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D&D 5e, Part Two

So this is part two of my observations about 5E started in my last post. I’ve spent a little more time with the Starter Set box contents and the free D&D 5e PDF – which you should take a moment to download and read if you love RPGs and haven’t done so yet. Let’s not […]

Transcript: Holothom -- TWB Page 2

Here is the transcript of the scan of page 2 of “Holothom -The World Base.”

I am figuring I should show something of my original concept of the setting, and work my way through later concepts all the way up to the “Century of Chaos” I am working on.

“Holothom – The World Base
Page 2 Transcript

The Early Kingdoms

The barbarians were organized into tribes, or groups of clans. Each tribe settled in a different region. After a few decades, strong war-leaders began to emerge, strong enough to unite some of the tribes into kingdoms.

To the northwest, the Norvik, Tlanta, and Svetla tribes [...]

Daily Cosplay (Star Trek)

Of the Eldritch Goblins

Mette dwelt with her husband in the distant lands beyond the great forest. In those days few of her people had come that way and the land was wild and dangerous. Giants alone wandered those empty spaces. Mette was a comely dwarf, her hair was long and her eyes wide and deep blue. But she ran afoul of Orn the giant and he called to her. Orn was tall and straight for his kind, but he was hard and cruel. But she did not see these latter qualities, she only saw the strength of him and she loved him [...]

Imaginarium ~ Where Goblins Lie

[AFHOTWTTGS] It's Constantinople, Not Istanbul

Since Erin's doing it, I thought it was high time that I raided the 'inspirations' file and showed off some of the things behind my long-serving Dark Ages Vampire game - the one into which I've put the most effort in terms of resourcing, showing-rather-than-describing.

The following are a series of pillagings from my various folders, which may illustrate something about how I devise and run my settings, or may just be an excuse to look at some pretty medieval (mostly) things. Who knows?

The chronicle (yeuch) began with the fall of Constantinople to the Fourth Crusade; [...]

Web Clip Wednesday: Best Farscape Sequence

So yeah, I’ve been thinking a lot about space opera stuff and furiously scribbling down notes. But whenever I do this stuff my brain goes [...]

The Hex Gunner Bundle

Times are tough, so we at the Flying Pincushion will help where we can by providing bundles.

Here's a link to what we are calling the hex gunner bundle which includes our witch and gunslinger books!


Art -- St. Augustine

UFO Files

Its interesting to note that organizations like MUFON, the Mutual UFO Network, are set up to investigate UFO sitings. Whenever there is a siting a someone from one of these groups often investigates to see if they can determine what it is.

Despite popular opinion these aren't just crazy, tin foil cap people, they are investigating strange phenomena. Their efforts often show that whatever was seen is something normal and identifiable. 
This happened over the weekend in Texas when ever 20 people reported something cutting through the sky and splitting in two. As reported on Open Minds, one of [...]

Movie Trailer ~ Space Station 76

Liv Tyler on Space Station 76 . . .

Novel Ideas -- King Solomon's Mines

King Solomon’s Mines is a novel written by Sir H. Rider Haggard, and was published in 1885. It is well known for being the seminal book which created the “Lost World” genre of literature in the later 1800′s. The book tells the story of a group of adventurers headed off to find the lost mines of the biblical figure, King Solomon, and is widely considered to be one of the influences that lead to adventure movies like Indiana Jones. The main character of the book is Allan Quatermain,, who became such a popular figure, that Sir Haggard would go one [...]

GM, Player or Both?

I've asked this question in the past, but with the influx of new readers, it's something that can easily be asked again:

Do you feel more comfortable as a GM, a player or can you easily embrace both roles?

I see myself primarily as a DM / GM, but I've been having a blast when the opportunity to play as a player comes my way. There was a time where I had difficulty feeling comfortable as a player, but I find these days I can embrace it and enjoy.

So, where do you fall?

Powered by the Fate-pocalypse: Rules - Dice Rolling, Aspects & Attributes

As part of my attempt to create a game combining elements of my two favourite systems (Fate & Dungeon World) I start collecting together some of the rules that I intend to use in the game.

* * *
Dice Rolling
I have decided to switch from using the 2d6+attribute modifier (espoused by the Dungeon World system) to using a straight 1d12+attribute modifier to lessen the number of dice that need to be rolled and because i'm considering stealing a version of the advantage/disadvantage mechanic from D&D 5E.

Having been reading about the effects this may have on [...]

Encounter: Kobold Checkpoint (CR 6/8)

For this week's Pathfinder encounter, we have a kobold checkpoint. In this set of encounters, the PCs go through a shakedown, where kobolds demand a tribute (basically a toll) in exchange for safe passage through their tunnel. Unfortunately, these kobolds expect travelers to pay with magic items, which most PCs will not want to let go of! Check out the encounter here.

My Ropecon Schedule

Ropecon is starting this Friday. I have a few program items that I hope I’ll be able to talk my way through coherently despite the sweltering heat.

On Friday, apart from puttering around the Pathfinder Society gaming area (in Takka, same as previous years):

  • 18:00 – 20:00, Klondyke: Along with Teemu Korpijrvi and Joonas Katko, I’ll be talking about the history of the British Empire from one Elizabeth to the other, how the Empire came to be, what happened to it and how all its myriad wars and crimes are excellent fodder for role-playing games.
  • 22:00 – 23:30, Room 26: With Ville Takanen, [...]

Sometimes, The Dragon Slays You

A few days ago, I stumbled onto some YouTube videos of someGrand Theft Auto IV mods, because that’s just something I do from time to time. Somehilariously awesome, someconsiderably less so. I was talking with a colleague about this, and he promptly sent me this one:

Someone had gone in and taken the model of a dragon fromSkyrim, and turned it into a playable character inGTA IV. I don’t know how fun it would be to play for an extended period of time, but it sure is fun to watch the mayhem and destruction. Not to mention the persistently outstretched wings, [...]

Ask the Editor with John Adamus: Most Common Punctuation Problems

This is the third in a series with editor John Adamus about the most common punctuation problems he sees.

John's Site:http://writernextdoor.com/

Thanks to the following Ruthless Sponsors:

Sand and Steam Productions:http://www.sandandsteam.net/
Post World Games:http://postworldgames.com/

And, thanks to the following Patrons athttp://www.patreon.com/pfigtree:

John and Brie Sheldon
Mark Truman

Music from the Following Artists Used by Permission:

Brennen Reece:http://www.patreon.com/brennenreece
Marshall Burns:http://www.patreon.com/dreamandshadow

The post Ask the Editor with John Adamus: Most Common Punctuation Problems appeared [...]

Earrings of Nimbleness

These are simple gold hoop rings that must be worn in both ears. Once worn the wearer gains a +2 to all tests involving Quickness. If only 1 earring is worn the wearer has a -2 penalty to all testsinvolvingQuickness.

These earrings were created for a thief by then name of Lori Shadowcrawler. She wanted something that would give her an edge in her career. Sadly, Lori was arrested and executed before she got to wear the earrings. No one knows where they are today.

LibraryBox of Role-Playing Delights

This year at Carnage, I’m trying something new: a LibraryBox serving up free role-playing content wirelessly. The LibraryBox is a wireless router with custom software loaded that turns it into a self-contained data repository. In the context of a game convention, I’m collecting materials like quickstart packets, character sheets, system reference documents for open games, and whatever else has been released under a Creative Commons license allowing redistribution and similar frameworks; Held Action Theatre will be in there, of course. Anyone in the router’s signal radius will be able to access the LibraryBox with a wifi-capable device, download what interests [...]


Our garden is awash with these colourful caterpillars. Via Facebook, Clare has identified them as Cinnabar hawk moth caterpillars and so far they have restricted themselves to the weeds around the edge of the garden - but are getting 'dangerously' close to Rachel's precious flower pots. As Rachel was unwilling to touch them and I was unwilling to kill them, I have scooped most - if not all -

Events & Play Wednesday - Mid-June to Mid-July Gaming 2014

Some of the photos in the albums from this month were used in particular CMG Blog Triad posts over the last four weeks but I do like to collect them in one place as a record of the gaming I have managed to squeeze in.  You can see more than what I have highlighted below in a Facebook album here and also on Google Plus here!

Tom picked up a copy of Boss Monster

Wendy shared her Nexus-acquired Viking game

The playthrough of the 5E D&D Starter Set began

Accompanied by a poster map made [...]

Prejudice and the PC Police

The tags we use in everyday life, as prescribed by the government and political correctness are supposed to be used as a means of respect towards each other and each other’s cultures and race. I propose that these tags are in fact creating more of a problem than they are helping. We are separating ourselves into so many different groups. Look at myself, I am a white heterosexual male. This makes me automatically the villain. People don’t bother to notice that I am 1/8th Comanche, 1/8th Mongolian, 1/8th Hispanic and 1/8th Cherokee. I am a mutt whose people have come from South America, Europe, Asia, and North America. So what makes the tag of White Heterosexual Male the proper tag to describe me?

A good friend of mine was born on an Indian reservation. He it Ute and he gets very offended if you call him Native American. As he puts it, “My people didn’t come from here just like your people didn’t come from here. We just got here before you. I am no more a native American than you are. I guess since we were both born here we could argue we are native. ” He says that the term “Native American” separates him from the rest of the country and places a stigma upon him. “It is no different than calling him an Indian” and it creates just as much prejudice in his part of the country.

Another friend of mine is a black man who gets pissed off if you call him “Black” or “African American”. He says, “I am a human. Look at me is my skin black. No it is not so why the fuck are you calling me black. Why do you feel the need to draw attention to the fact that my melanin levels [...]

John Carter Returns

Several years back Dynamite Entertainment, the comic company, launched a series based on ERB's John Carter Warlord of Mars characters...still one of the coolest Sci-Fi tales of written. They did so with material they claimed was in the public domain. ERB Inc sued them in 2012 for copyright infringement. Dynamite did go to extraordinary lengths to avoid certain titles, plots and characters during the comic's run, so one has to wonder.

Well the two antagonists settled out of court today (or recently) and have actually come to an agreement that allows Dynamite full access to the John Carter and [...]


We're making progress on the next couple of projects. The critter above is a sample of one of the things that is getting close to being ready to go...

The Sentinel Part 2 (Book Club)

In this episode of the Book Club we talk about the second half of The Sentinel and have a conversation with the author, Troy Denning. Joining us for this episode is Eric Paquette.

Enjoy the show, shop below...

Download Standard Podcasts

Role Playing with YOU as the character part 4


Death is a part of every role playing game. We hope that the deaths will be some non playing character, preferably a bad guy. Sometimes it is a friend or loved one. Sometimes it is your character. So what do you do when that character is YOU?

The death of YOU as a character has a strong emotional element that is hard to describe. I have played several games over the years with ME as the character and I have died a couple of times. The loss of the character seemed to impact me much greater than the loss of other characters. When another character dies it is like using an old friend or pet dog. It tears you up. It makes you depressed. It leaves you wishing you had done something more to keep him alive. Hopefully he had a good death and died for some glorious goal. More likely than not, he died for treasure or some other material thing. You move on.

Now when you lose the character that is YOU it is like losing a child or parent. It hits you so hard that you may not want to role play ever again. It makes you feel inadequate and angry and you may strike out at your friends. Losing the character that was YOU is an open wound with salt in it. It hurts. It may even make you break down and cry.

Some games have an out for you. If your game has magic, maybe you can be resurrected. If your game deals with time travel or other dimensions, you may be able to play another alternate of yourself. This means that the loss of YOU wasn't really a loss at all. It may have been some other guy. The important thing to remember when playing yourself as [...]

Kickstarter: Hero Chest

Some of you may know about my recent foray into reading and enjoying comics. It wasn't easy at first to figure out where to start and I was led down some dead ends. Recently one of my friends from college contacted me about an idea she had for a business venture and I fell in love with it because of my experiences. What if someone sent me every month a box of new comics for me to explore, perfect for someone new to a particular title or character? I recently received a Hero Chest beta box in the mail and [...]


We have been getting a lot of questions about the kinds of characters you can make in Sertorius. It is a difficult game to describe, and explaining the character possibilities is often tricky. One of the players in Bill's campaign tried to answer this question in an email to a new player. I thought his response captured the range of the game perfectly. With his permission, I am posting it here: 

A little info so far on our group...Let me really explain the characters: A sadistic healer who has killed more people than he has healed. A ninja Elf, who is trying [...]

Boardgame Review -- Revolver. This Colonel Ain't About The Chicken

By Peter Ruth II I know I'm late in reviewing this, but nobody has ever really talked much about this one, so here I am, a year after first playing it, talking about it. Let's just get one thing straight: I really don't like very many card games. I'm a board gamer, and these deck [...]

The post Boardgame Review – Revolver. This Colonel Ain’t About The Chicken appeared first on G*M*S Magazine.

Dead in Thay: Session 11

Guess who?  The Red Wizards are back and madder than ever. Last season the heroes temporarily set back the wizards and now the big bad Reds are back at it.

It all started when a Red Wizard comes into town to tell the players of the nefarious scheme they have planned, elemental nodes and all.....

Listen as Derek, Craig, and I talk about what happened at the table, some of the pitfalls or glorious moments, and some of the stuff that did not go so well.

Dead in Thay, a 6th Level adventure for this season of [...]

Video Review -- The Modern Promethean: The Created

By Evaldas Bladukas This time there’s no sketch. No jokes. Something completely different. Efka tackles his first role-playing game review and he chose one that’s quite precious to him, The Created. This game always stood out as something just a bit more bizarre and eccentric. It’s certainly unusual – how many other games let you [...]

The post Video Review – The Modern Promethean: The Created appeared first on G*M*S Magazine.

Gaming Staple: Cure Wounds Spells & a Rant About Rest & Recovery

As sleep is to mage, cure light wounds is to cleric.  A cleric in almost every system is the medic.  The guy who can help the party go further into the dungeon without having to leave to recuperate.  Here's the small break down of what Cure Light Wound does in other systems.
  • In standard AD&D it will cure 1d8 points of damage.
  • In Swords & Wizardry Complete it will cure 1d6 points of damage.
  • In Labyrinth Lord it will cure 1d6+1 points of damage or can be used to cure paralysis.  

In D&D Next they don't have a Cure Light [...]

Aquatic Depths & Denizens Gets Some Art

As I’ve mentioned, I’m taking advantage of my summer vacation to get some much-delayed writing done. One of those project is Aquatic Depths & Denizens, which focuses on adventuring underwater for Swords & Wizardry. You can download the playtest version of the PDF at the link in the previous sentence.

As I was working on the PDF, I just knew I had to have a group picture showing the five new races standing next to each other, just like the 1E Player’s Handbook had (and which I’ve displayed to the right). Unfortunately, a picture that included a Merman, a Naiad, a [...]

The Milean Tournament or The Third Empire Bohort

Jousting and tournament battles are a common feature of Llyrian life. They're also practiced in other kingdoms, particularly those with strong traditions of knighthood. In elvish lands, tournaments and mock-battles are the safest, have the most rules, and result in almost no deaths (due to the low elvish birth rate anything else would be considered insane). The tourney type we will now take under


On the Chthonic Codex

+Palolo Greco is at it again.

This is the Chthonic Codex, Volume III of III, Mysteries and Mystagogues.

How is it?

Well, there's a desert on fire, filled with ruins. and a series of moist chthonic cavities, protected from the infernal conflagration above.

Protected. Ha!

What is it?

Mysteries & Mystagogues is the Game Master's guide for Chthonic Codex. It's not really structured as a typical GM book. M&M is really an improv tool for running a Chthonic Codex game. - Lost Pages
It's a book full of tables for subsystems for OSR games. [...]

The 3 Storm troopers epizode 4, part 2 (9Qs game)

Continuation from previous post.

Q5 Betrayal/Combat (Rory story cubes: Catch a butterfly, Drying laundry)
The device for "detecting" Ogam gas suddenly starts to emit it in large quantities!
Darth Agnan tries to plug in the hole with force, while Aramis navigates his efforts with his engineering knowledge. They fail the test and Aramis is left with just one die.

(Rory story cubes: Enter, L - instructor)
Suddenly, an Ewok appears out of nowhere, presses the off button and stops the device from emitting Ogam gas. Than, Ewok starts to run away, mumbling something about incompetent fools...

Map of the Flanaess

There are a lot of really, really great products and people up for ENnie awards this year.  But I want to draw one to your attention in particular. 
Anna Meyer is the founder of the Flanaess Geographical Society on Facebook.  She is also up for the Best Cartography for her Map of the Flanaess. A project she spent a considerable time on.
So if you can, please consider voting for."Map of the Flanaess - Anna B Meyer Fantasy Maps"http://www.ennie-awards.com/vote/
These maps are beautiful and frankly I want a large print to put in my game room.  If you are an [...]

Iron Crown Enterprises Newsletter -- July 2014

To receive this monthly newsletter direct to your inbox, sign up to our MAILING LIST now.
Big announcements are like busses… After a couple of months of quietly beavering away to get products out the door, this month has seen a sudden influx of really exciting news (though of course we continue to beaver away of getting products ready to release). For those of you who don't follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Google + and who don't visit the Iron Crown Forum particularly regularly, I won't ruin the surprise, just read on…
Catch up on [...]

Star Wars Rebels...

The Jedi have been wiped out and the Empire spreads tyranny through the galaxy. Hope runs thin. But on the small planet of Lothal a big change is looming. A group of rebels meet a 14-year-old con artist named Ezra and soon it's clear their destinies are linked. Aboard their ship, the Ghost, Ezra and the rebels embark on an adventure to ignite a rebellion and strike back against the Empire.

The Magical Item Alphabet!! K- The King's War Crown

The King's War Crown- This crown is constructed of jagged metal spikes that have been welded together. It once belonged to the great conqueror king, Tythis, as he marched across the high plains and took all for his kingdom. Anyone who wears the crown is granted +2 to AC and allows wearer to roll attacks twice and take the higher of the two.

Once per day the wearer may:

  • Summon a lvl 1d3 warrior to find beside you for 1d4 turns or until killed.
  • Summon a war steed that remains for 2d4 hours or until killed.
  • Be instantly clad in plate mail (AC 8) [...]

Let's enjoy a good disaster

I’m on a midsummer break, but in the meantime Peter (our Minister of Post-Apocalyptic Relations) really wants you to know that DC has published Showcase Presents: The Great Disaster, a 576-pages black and white collection of classic Silver Age post-apocalyptic stories.

We’d already discussed this continuity a bit in our Atomic Knights, Kamandi and OMAC entries (since our Hercules Unbound notes have been in development hell for years now), and this has almost everything (except, oddly, Weird War Tales #35). It’s great, and nearly 600 pages for $15 is hard to beat.

Ancient Sagas of Everlance 6/29-7/13

This update covers sessions played on 6/29, 7/6, and 7/13. The current cast of character is as follows:

Brother Caswyn - Priest of Gloriana
Myshkin - Paladin
Beska - Wizard
Gifilte - Monk of love

Towerday, 27th Arist, 1096 md.

Like a bolt from the blue, sudden, violent, and foretelling stormy weather, Gloriana will light the path.

The people of Caer Brennau were greatly relieved to hear of our success. So much so that we've not had to pay for a meal or a bed or a drink. I've tried to turn some of [...]

The 20 random Trials of Passage from the Scarmaw Orcs

The  king has been clear about  the mission. Locate the Scarmaw Orcs, negotiate a treaty of trade and nonaggression with the green skinned bastards, and if possible see if we could turn the tribal chiefs attention towards the dwarves in Iron Pass. Simple? No not simple. So here we are the chief refused to speak to us unless we passed the orc warrior trial, what ever that is, and  now this big brute Thagnar and his smashed up  smelly tooth is shouting in my face.
Thagnar One Tusk looked over the new recruits. Not a single one of them would [...]


After getting a good night's sleep back home at the Blackstone headquarters, we followed clues. Baradhi went to the Crow Bar and got sloshed on psychedelic potions for "research purposes", and Gorbash went to see if Ixchal was home. She wasn't.

However, Jayson flashed some Cyber-Knight armour, making shopkeepers a bit nicer to us, and we found clues that took us north east, to the Silversmith Gang territory. Apparently they're quite nice ... as gangs go.

Further on from them were the East Side Boys, another gang, a couple of whose members were seen escorting Rita roundabout when she went AWOL. The ESB were really rather concerned about our presense, because our reputation preceeded us. Their attitude was along the lines of "PLEASE DON'T KILL US". We had no plans to. Although, their leader Maria's reliance on a "powerful mage" called Lion was a bit creepy. Lion insulted [...]

The 20 random Trials of Passage of the Scarmaw Orcs

The  king has been clear about  the mission. Locate the Scarmaw Orcs, negotiate a treaty of trade and nonaggression with the green skinned bastards, and if possible see if we could turn the tribal chiefs attention towards the dwarves in Iron Pass. Simple? No not simple. So here we are the chief refused to speak to us unless we passed the orc warrior trial, what ever that is, and  now this big brute Thagnar and his smashed up  smelly tooth is shouting in my face.
Thagnar One Tusk looked over the new recruits. Not a single one of them would [...]

"Their literary posts are among the most substantive I've seen"

Okay, that’s coming from our own publisherthat’s got every incentive to plug us, but still. (Sort-of publisher, anyway. Site owner?) And as one commenter notes, the competition is light due to the pros thinking:Give it away for nothing? Are you nuts?! I’m still trying to lump my head around that whole “literary” bit. (Eh… seriously? You know, I was never the English major type. Should I go buy one of those corduroy jackets and putpatches on the elbows so I look the part…?)

But what about those pros, eh? I gotta say, I rarely see anything in the pressthat meets any [...]

Campaign Chunk -- Thunder Cannons of Calmview

The world is full of many mysterious sights and creatures. It is also home to a few odd sounds as well. The lake town of Calmview is one such location.

At random intervals, ranging from a day to two months, a loud boom, like a mixture of thunder and a cannon, is heard. This sound can vibrate walls and Smaller regular sounds occur at regular intervals. So exact are this small booms that you can set you watch by them, with some small booms on the hour and others every day at 6:00 am. These smaller booms can be drowned out [...]

Dungeon Design: The Dungeon's Purpose

A dungeon needs to be so much more than a hole in the ground stuffed full of monsters and treasures. A dungeon without a purpose is a poor dungeon indeed.

By William McAusland (Outland Arts)


In almost all cases, someone at some point made the decision to build the dungeon. An undertaking of such magnitude is unlikely to be done on a whim. Whoever built the dungeon did so for aspecificpurpose. That purpose shapes the layout and feel of the place.There are several types of dungeon:

  • Fortress or Refuge: Built as a place to withstand a natural disaster or one’s enemies the dungeon [...]
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