am not sure how much time and energy I have for another [...]

Going Gonzo with John: Revelations in the Sand

By John Belliston and Frank Gori
 The Thousand and One nights is a compelling combination of stories. Ones that dance and interweave into one of the true classics. There is so much to draw from inside that collection that at first glance I don't even know where to start.
So I thought about what I knew of the story. Of the feelings and aesthetic that those stories conjured. Long stretches of lonely sand. Cities built around oasis's bustling with people in flowing robes.
But most of all I picture the sand, and that, that [...]

Awesoming up Numenera

Having played Numenera again, I’d have to say that the two biggest fun-sucks are deciding whether to save XP for improvements or spend it to reroll or avoid GM Intrusion, and the decision as to whether to spend the XP to avoid GM intrusion and if you accept it having to decide who to give the extra XP to. These are terrible, terrible things to force the player to do in the middle of every exciting situation, wrenching the players out of any immediate visceral reaction to the what’s happening in the fiction and forcing them to consider long-term character [...]

Links for September 2013

Lots and lots of assorted goodness this month: Materials science in science fiction – Wikipedia is always good for hidden gems… Megadungeons.com – A site dedicated to, you guessed it, Megadungeons. Unfortunately not very actively maintained. Linking Minds – It … Continue reading →

Looks Like Another Documentary For My Collection...

I might not read any X-titles these days, but back in the '80s, when Steve and I were really discovering the broad majesty of comic books in earnest, we were both keen followers of Claremont's X-Men.

Player Character Strongholds

The answer to my problem may have been staring me in the face all along — I know I say that but I have a zillion problems and I’m looking at the Internet, so it’s like trying to direct individual drops of water to go through a colander.

There are only so many times a person can shout “eureka” before it starts to get tiresome, but here it is again: I have been working to integrate player affiliations into campaign settings — not settings like Greyhawk or Forgotten Realms or Eberron – but individual settings, … for longer than I’ve been [...]

Land of Perpetual Stone and Mire- An example of the layout of Hubris

I am getting closer to completing the territories of Hubris. I have been asked a few times what my format/info for the territories is. I haven’t said much on this, save for posting the summaries of a few of the territories here and there on the blog or on my G+ community page(feel free to join that if you want. I do posts there about the setting that don’t make it to the blog).

My goal for the territories has been to provide a GM with the tools to use the book at the table and on the fly to generate [...]

Now Available: New Identities - Witness Protection Program

Witness Protection Program is an introspective role-playing game about people who, having found themselves "in the wrong place at the wrong time," are forced to relinquish all that is dear to them and to start a new life shrouded by nostalgia and fear.

The game is meant for 3-5 players, one of whom will have special tasks and will serve as a mediator for the others. He will be referred to as GM in this book.

Thank you very much!

Special Thanks also to: Dario Delfino and Raffaele Manzo.
Translator: Claudio Freda.
Proofreader: [...]

VtM 30 Day Challenge: Day One - How You Got Started

            Most of the people that I have met started role-playing in high school; so, I guess I got a late start.  It was 1997, and I was living in the Burke East Dorm at the University of Alabama when I was first introduced to role-playing and Vampire the Masquerade.  I hadn't made very many friends in college yet.   However, each night when I came back to the dorm, I saw a group of people playing Magic the Gathering, and eventually they and I started to talk.  I had played Rage and Blood War and a [...]

Lost and confused...

I opened my blog to a foggy haze this morning. I...I don't know what to write about. For 30 days I have had a focus. And I stuck to it. But, now...what?

Ok, this is not really that bad of a thing. I just like being dramatic. but, the fact is, I don't really have a whole lot to say. And that's distressing to realize.

Well, the new trailer for The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug hit today. And I must say, I about squeed out loud. I've been a fan of The Hobbit since I was about [...]

Session LII: Axe Body Spray

So exploring the rest of the closed doors beneath the ruined temple , our party (Wolf the viking, Arg the half-orc, Thovis of the Black Church and Maximus the untested) found some more crypts and a trapped door that attempted to behead the giant Half-orc.

Physically disabling the trap the party found a small ceremonial chamber with a small idol of a horrific deformed god.  Arg stole the idol for himself and they all moved on to the final door.

Beyond that door they found the wizard Varnagon sacrificing the last bandit to the undead fiend Morgrath the [...]

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug trailer

I really liked the first Hobbit movie, and this one is looking good too. I know a lot of fans are not happy with the liberties that Jackson is taking, and I completely understand that even if I don't agree with it.
Heck, I'm just happy that Bilbo actually pronounces "Smaug" correctly!

Numenera: The Wandering Walk

The Wandering Walk is a pilgrimage route through the Ninth World of Numenera. It is described, in part, on page 368 of the core rulebook:

No one knows the exact length of the Wander, nor can anyone point to its exact beginning or end. Many people speculate that the Wander is actually a closed circle that encloses the whole of the Ninth World and that some travelers, especially those with enhancements or otherworldly attributes, have been trekking its eternal loop since before recorded time. (…)

Those who follow the Wander for religious, spiritual, or other reasons are called Peregrines or just Birds [...]

Going Gonzo with John: Revelations in a sandbox

By John Belliston and Frank Gori
The Thousand and One nights is a compelling combination of stories. Ones that dance and interweave into one of the true classics. There is so much to draw from inside that collection that at first glance I don't even know where to start.
So I thought about what I knew of the story. Of the feelings and aesthetic that those stories conjured. Long stretches of lonely sand. Cities built around oasis's bustling with people in flowing robes.
But most of all I picture the sand, and that, that is something [...]

1978 AP D&D article

Click for a larger view
Above is a screenshot of a June 1978 article on D&D from the Long Beach Press-Telegram, which I found online here. The author, Ed Goto, is indicated as Associated Press, so this article may have run elsewhere. The title is interesting as it refers to Sci-Fi rather than Fantasy: "Game Brings 'Sci-Fi' To Life". Some quotes from the article: 

Gary Gygax:
"You see, there really aren't any frontiers in the world anymore. There's not much heroic, there's not much danger without being foolish. But most people have an adventurous spirit. In real [...]

Kickstarter - Mr. Bones II

http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1513061270/reaper-miniatures-bones-ii-the-return-of-mr-bones I'll let the pictures talk.

Agents of Shield Second Episode Trailer & Some Old School Marvel Super Heroes Resources

Look I'm not going to tell you that I'm not excited about 'Agents of Shield'. I'm giving the show a far shake. The second trailer looks well pretty damn interesting and I'm in for a bit of a long haul to wait and see. 
Using Level Eight For Your Old School Gaming 

While Agents of Shield is going over at ABC I thought I'd share some of the resources that have appeared on the net once again.
These may contain 'Spoilers' or Not so consider yourselves warned.
The following is for 'The Marvel Super Heroes Role Playing [...]

It's Time for Horror Storeis & A Giveaway!

And we want them. That’s right we want your culinary horror stories. What kind disaster happened in your kitchen? What kind Frankenstein monster did you [...]

Post Apocalyptic Rpg Horse Trade - Dead Lands Hell on Earth Rpg

I had a friend stop by whose wife is a seamstress and wanted to do a bit of horse trading. I fix a couple of his machines and he'd throw a couple of post apocalyptic rpgs my way. Well it took a bit more in parts but the books have been in my possession for few days and here's where it gets pretty interesting.
According to Wiki:
It was written by Shane Lacy Hensley and originally published by Pinnacle Entertainment Group
. As part of the original marketing campaign in August 1998, the game had a green leatherbound hardcover edition run, limited to about [...]

What Worked, What Didn't: Soldier's Companion

As promised, my thoughts on Helvetican Messiah with emphasis on the Soldier's Companion rules.

What worked: 
  • The scenario map in the book made setting up the table easy
  • Actually, having the whole scenario setup detailed in the book made the setup easy.
  • The rules cover a lot of situations, often with [...]

Spear Slings

Between shortymonster, Art, History and RPGs, and myself, there have been several posts on slings in RPGs as of late. Now, I’ve already gushed about the utility of the staff sling, as a melee weapon and siege device, proclaiming it to be the New Vorpal Blade. But, I’d like to add one more to the list, at the special request of Varg Vikernes, in regards to the Spear Sling.

Now, don’t be confused by the name: a spear sling is NOT a spear-tipped staff sling (which would be awesome). In fact, there are three devices that are referred to as Spear [...]

Reaper's Bones 2 Kickstarter is Live!

Here's the current loot for Bones 2:

Dredd (2012 movie) as a game

Note: Spoilers ahead

Going off of a recommendation from a friend I recently picked up the new (well last years) Judge Dredd movie and to my surprise I not only enjoyed it but found myself rewatching it the next evening. The reason for that, I think, is the movie hits pretty much every aspect of the dystopian cyberpunk genre and does so without compromise. From the outset Mega-City One is presented as a violent, brutal and uncaring place to live with the focus firmly centered at street level. Dredd himself is presented as an unflinching enforcer of the law and while [...]

Fifty Years Ago Today: Cycle Gang Swarms SUV

A sign of the times, these sorts of lawless road rage attacks were only the beginning. As gang violence began to become more prevalent on the freeways, various “defensive modifications” quickly became a necessity on most vehicles:

The hell-on-wheels ordeal began unfolding about 2 p.m. Sunday when Lien and his family found themselves swarmed suddenly by motorcycles hogging the northbound lanes of the Henry Hudson Parkway near W. 116th St., police sources said.

Lien struck one of the riders who cut him off then hit the brakes. The video of the incident shows the rider swerving in front of Lien's SUV just [...]

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug - Official Main Trailer...

[Podcast] The Lovecraft Geek #1

Heute ist die erste Folge eines neuen Podcasts erschienen: The Lovecraft Geek. Host ist Robert M. Price, was ja schon einmal eine amtliche Ansage ist. The Lovecraft Geek hat eine Seite bei TalkShoe und ist auch bei iTunes erhltlich. Die erste Folge hat eine Laufzeit von 4:16 und ist ein wenig ... - aber hrt einfach selbst hinein.

(Semi) Regular Transmissions to Resume

Thanks to the government shutdown, I'm going to be a stay-at-home-dad for the time being (unless a new employment opportunity opens up, that is) and so I'll be able to devote some more time to the blog than I've been able to of late. I'm not sure yet what I'll cover, but since I've been in a sci-fi kick of late (once again) I'll probably focus my efforts there. Stay tuned!
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