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Creatures have come!

Creature Set 2 has been released! Subscribers, check your in-boxes for new monsters. : )

Non-subscribers, sign up today, and I will send you download links to the first two creature sets within 24 hours.


One Page Dungeon by Jacob Wood

I just learned of the One Page Dungeon contest, but thankfully it doesn’t take long to design a dungeon in only one page.

In my entry, entitled Prehistoric Kickboxing Killer Turkeys, players will take on the role of velociraptors on the hunt for food. Will they be able to find and, more importantly, survive the encounter with their next meal?

Why “Prehistoric Kickboxing Killer Turkeys?”

I recently watched a show on the Smithsonian channel with that same title. It was about velociraptors and how they would actually resemble “prehistoric kickboxing killer turkeys” and did [...]

Continue reading One Page Dungeon [...]

Monday Gunday Quickie

Apparently I'm just not meant to own an AR-15, because every time I try to order parts, I end up with someone taking my money and then refusing to send me my merchandise.

The last time this happened, it was from someone I knew over Facebook. This time, it was from an internet vendor with an actual physical address and everything. Both times, they've tried to scam me and refused to communicate when I asked, quite reasonably, "Hey, where's that stuff I paid for?"

To everyone who thinks I am paranoid for not showing my face on the [...]

60+ Entries! The "I love the OSR" Contest!

Enter NOW! click below!
Chronicles of Ganth: The "I love the OSR" Contest!

RPGs are Evil -- Dark Dungeons: The Movie via Kickstarter

RPGs are Evil – Dark Dungeons: The Movie!. Rollenspiele und besonders Dungeons & Dragons sind bse. Dieses verwerfliche Hobby macht aus guten Menschen zaubernde Dmonenbeschwrer, Selbstmrder und Diener der Unterwelt. Die Welt muss ber diesen Makel aufgeklrt werden. Es wird keine Seele verloren gegeben.

JR Ralls will diese gewichtige Aufgabe annehmen und das aus dem Jahre 1984 stammende anti-Dungeons and Dragons Pamphlet, Dark Dungeons: The Comic,verfilmen.

Stretch Goals tragen diesen gerechten Kampf in das Lager der niedertrchtigen Anhnger des Cthulhu Mythos.

Die aufklrende cineastische Flamme der Gerechtigkeit setzt auf ihre Untersttzung. Bis zum 22. Mai 2013 bentigt JR Ralls zumindest 12500 $. Jeder [...]


No roads enter or leave Santia, save for the one path that leads to the monastery of Owen, which stands sentinel over the region. The exact date of its founding is unknown, though guessed to be roughly a century before Gatia, with the monastery of Owen having been built a few years later. Though it is in the modern province of Cirsova, there is some debate as to whether Santia is ethnically or culturally Cirsovan or proto-Cirsovan, as it lies far from the Riverlands of Orshiano and northwest across the Gulf of Cirsova from Gatlia.

Some say that Santia was one [...]

Another Ranger Revision

I’ve been stewing over this for a couple days. The Ranger I designed felt overly complex for all that I put into it, and in spite of attempts to simplify companion rules.

Here’s version 2 of the Ranger (now more playable than before!):
Essentials Dungeons & Dragons GW Ranger Class (v0.2)

Dexterity has a lot of power in Third and Fourth Edition Dungeons & Dragons. There’s initiative checks, ranged attacks, Armor Class and Reflex saves/defense, among other things. There’s a complex relationship between Dexterity and various derived traits.

For all of that, I didn’t see a way that I could make Constitution work [...]

May RPG Blog Carnival & Stuffer Shack Results

As expected, I didn't win Stuffer Shack's RPG Site of the Year Contest. The winner this year was the ever-amazing Gnome Stew. But that was, quite frankly, an astounding set of competitors. I felt a little like the amateur in a room of professionals. We had some dynamite sites with multiple authors, published volumes, sponsors, multiple social media streams, and long-standing work across different kinds of games. The other four competitors were out of my league- so it was incredibly nice to be considered alongside them. I do hope I get some feedback from the judges- the [...]

Old URLs issues solved ; Avengers movies artbooks

As far as I can tell I’ve solved the issue of would-be visitors using old URLs for writeups.org – they should now be redirected toward the correct URL without any error message. Finding the RedirectMatch rules in Apache’s mod_alias thingie wasn’t easy since I suck at this, but it seems to work. This solves the problem of folks using old links to writeups.org that are on forums and the like – so that’s probably not a lot of folks, but that’s one less problem.

As long as I’m here and before I return to preparing new entries – most people seem [...]

Your Rhetorical GM Style

I came across this tidbit from the always-entertaining You Chose Wrong tumblr and immediately recognized the prose style. Sure enough, the caption credits the passage to Lone Wolf Book 4: Chasm of Doom.

I got my start as a GM around the age of ten by reading aloud from the Lone Wolf books for a friend during lunch breaks. I would read the text, he would make the choices. This was in addition to my devouring the books on my own, time and time again. Reading the books out loud as well as reading them to myself ensured that the way those [...]

Your Game Has The Fate Fractal Too

Did you know your game already has the Fate fractal? Even if you don't know what the Fate fractal is? Well, it's true to one degree or another. Do you remember that time you wrote up a trap that attacks as a 10th level fighter? Or you assigned a hit point value of a door that had to be broken down? Or gave a penalty to driving rolls because of the car having a bad suspension? Or had the PCs roll saving throws versus cold in the middle of a storm? When you did those things, you were roughly [...]

[MONSTER MASH] Seedpeople (1992)

Seedpeople is a delightfully cheesy rehash of the classic Invasion Of The Body Snatchers storyline for the direct-to-video generation of the early 90s.
A geologist returns to his isolated hometown to give a lecture only to discover alien seed creatures have infiltrated the community.

Good-natured, low-budget hokem with a final "twist" that it is telegraphed from the opening moments.


The life-cycle of a seedperson begins as a large (18" long, at least) seedpod which arrived on a planet from outer space. It will attach itself to a large tree or plant and sprout over-sized, strange-looking flowers.

When a humanoid lifeform passes within five feet of the flower it will spray a gelatinous substance that - unless the target makes a save vs breath weapon - will coat them from head-to-foot causing 6d6 damage (per round).

After the target [...]

New High Elves

So, out of the many armies in WHFB that I have, High Elves are my favorite. Some of the new models are being shown off in the pre-order section of the site.


May will be the month that makes me very poor :cool:

Kick Picks -- 4/29/13

Hello there and welcome to the very first Kick Picks entry! It’ll be coming to you every Monday and will feature some of the Kickstarter Projects that have gotten our attention over the past week. In addition to that we’ll also be showcasing some reviews of delivered Kickstarter products as well as some interviews from [...]

I Missed Masters of the Universe Day!

Apparently, April 28th was Masters of the Universe Day on the web!

I was busy running a prerelease of Dragon's Maze for Magic: the Gathering, I had NO idea.

Grumble, grumble, mumble.

Check out Battlegrip.com, Phil Reed's (of Steve Jackson Games) excellent toy site for the rundown of content.

History of Steampunk & Victoriana RPGs (Part Three 2004-2006)

I'd like to address the Babar in the room.

I'm always wary of considering political dimensions within role-playing games. Classic fantasy rpgs have a certain amount of baggage. I've talked about questions of Ethnicity before and Ken & Robin covered the perennial problem of Orcs in a recent podcast. But with Victorian Era games we consider real world history. I'd argue it is a history close enough to our modern age, that we can really see ourselves in those times. The distance of time creates a certain amount of insulation. Despite the incidents of awfulness [...]

More 1d10 Random Lovecraftian Cargoes Table For Your Old School Space Opera

1d10 Lovecraftian Cargoes Table 
  1. Deep one suspension pod with a double hit dice and about to wake up! 
  2. Particle weapon beam energy cell belonging to the elder things utilizing a shaggoth cell cluster which is about to break free 
  3. Hyper spacial shunt off of a Great Race Time Engine. Lose 1d4 hours of time when you pick it up or did you already do this? 
  4. Great white worm remains flash frozen. Part of a bio computer and holds 1d4 forbidden spells. Must be hooked up to a cyberdeck to access them. 
  5. Elder Thing healing patches 1d4 of them in suspension. If used [...]

Flavorful Features

Art By Matt CavottaLast night while hanging out with one of my oldest friends, we started to chat about Dungeons & Dragons/Pathfinder and talked about what classes were our personal favorites. Usually, we'd mention how we liked the mechanics of one class or the concept of another.

One of the classes that I mentioned was the Wu Jen from Oriental Adventures and Complete Arcane. While this eastern-flavored spellcaster wasn't the best class in the world, it had a certain feature that I've always found interesting: their Taboos.

For those of you who might not know what I'm talking [...]

Y is for Yeti

How many of you remember watching In Search Of...?
It's hard to believe that before the Star Trek films, it was the best way to get your dose of Spock.And your dose of Bigfoot, Nessie, UFOs (well before X-Files), the Bermuda Triangle, Psychics, and on and on for 6 seasons.
Back then we didn't have the internet to read about forteana, conspiracies and ESP, so In Search Of... filled in for us.
I loved watching this show and Nemoy's voice over was perfect.  Being born in1972, I still think of him as much for this show as for Star Trek.

Y is for Yaksas/Yaksha/Yakshini

I have a theory.  My theory is that the names of theological demons were all invented (this is not a theory, but true) by monks and theologians with a little spare time on their hands.  They started with A and worked their way down.  This is why we have so man "A" demons but almost no "Y" ones.  ;)
I know that theory has a lot of holes in it. But the data remains.  I think I could have posted an "A" demon every day.  Y on the other hand  doesn't give me a lot of choices.


Game Of Thrones Season 3: "The Climb" Teaser

Game of Thrones. Die zweite Halbzeit der 3. Staffel naht. Erzhlerisch wird HBO sicherlich die Schlagzahl erhhen.

“The Climb”(Folge 26, Season 3 Episode 6) legt voraussichtlich einen Fokus auf die Mauer und die Wildlinge.

” … If you think this has a happy ending, you haven’t been paying attention … If you fall don’t scream … ”
- Some Game of Thrones: “The Climb” quotes (s03e06)

Kino verliert immer mehr – Fernsehserien sind mittlerweile spannender und dramaturgisch schlicht und ergreifend vielseitiger. Wer es nicht glaubt, werfe exemplarisch einen Blick auf The Wire vom gleichen amerikanischen Bezahlsender. Auf dieser kulturellen Ebene versagt Deutschland beinahe [...]

Forgotten Temple

Some temples are celebrated but some are hidden from the sun and forgotten. The forgotten temple was a place of hidden worship but now hides other mysteries.

read more

Interlude: The Wedding

Today's post is an Interlude guaranteed to provide some good roleplaying; the inspiration for it is detailed below.


Interlude 41: The WeddingThere are lots of reasons to enter into a marriage. Love, of course, is one, as is unifying two noble houses. According to Maureen Waller in her book 1700: Scenes from London Life, two more practical reasons came into play. One was that, according to English law, women's debts would be nullified upon taking the husband. (The theory was that having debt would make [...]

Yawning Portal

How many times has your adventure begun in a tavern? Too many, I'm guessing. It's one of the most overused settings in D&D and the go-to locale for lazy DMs who need a quick way to get the PCs on the path to adventure.

There's a reason that so many adventures begin in a tavern -- it works. After all, the PCs are usually of different races and have varying backgrounds so where else would this rag-tag, miss-match bunch of people ever meet other than in the tavern? The only other place that comes to mind is a prison cell, but [...]

On The Origins Of Orcs, Chapters 37-40

I’ve got so much campaign prep to get done that if I don’t do it here, I’ll never get it done in time…


Ooops. While preparing this post I discovered that in my urgency to get content produced that a couple of editorial errors have crept in recently. I’d love to say they were only minor, but that would be too great an understatement.

Errors like having two Chapter 23s, which threw off the chapter count for every other article in the series that was published in April. And copying an old version of the ongoing Elvish Glossary which left out several [...]

Transdimensional Knightmare Chess and Other Strangeness

I’m a big fan of remixing, mashing-up, and hacking tabletop games. Sometimes I combine components from multiple games. Sometimes I make action figures an integral part of my1,000 Blank Cardsdeck.Somethings I rip the Skills sectionoutof my Star Wars beta and redact everything I don’t like just to see if it’s still playable. It’s not an exact science and there’s no telling what sort of mechanical conflicts will happen. This is my version of “fun”. I [...]

Nights of the Crusades by MJ Alishah is brimming with eastern promise

Nights of the Crusades by M.J. Alishah is a gorgeous, rich fantasy roleplaying game set in a mythic-historical world of the One Thousand and One Nights and crusades. Lavishly laid out, delightfully illustrated and painstakingly researched, it is a thick tapestry of a game. The core rulebook is free and subsequent modules are paid for; but this is of no consequence. The flesh of the 100 page core rulebook will sink you deep into the world of scimitars, psychotic Knights and djinn dunked in realistic grit. A storygame feel with campaign aspirations and the most atmospheric book I've read in [...]

The 2013 RPG Site of the Year Winner is...

Gnome Stew is the 2013 RPG Site of the Year Winner!

Gnome Stew is a powerhouse of a gaming blog, and their win is well-deserved. Congratulations! You win the prizes (below), the SOTY Shield, and the title of 2013 RPG Site of the Year!

Some words on the finalists, in no particular order…

On Gnome Stew: “Gnome Stew has a good layout that’s easy to view and use. It has interesting articles right off the bat, you don’t have to hunt around for anything, and and it’s all relevant to running a game. It simply feels like a useful gaming site [...]

Dragon Prophet ~ Invite to closed beta

Infernum Productionssuccessfully launched the Guild Registration Program forDragon's Prophet, the new MMORPG byRunewakerEntertainment,the developers of Runes of Magic. Guild leaders are invited to register their guild, allowing all of its members to join the Closed Beta and maybe win fabulous prizes.

The community is at the heart of anyOnline Role Playing Game. Infernum is well aware of that fact and therefore offers simple solutions forDragon's Prophetfans to register and access the game together with their friends. TheGuild Registration Programwill guarantee any guild with a minimum of 10 membersaccess to the Closed Beta.

Additionally, Infernum will give one lucky guild the opportunity to be the first ever to set foot on the Auratian Sky Archipelago, the floating islands where the guild members will build their own homes. The winning guild will be grantedfive housing plots for its officers, alongsidefour medium homesand alarge mansionfor the leader of the guild, so they can lay the foundation of their future guild village. Additionally, all guild members will be grantedearly access to Open Betaand anexclusive in-game title. The guild also receives afree one-year ultimate subscription to Enjin, the guild hosting solution.

For maverickDragon's Prophetswho choose not to get involved in a guild just yet, registrations for the Closed [...]

When Ginny Bo Fails a Morale Check

A few months back, in Vaults of Pahvelorn, my character Eriara’s apprentice died. It was really too bad, he’d shown a great deal of promise (took out an entire flock of pegasi)! but ultimately succumbed to one of the most ancient sources of character death: a large rolling stone. We weren’t even able to recover his hat.

I told the mighty Brendan that Eriara would like to search for a new apprentice. As she’s only 12 herself, I noted that I’d very much prefer a young apprentice. Someone who wouldn’t have any problems taking orders from a child. Brendan did some rolling, and informed me that the only hireling available was an 86 year old man.

I was…annoyed.

I wasn’t upset or even really frustrated, mind you, but annoyed. I had gotten the exact opposite of what I wanted, and since magical healing in Pahvelorn has a small chance to age your character by 1 year, this 86 year old bastard may well die of old age. I understand that in this form of play, we give dice the power to tell us how the world exists. Sometimes it doesn’t exist in a way which is advantageous to us. I embrace that, but it doesn’t mean I’m always happy about what I get.

I took him, because he was the best I could get. I dubbed “Ginny Bo” because it sounded ridiculous and I wanted to make this imaginary person feel bad about being my only option. I didn’t train him as a magic user. I intended to use him merely as a torch bearer until we got back to our home town where I could search for a proper hireling. But then something started happening.

I don’t remember if it was Brendan, or I, or someone else who said it. But it was agreed [...]

Building Character -- Background Vignettes

I hate making characters. Oh sure, sometimes it’s fun, especially with a new system, or with a system that makes a lot of choices for you: Dungeon Crawl Classic‘s ‘Funnel’ system of creating four 0-level characters and seeing who survives to first level is a blast (if a deadly one), and the total randomness of the classic Traveller or Palladium’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles can be funtoo. Butoutside of that, I need inspiration toget behind a character, and sometimes that’s not that easy.

Inspiration comes from a lot of places, but I think for most of us it comes from the [...]


“Wolfen” image from Heavy Metal magazine

I’ve loved the image of the wolfen from the classic old school Palladium Fantasy RPG. In said game they were also way too powerful, being Large size as well as having better stats than humans for just about everything, all supposedly balanced out by their roleplaying restrictions (in that everyone hates the wolfen except other wolfen).

Step them down to regular size and stats and suddenly we have a character I can get behind (I’ve seen way too many wolfen wielding longbows for that 3d6 damage per arrow…)

Something like that image above, from a 1979 issue of Heavy Metal magazine

Efficiency in RPGs

So the ever-educational XKCD has this up as today's comic:

Basically, it's a chart showing you how much time you can spend on making some task more efficient, before you're losing ground.

Now, apply this to RPGs.

Assuming you play once a week (the 4th column in the comic), if there's some task that you can shave one minute off of, you can spend up to 4 hours to make it happen, and it's worth the time you spend. What can you do to shave one minute off some task? (All the numbers apply to a [...]

Happy Birthday!

Thanks for subscribing to TPK! For more posts, check out TPK - Theory, Planning, Knowledge


Not to TPK, that’s in August. To me. Today is my birthday, so of course I’m updating the blog. I’m officially thirty years old, and I’ve spent almost two thirds of that playing roleplaying games, and loving it. Today I just want to mess around a bit, and do a short post on some of my biggest gaming influences over the past twenty years. Here’s a short rundown.

Knights of the Dinner Table

Of all the gaming comics I’ve read, the Knights stuck with me the best, though [...]

Always/Never/Now: Pre-release of the Cyberpunk RPG based on Lady Blackbird

Always/Never/Now. Will Hindmarch verffentlichte gestern eine Vorabversion des ber Kickstarter finanzierten Cyberpunk-RollenspielsAlways/Never/Now.

SeineZukunftsvisionberuht spielmechanisch lose auf John Harper’s groartigem Lady Blackbird. Shadows of Yesterday lt grssen, aber provokant ausgedrckt sind die Keys die besseren Aspekte. Projektuntersttzer erhielten gestern zwei Dateien. Das Player File (36 Seiten) mit Regelzusammenfassungen und Charakterdossiers und das Scenario File (72 Seiten) mit Spielleitertipps und Spielszenen, die jeder nachBedarf umarrangieren kann.

ber kurz oder lang wird wird das Rollenspiel zum kostenlosen Download untereiner Creative Commons-Lizenz erscheinen.

Ich hatte leider noch nicht die Gelegenheit sonderlich viel zu lesen, aber was ich mir bislang zu Gemte fhrte, gefllt mir recht gut. Beispielsweise [...]

Busy Weekend - Little Accomplished on the RPG Side

Sure, I got some short blog posts up - which were squeezed in when "Uncle Duties" would allow. My niece was over Saturday and Sunday, as my sister is finishing edits on the novel she sold (yay!) and needed some time to write and not be "the mother". Shannon thinks "Uncle" is awesome, which actually is awesome but oh so tiring...

My niece is 2 1/2. My son is nearly 20. I forgot how little free time there is when you fill the parental role for young ones. I think I need a vacation ;)

In any case, I'm hoping to get the interview I mentioned last week up tonight or tomorrow. It's with Richard Iorio II from Rogue Games and I think it came out pretty [...]

Northwest Adventure Passage

Another Spanish game that caught my eye and did it with good reasons. It has exploration, lovely artwork, it's very thematic and it comes from GenX in Spain, a company that has delivered some truly impressive titles in the past. The Northwest Passage is a sea route that lies between northern Canada and the North Pole, joining the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. The first expeditions took place after the discovery of America due to the need of the English to connect both coasts of the Americas to avoid edging the whole continent. However, it was not until the beginning of the [...]

Pantheon Monday: Topaz Firegem

TOPAZ FIREGEM (the Cunning, the Mystic) Greater God, NG Portfolio: Fire, magic, community Aliases: None Domain Name: The Warm Hearth, Valingas Superior: None Allies: Quilian Knowais Foes: Pogrillius Tosscobble Symbol: A crystalline flame Worshipper Alignment: Any Topaz (TOE-paz) Firegem is the chief god of the Smallfolk pantheon. He is the longtime husband of Leesha

Thor: The Dark World Trailer

There is a new trailer for Thor: The Dark World floating around YouTube and the Interverse.  Enjoy!

I would be so fit: Natural Motion Interface

I haven’t been this excited since I read about the Nintendo Virtual Boy. This thing is still in development, but I think it’s healthy to imagine how much further we can take games. I’d love to run through Mass Effect 3 in this thing, though their demo of Skyrim is …

Up From Darkness

This scenario is 36 pages long, 1 page front cover, 1 page editorial,1 page ToC, 1 page SRD, 1 page back cover, leaving us with a total of 31 pages of content -not bad for the low price point!

Y: Y is for "YOCHLOL"

I'm participating in the April A-Z Blogging Challenge and my theme of choice is Dungeons & Dragons.

Shop: Yolanda's Bardic Circle

Yolanda's is a clearing house for bards of various types. If a person or organization wants a proficient bard to perform at their function they come here and hire one. They are predominantly musicians and singers; other types of performers, such as jesters, acrobats, mummers and dancers, can be hired elsewhere. They have an excellent reputation of providing top-notch entertainment and the local

On the Archaic Prestige Class

"A neutral cleric of 9th level or greater may choose to study nature instead of remaining among "civilized" areas. This type of cleric is called a druid." - Dungeons & Dragons, Players Companion: Book One

This article discusses prestige classes and unintentionally seeks a goal that turns them into an insidious trap.

I love prestige classes. My standard operating procedure in games is when players hire henchmen, if they survive to level one, they receive a class. Examples of classes that have been acquired by my player's henchmen include Woodsman, Dandy, Incantrix, Thug, Jester, and Deathmaster.

Humans have a lot of flexibility in how they gain levels. [...]

The Genius Guide to Horrifically Overpowered Feats

This pdf is 12 pages long, 2/3 of a page front cover, 1 page editorial/SRD, leaving us with 10 1/3 pages of content for even more horrifically overpowered feats that no one should use.

Kickstarters of the Week

Y post up a little later today.  But here are some Kickstarters that caught my eye over the last week.

The Victorian Academy of Magick Book
Paul Voodini is running this one and it looks really cool.  I spoke with him a bit and it would make for a great background book in any magic-based Victorian era RPG.

To get an idea of what the book will be like, check out the Facebook page, The Victorian Academy of Magick, https://www.facebook.com/VictorianAcademyMagick

The Way of Tree, Shadow & Flame for The Secret Fire RPG

I reviewed the Secret Fire [...]

People SH!T Be Pimped! Come Take a Look!

We all be Pimpin!

I did a post asking for people to submit links to posts they are proud of or that have been buried due to the passage of time or other posts! People have stepped up and delivered!

If you want your shit to be pimped just post the links in the comments below and I’ll add them.

These are arranged in no particular order.

Logan Knight (G+ page)

Do Not Take Me For a Turner of Cheap Tricks

I Gotta Have Faith

Full of Clerical Errors


Trey Causey (G+ Page)

Release of Weird Adventures(G+ Page)

Weird Adventures is Here!

Star Trek Science Fiction Adventure

The Devastated City Crawl


Christopher Wood [...]

Yggdrasillian (Frightful Fridays! A-Z!)

Welcome back  for the next-to-last monster of Frightful Fridays! A-Z! Today's monster marks the 50th I've done for this feature (the 51st overall monster thanks to Paris's contribution), and I'm celebrating this milestone with a new plant. I wanted to explore the idea of an ostensibly good-aligned creature that sees itself as a protector of the multiverse's forests, including the not so nice ones. This creature doesn't object to those who keep an evil forest in check, and it will even aid those trapped within such a forest, but it intervenes when paladins start hacking away at living trees, even [...]

Daily Cosplay

Iron Man 3 is coming this weekend. So we'll celebrate with some Iron Man cosplay.

On a Monday . . .

Challenge #36

Last of the inventoried Challenge magazines. I picked up another five or ten a year or so ago. They have not been scanned and inventoried though.

Twilight 2000

    Red Maple (A Mini-adventure and Campaign Supplement set in Western Canada)
    Equipment for Armor Crews (Equipment Supplement)

Space 1889

    Darkness Falls from the Air (Supplement featuring the weapons and Equipment of Aerial ships)


    The Green Hills of Earth (Adventures for Characters - Imperial Regency of Intelligence and Security) 
    Starship Design Notes (Rules Supplement with lots of charts)
    Traveller News Service (News of events in the Imperium to use for scenarios and campaign flavor)

2300 AD

    Devil in the Dark (An deadly adventure)
    The Anatomy of a Missile  (Rules supplement)


    Mech Alternatives ( Designing Jump Vehicles)

Warhammer 40,000

    Sunstroke (A refereed scenario for a small unit of Space Marines and opponents )

Star Trek RPG

    Doppelganger (Adventure for 3-6 players )


    Plan 9 From Out-R-SPC (A twisted tale of treachery and clones)


    Top Secret S.I.
    G4 File: Guns, Gadgets and Getaway Gear for Top Secret S.I.
    Orion Rising for Top Secret S.I..
    Covert Operations Source Book for Top Secret S.I.
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