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Red Seas And Swords - A Return and Upgrade For My Post Apocalyptic Mars Campaign With Stars Without Number - Actual Play

We're returning to the ruins of the post apocalyptic Mars SWN game campaign setting game. But I've decided to upgrade with Stars Without Number's Other Dust.

Grab It Right HERE

 Three months ago I abandoned my Stars Without Number game campaign which had moved its location to my post apocalyptic Mars setting. That was because of a friend's medical issue and I'm happy to report that my gaming party has put that issue behind itself and we're moving forward. That being said,I'm upgrading my campaign world to the Stars Without Numbers campaign expansion 'Other Dust' and its addendum thanks [...]

Game Review : Hunter's Guild

Hunter’s Guild by Robb De Nicola

A card-game modeled after your typical Vampire-slayer mindset, Robb De Nicola's successfully funded KickStarter Hunter's Guild pits players against one-another in a race to compete and be the first to take down one of those pesky sun-deprived, eternally manic, blood-drinking fiends that stalk your neighborhood mischievously throughout the night. You know– your in-laws.

Mildly competitive and a heckuva lot of fun the game takes course over several turns with players equipping themselves with the best weapons, armor and various other types of Special items to go on the most holy of missions known to man- Vampire [...]

Sad Song

   First game of AD&D in 28 years! Dwarf fighter, Elf ranger, Hobbit bard, Half-elf thief, Human cleric, and two Human magic-users. Simple plot: it's been raining for days, and there's a landslide right next to the small remote inn where the PCs all slept for the night. That landslide reveals the door to some old forgotten structure. The party decide to go in and investigate. So far, so good.
   They reach a big central hall with four wooden doors, battle two lingering ectoplasms, fight two skeletons, grab one potion from a small shelf, and then leave through door [...]

Kick The Box July 28th 2014 Edition

Kick The Box July 28th Edition

As I trek down Kickstarter Lane, I am enamored with the amount of great looking games that are being displayed in the windows. Some new companies are always surfacing, but there are some well seasoned companies that have learned how to use Kickstarter to their fullest potential, while churning out some great content. There was a lot of debate on my end which games to include for this week’s Kick The Box.

Kickstarter News: The single player game Hostage Negotiator is over 500% funded with two weeks left in their campaign. Core Worlds Digital is fully funded [...]

Death Dice! - A Cumulative Model for Death & Dismemberment

For my Quasquetherion/Hyperbarbaria game, I gave myself the problem of introducing my "new to old school" gamers to the aforementioned old school games. This first introduction carries with it an introduction to the lethality of such games, something that is really lacking from more modern games. Rather than just throw the kids to the proverbial wolves, I opted in to using the ACKS Mortal Wounds table and rules when PCs hit (or supercede) 0 hp. For the uninitiated, how that system works is that, once your character has been treated by another character, you roll a d20 and add some [...]

Monster Monday-Adamantite Dragon

Ikrik Baldskull knew he was getting close. His detect magic spells were showing a brighter and brighter aura down in these caves. It had all the right components, light, Ra, Des, order, ‘ru,’ ‘siu.’ The Helm of Courage was down here. Somewhere in this cavern.

But it wasn’t the only thing in the cavern. Something big, bulky, breathing. Of course, a dragon would have hoarded it. Rumor was Gydrik Hardsole had beenslain by a dragon. Well, Ikrikwould slay the dragon, take the helm, along with the whatever else of value was in the treasure.

He began casting, ‘on [...]

A Fox's Guide to Terrain Building (Part 1)

Alright, so we've worked our way through a painting tutorial (almost). There is a lot more to the hobby of miniature wargaming than simply painting up figures and moving them around a table with the assistance of some rules and dice rolls.
One of my favourite aspects of the hobby is developing terrain.
I've had an idea for my peacekeeper force, it's basically a carry case for the unit of troops, and a field base of operations to go on a table. I've started drawing up a few sketches to get my mind heading in the right direction for the [...]

Found my Gen Con Game

Every time I have taken my kids to Gen Con we have started a new adventure.
I like to pull from the classics no matter what it is I am playing.  So in the past we have done S4 The Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth and B2 Keep on the Borderlands.

This year it is going to be L1 The Secret of Bone Hill!

I am rather fond of this adventure and have figured out some new tweeks to it to make it work great in my kids' AD&D game.  Plus I have a bunch of Len Lakofka's material [...]

Episode 1 of Tenkar & The Badger is Recorded - Matt Finch was an Excellent 3rd Chair

Earlier tonight +Jason Paul McCartan . +Matt Finch and myself recorded the first episode of the Tenkar & The Badger Podcast. Matt was an excellent guest and a pleasure to have with us for the inaugural episode.

If all goes well, the edited and final version should be up on Friday. If not... well, hopefully we'll have some pieces from Episode Zero to torture you with fairly soon.

I'm just thankful my internet didn't start dropping until after the podcast was recording. I did miss out on some after the podcast chatter but that's fine.

I do expect the episode to spark some conversation when it releases, as The Quick Primer for Old School Gaming was a large part of the conversation, and it probably [...]

Impressions of Chocolate & Cigarettes : RPG-Lite / Small Scale Skirmish

Chocolate & Cigarettes is a system included with Nuts! Final Edition from THW. This is something new for this edition. It also happens to tap what I think is the sweet spot for THW systems: very small scale skirmish with 3-5 figures making up the entirety of the player's force.

"We Found A Witch! May We Burn Her?" -- Two More New Monty Python Fluxx Cards

OK, I'm almost done, I swear. I made two more new cards for Monty Python Fluxx. One card is a new Creeper featuring A Witch!!! ("But I'm not a witch!") And there's a new Goal titled "May We Burn Her?" You win if you have A Witch!!! and Sir Bedevere on the table in front of you. (After we see if she weighs as much as a duck, of course.)

As with The Black Knight card, the card faces should be printed out and pasted to either two spare Fluxx cards or you can use two of the Fluxx Blanxx that are available. [...]

Be Warned

Coralis laughed at the voice's offer, responding, "I'm sure you would prefer to meet me here stranger, but I'm afraid for now this form of communication will have to suffice."  Stepping from behind his study desk, Coralis waited for the voice to respond and moved to his study door which stood slightly ajar.  While only sticking his hand out of his doorway, the high priest of Ilvatiar signaled his young secretary to enter his sanctum.  The secretary, a very young and inexperienced cleric stumbled in, quill and ink in hand.  Coralis shook his head at the sight of scribes tools and handed the young priest two scrolls, telling him to bring tea when he finished delivering his missives. Truth to tell, the messages were busy work, meant more to keep listening ears and lively imaginations from listening to his magical conversation with some unknown man's voice. The voice returned and despite expecting it, the elf could not help but be slightly startled, "I am speaking to you from an ocean away hoping to alert you to your great danger.  I'm sure my words sound extreme, even ridiculous, but you must understand, these scale bloods are very powerful."  Coralis was anxious [...]

HP Lovecraft Film Festival in LA


The Kickstarter for the 2014 LA H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival has begun and the video is so fraking funny that we had to watch it twice. If you are a lover of Lovecraftian horror then this is the kickstarter for you. We really want to go to this and may have to sell our souls to get there.

The Sea Queen Escapes - Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG

I have run yet another session of Dungeon Crawl Classics tonight at the game store as part of the DCC World Tour program. Not that I want to toot my own horn (at least, not in public) but I am going to go ahead and guess that I have run more World Tour sessions of DCC RPG in 2014 than anyone else on the planet. I believe we just finished session number 18.

My group was shaky for a while, but I was able to stabilize some potential social hazards and now the players are starting to gel just [...]

Sun Tzu in Valhalla!

Within the Kuan Ti Territories many old rivalries exist in Valhalla much as they did in the world before. Sometimes these old enemies are replaced with new foes. Occasionally ancient rivals will even unite in a common cause against some greater foe. It is a scene that plays out over and over again across the face of Valhalla.

Within the Chou Principalities, a number of small kingdoms coexist. Though in the world before Valhalla these kingdoms fell into war, the horror and tears of that war have not continued here. Instead the small nations have found a way to [...]

D&D 5th Edition: Playtest Impressions

Map From Lost Mines of PhandelverDue to some odd scheduling and three of my players being absent for one reason or another, I finally managed to run my first session of Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition. Since I only had three players, I decided to take my own advice and create three 2nd level characters (a high elf wizard, a hill dwarf fighter, and a human rogue) and ran the first portion of the Lost Mines of Phandelver with a few modifications.

Knowing we wouldn't have very much time to play (we spent too much time eating dinner at Pizza Hut and [...]

Gencon 2014 Vendors and Exhibitors Links with Descriptions

Once again here is my all-in-one list of Gencon 2014 vendor and exhibitors with short descriptions. If there are any updates, errors or improvements you would like to see, please drop me a comment and I will take a look.


I culled this list from the official Gencon 2014 map of the exhibit/vendor hall.


Trask, The Last Tyromancer



Gen Con 2014 Exhibitors and Vendor Link List EXHIBITOR DESCRIPTION 1A Games Publisher of Tide of Iron 3D Virtual Tabletop Adventures for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Abbots Hollow Studios Using leather and creative imagination to create fantastical creatures, faces, potion bottles and more! Academy Games Academy Games – Developing Minds through Play Action Phase Games Action [...]

Have you ever wanted to build a Time Machine?

There are crowd funding projects that capture the imagination and there are others that make you question the entire process Time Machine by Kevin Dulino has given us one of those projects that leave you wondering WTF. Check it out and see for yourself.


A real Hoverbike?

When I saw this I was very excited and then I got into reading the details. I don’t want a drone, I want a real hover bike. Still this is one cool kickstarter. I hope this one succeeds on the off chance that the technology will grow into a real life sized hoverbike for me to take into the desert.

Things I Won't Countenance

Okay, ranty time.

People who follow me on Facebook (and, to a lesser extent, read the comments on posts here) probably know that I'll tolerate a lot of bad behavior. I know full well that I take thing personally -- perhaps more personally than they are intended -- and so my guidelines pretty much boil down to "You can disagree with me all you want, you can dislike me all you want, you can even refuse to accept my arguments, but the moment you start insulting me, we're finished."

I'm even going to go a step further and [...]

Army Ants Webcomic for the Week of 7/28

Wuxia Inspiration: Killer Clans

Wandering Heroes of Ogre Gate (WHOG) draws on a number of sources for inspiration. I watch a lot of wuxia movies and TV shows, and these have had a big influence not only on Ogre Gate, but on Sertorius and many of my d20 campaigns. I am hoping to share some of my favorite movies and shows in the genre here as we work on WHOG.

NOTE: Killer Clans is one of the more graphic films in the genre and I will be addressing that frankly. So be aware the following review contains things the Bedrock Blog normally [...]

Invasive species

This July, the RPG Blog carnival talks about invasive species and the host is Hereticwerks. With my educational background in ecology, I instantly think of a species introduced into an environment which becomes too effective and becomes a nuisance by competition. Usually, these are introduced by humans, have a good reproduction and great adaptability. In many science fiction stories, humans are shown to being adaptable to various colonize world and they form vast space empires. Let's see what we can do to make humanity be the invasive species in SPAAACE!!!

First, we need an advanced alien species who bring humanity into [...]

Seven Deadly Champions - Wrath

Friday I presented you with the champion of gluttony and his simpering toady. Today I give you Zan'uzkul, the champion of wrath. Zan'uzkul is built as a ridiculously fast warrior that deals a lot of damage and can take even more (and then some), though he's not hard to hit. His aura makes him dangerous, turning friend on friend. His simpering toady is just there to add to the damage being dealt with sadistic glee.

The dark warrior Zan'uzkul is a living embodiment of wrath. Like his fellow champions of sin, few know his origins. Some claim he was once a [...]

Ask Everyone To Leave

The Ancient Legacy of Plastic Animals

Late in 2013, there was a story about plastic animals doing the rounds. It appeared in a few places, but this seems to be the origin of the story.


This story has sat in the back of my mind for a while. It has given me thoughts about finding plastic animals of my own and using them in games. The problem is that most of the plastic animals I've found have been common beasts (or at least common for this part of the world...kangaroos, emus, platypi, etc. and typical zoo animals with distinctive shapes like lions, elephants, camels), certainly nothing monstrous.

But [...]

Five Armies, One Hobbit...

Legacy of Lies: Closing the page

Wow! It has been a crazy year for sure! The first year of FOE and the first big year of Legacy of Lies! As it winds down, I plan to share a few thoughts about it.

First off, running a campaign like this takes a LOT of time. However, it is time I cherish and value as I get to spend it with great people, both on-line and face-to-face. I really believe the campaign will get bigger and better as time moves on.

One of the things I am extremely happy was that we had a number of new writers! [...]

The Ocean is the Abyss

I like the idea of taking the building blocks of D&D and then twisting it around a bit. I did a post some time back about changing the planes into different time periods. In my own NOD setting, I combine the concept of the planets with the planes, and I put Hell smack dab in the center of the world, fueling all those evils that haunt the dungeons of the world.

Today I was thinking about the idea of the Leviathan, and it occurred to me that it might be interesting to combine a campaign world's oceans with the [...]

Podcast Episode -- The RPG Room: GenCon!

GenCon is for many of us Europeans a Mecca of gaming we'll never get to see. Though I hope to someday. The biggest four days in gaming, as the slogan aptly announces, has been going more than 45 years. From humble beginnings it's turned out to be a true giant. And deservedly so. This year [...]

The post Podcast Episode – The RPG Room: GenCon! appeared first on G*M*S Magazine.

Grumpy RPG Reviews: Song of Fire and Fire

This video is over written, too long and involves horrible, violent, heartbreaking silliness. It is also a video review of "Song of Ice and Fire" from Green Ronin.http://grumpycelt.podbean.com/feed

The Witcher Cosplay Competition

"Without a doubt, The Witcher has always had the most talented community out there. Each month you guys send us tons of great fan art, musical tracks, fanfics and stuff so amazing that we sometimes decide to hang it on the walls here in the studio. The time has come to give you a chance to create something really amazing and get rewarded for your hard work," said Marcin Momot, Community Manager, CD PROJEKT RED.

With all-star professional cosplayers invited to help pick the winners, the studio is offering the victor $1000, custom Witcher jewelry, and a unique chance to fly all over the world with Team RED and cosplay at the gaming industry's biggest events, all expenses paid.

"The competition starts on the 24th of July and ends on the 30th of October, so there's plenty of time to create something that will blow us away", adds Momot.

The jury of the competition consists of:

Eve Beauregard hails from Sydney, Australia and is an internationally renowned cosplayer, model and host. Describing herself as a “professional nerd”, Eve spends her time traveling the world to appear at conventions, expos and events as a cosplay judge, panelist and MC. Eve is passionate about gaming, comics, pop culture and dedicates a large portion of her time to the geeky charity group “Medic”, of which she is the founder. Eve’s previous lives have seen her work and study in fashion design, photography, film and journalism.

LeeAnna Vamp is the “Ghoul Of Your Dreams” and host of I Love Nerd Girls and Fiends Forever. She is an actress, model, host and cosplayer from California. She’s a total nerd at heart, growing up loving all the classics from movies, tv, games, toys and fashion. She loves Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Horror and can be seen at many of the cons, amongst [...]

Chandar Upon the Broken Throne

Oh, Chandar... he's been in the back story of my campaign world for nigh on 20 years. I have never drawn him until today... he's not a very nice man. You'll get to meet him in Saga of the Splintered Realm, out later this year thanks to my 99 awesome Kickstarter backers!

Under the Knife: The Grafter, a Tinker Prestige Class

Under the Knife: The Grafter, a Tinker Prestige Class This Tinker-expansion clocks in at 6 […]

Mythic Minis: Universal Path Abilities II

Mythic Minis: Universal Path Abilities II This Mythic Mini clocks in at 3 pages, 1 […]

Journey to Cathreay

Journey to Cathreay Journey to Cathreay clocks in at a massive 115 pages, 1 page […]

ENnies 2014: Vote for Anna Meyer

Prolific cartographer Anna Meyer of ghmaps.net has been a friend of the Greyhawk community, not to mention Greyhawkery for a long time. For the first time I can ever remember, someone I know (outside Paizo) is being nominated for an Ennie award at Gencon 2014. Voting ends in a couple days so if you haven't already, vote for the underdog in this year's Best Cartography category, Anna Meyer's Atlas of the Flanaess.

Also, be sure to check out Anna's interview over at Examiner.com

Artist Appreciation: Jian Guo...

Artist Jian Guo produced these covers for the Chinese editions of JRR Tolkien's Lord Of The Rings trilogy from WenJing Publishing. More of his stained glass-like Tolkien-inspired work (some examples below) can be found over on his Deviantart page, along with numerous other fantastic pieces of stylistic art.

Media News Monday - Evil Dead, Doctor Who, Mad Max, The Hobbit, and More

Lots of groovy stuff in the media news this week for gamers, largely due to Comic Con happening over the weekend.  To start, it was announced over the weekend that Bruce Campbell will star in a new television series based on the Evil Dead.  You can read more about that here.

Also, there is a Mad Max trailer that got featured at the big convention which looks very exciting and is also on the Warner Brothers Pictures YouTube channel.

Lest we not mention more about comics, since much of the news of movies and television is [...]

Thulian Echoes is released

Get it HERE

Margot Adler (1946 - 2014)

I have long stated that the witches of my books and posts here have had far more to do myth and fairytale than they have had with the witches of modern paganism or Wicca.

But even a casual glance at my work will reveal that while my witches are more Baba Yaga than Isaac Bonewits or Fiona Horne, there is a bit of modern pagan thought there.  This is no surprise really.   I have often talked about how my influences are in line with the occult revival of the 70s and even the Satanic Panic of the 80s.

MetAnon Ep69 -- One-Shot My BBEG, Will Ya?

In our sixty-ninth regular episode of Metagamers Anonymous, the cast discusses how the fun and fantastic surprise events we all love to see affect the narrative and the GM’s ability to drive the story. They also talk about this weekend’s GameDay experience, make a big TsunamiCon announcement, mull over some of the new D&D 5e developments, and talk about the challenges involved in changing up your style of preparation for a game.Metagamers Anonymous is a weekly podcast dedicated to tabletop roleplaying games and (mostly) related material. Join in the fun by posting comments or questions to our forum, or drop [...]

Library of Uthgarion [Mini-Map Monday]

The past two weekends I ran the Dungeon Crawl Classics adventure Sailors on the Sea of Fatefor my home group. In the adventure, the players can find a map stitched into the hem of a discared cloak. This map is left for the GM to define. So I defined it. The map is inked on old brown lambskin with notes from unknown explorers and leads to something called "The Library of Uthgarion." Sages and

Character Class Options in D&D 5e

Here's the full list of classes.  Wow, that's a lot to work with.  Not only because players have a whopping 12 character classes, but now each class has a variety of kits or sub-classes, emphasizing a specific aspect of that class.  Let's take a closer look at each package...

Barbarian: A barbarian picks a primal path that reflects the nature of the character's rage. The two options in the Player's Handbook are the Path of the Berserker and the Path of the Totem Warrior. The berserker fights with an implacable fury, while the totem warrior channels the magic of beasts to [...]

Rise of Incarnates ~ Sign up for Closed Beta Now

Do you think you've got what it takes to conquer Rise of Incarnates and become the most powerful fighter in its war torn world? You'll get the chance to find out in Europe and Australasia starting on August 8th at 9:00am CET through August 18th at 9:00am CET when BANDAI NAMCO Games hosts ten full days of Closed Beta play for Rise of Incarnates its Free-to-Play fighting game where players will enjoy acrobatic aerial and visceral ground based combat, brutal super-moves and power-ups, and strategic environmental manipulation.

Players participating in the Rise of Incarnates Closed Beta will be able to play as Mephistopheles, Lilith, Grim Reaper and Ares. Brynhildr will be added to the character roster as well on August 13th. Battles will take place in the New York City and Paris levels; both of which feature level designs that allow players to utilize the environment to their advantage. The Closed Beta will have a selection of in-game purchasable options available; this will allow players to try out a selection of in-game character customization options.

The full list of features in the Alpha are a reflection of how much the development team has listened to its fans and the care with which they have improved the game:

New features
* Skill cubes can be synthesized to improve your character’s performance
* Tag a friend to battle with over multiple matches
* Addition of Awakening system
* Introduction of new character, Brynhildr (8/13)
* Introduction of new stage, Paris (8/13)
* Additional releases of customization items (throughout the Beta)
Improvements from Alpha
* Input improvements that increase control responsiveness
* Improved UI
* New, re-flowed tutorials
* More screen resolution options
* Vast array of customization items for characters

Click here to sign up for the Rise of Incarnates [...]

Magic Item Monday (Wonders of NaeraCull): Earthbound Gem

Earthbound Gem Aura faint transmutation; CL 7th Slot none; Price 5,200 gp; Weight 15 lb. DESCRIPTION This multi-faceted gemstone is as large as a human skull, and noticeably heavy for its size. It glows from within with a faint amber light that pulsates rhythmically (similar to a heartbeat), gently vibrating as each pulse reaches its […]

The post Magic Item Monday (Wonders of NaeraCull): Earthbound Gem appeared first on Adventureaweek.com.

Video Review -- MEMOIR '44

A REVIEW IN HONOR OF THE D-DAY LANDINGS ANNIVERSARY By Evaldas Bladukas It’s been 70 years since the D-Day landings and to celebrate the souls that fought in the war, for the next two weeks we’ll be having a look at World War 2 themed tabletop games. Memoir ’44 has been a mainstay of the [...]

The post Video Review – MEMOIR ’44 appeared first on G*M*S Magazine.

Shadow Over Alfheim Pt 5 -- Necromancers of Stull (Commenced)

Rather than continue with another raid on the Island Fortress or check out Gernauch (Tower of Dreams; the new character is from there and hasn’t heard from anyone there in some time), my players decided that they wanted to check out what was going on in Stull. The survivor from the raft incident reported that there had been repeated attacks on the sawmill community by strange undead things.

The goblin thief and the fighter spent a day scuttling the goblin canoes they found on the far side of the Isle, meaning that I’m going to have to adjudicate some of what [...]

D&D 5e: Bard class

We’ve had a peek at the Sorcerer Class and the table of contents which Wizards of the Coast offered up to the Escapist as an exclusive. Reddit spotted that the team at d20 Monkey had another. This time it’s the bard!

The first paragraph reads;

Humming as she traces her fingers over an ancient monument in a long-forgotten ruin, a half-elf in rugged leathers finds knowledge springing into her mind, conjured forth by the magic of her song – knowledge of the people who constructed the monument and the mythic saga it depicts

Both the Sorcerer and Bard classes will be in the [...]

The Noob Tube Principle

“Establish a low barrier to entry, engage more players.”
–Inspired by Extra Credits

Extra Credits (Youtube account)
Link: “Balancing For Skill”

Why have I placed so much importance on narrowing down and clarifying each of the PC combat roles? Leader, Defender, Controller, Striker. Why?

In part to give each major character type the equivalent of a “Noob Tube.” Some attack or effect they can spam to great effect.

A means by which new players can “fake it ’til they make it.”

This kind of thing is crucial to the life of a game — and the development of a sustaining metagame. The metagame emerges from [...]

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