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A Marathon, Not a Sprint

Writing takes imagination, organization, and determination to do it well. There is the initial rush of an idea, a concept, and then there is the deliberate execution, and then there is the polishing the requisite number of times to make it shine. If you write cleanly, and have honed your craft, the rewrites are not insufferable. In fact, they’re that one last opportunity to make good better. Some folks are happy with good enough, however, and that’s not where you want to be. While I, for one, appreciate the economic pressures of the real world, things take time, and it [...]

UD117: Better Know the Cleric

Clerics and healers are the topic of this week’s episode of UnderDiscussion. This one is a lottle more D&D focused than the other “Better know the” episodes because the cleric is heavily rooted in in the game. — Folks the 2013 RPG Podcast listener survey is up! We’d love it if you took the survey [...]

D&D idea: Dooms.

This is an idea I had which could probably work in a lot of different systems. However it would onlymake sensein particular settings.

It’s vaguely based on the AD&D 2nd Edition Vikings sourcebook.

The idea is that all or some characters have heard a prophecy about how they’ll die. For example one character might be “doomed to die by poison”.

This would mean that the character is extra vulnerable to poison. They might have a penalty to saves, take double damage, poisoned weapons might have a bonus to hit them, and so on.

Optionally, dooms might be able to be interpreted metaphorically. For example [...]

Representing Combat

Hilariously, despite the fact that most RPGs dedicate the majority of their system section to combat it is one of the things RPGs have a very hard time representing. Now, this isn't the rules systems' fault. Combat is a very fluid thing between people, and to try and break it down into mechanics is a daunting task, one that begs the question of do you go for stream lined rules or essentially require a master's degree in your game to use the system right. Every system does it in its own way. For this post I want to talk about [...]

I Still Don't Have a Gaming Group

I talked a good game in my last post, but I still can't bring myself to play a game I'm not interested in. There's a group of teens that play 3.5, and another group of preteens and early teens that play Pathfinder. Another group plays All Flesh Must Be Eaten, and there are more MTG players in town than you can shake a stick at. So, not only teens but games I am not interested in.

Crap. On the positive side I've met a few adults lately that might make good candidates. One is a staff member at my new [...]

Some Days...

Days, weeks, months, all of them can begin to wear you down. Occasionally you stumble across art that mimics your mood.

The art was up for bid by comment. I commented. I won. If I’m ever a zombie, I hope I’m cognizant enough to flip the bird with at least one hand. Possibly two. Or at least until the muscles rot away so I can no longer indicate frustration.

If you want zombie art, talk to Byron Rempel.

More Crumbling Epoch art.

I have done a lot of pictures for this book. I still have three big ones to finish; the cover, the Devilmount group shot, and a neat over-the-shoulder look at a ruined city. Then there’s maybe half a dozen smaller pictures.

Here’s a charming shot of a charming lumpen-one. The longer the look at the picture, the more objectionable he becomes. You may notice he is flipping you off at first, but then you realize he’s like two joints deep in his nose. His torso is a mess, but then you spot his moob sticking out, with its shiny nipple. And [...]

My Origins Schedule

I honestly can’t believe it’s already June. Partly because we had snowfall less than a month ago, but also because time has truly flown since I started working on Star Wars.

When I’m not staying late to hit deadlines, I’m playing or running at least two RPGs a week (Dresden Files, Edge of the Empire, and a friend’s homebrew system, Syrionys). I’ve also been attempting to initiate the boy into role-playing games, though it hasn’t been easy topping games like Skyrim or Total War: Shogun 2 for him. That, and I’ve been getting ready for the Origins Game Fair in less than a week. Perhaps it’s clear now why it’s been so hard to stay up to date with the blog.

I was super excited to watch my Star Wars: Edge of the Empire sessions sell out almost immediately. I’ll have Crates of Krayts and the Beginner Game on hand if people want to try them, otherwise I’ll be running my own adventure to demo the core rules for people every night at 7pm. I also have something special planned for my Saturday night session, so I hope they enjoy!

71st Annual Blockade Runner’s Derby

System: Star Wars: Edge of the Empire
Summary: Earn [...]

Review: Gnomes of Levnec

First the the info, Gnomes of Levnec sprouted from the twisted mind of Zzarchov Kowolski, proprietor of the Unofficial Games blog.  It is available on PDF format on RPGNow for the weird price of $2.91.  And on a recent blog, he reported he has physical copies ready to mail. It's a 16 page adventure.  I'd even call it a mini setting.

First impressions...this is a adventure is disturbing and hilarious.  I got a lot of entertainment  reading it.  It doesn't matter if you like gnomes or don't like them you will love this adventure.  Zzarchov takes the [...]

The Post-Apocalyptic Sequel To Dungeon! That Never Was...

Was looking over at my Dungeon! boardgame over on Ye Olde Gaming Shelfe when inspiration hit. Took 5 minutes to cobble up this fevered wish for a Dungeon! sequel:

Four apocalyptic classes (Pure Human, Mutant Human, Mutant Plant, Android) wander across a game board representing an underground complex, fighting dangerous mutants and collecting fabulous Bygone artifacts. That'd be fun to play on the weekends and at conventions. I may have to make a fan-generated version over the summer. (I'll just add it to the half-bazillionty other projects I have in the works.)

Sorcery in #dndnext (as opposed to Wizardry) - The Arcane and Raw Magic

Yesterday I posted an old blog entry if you noticed, dated more than one year back. My ideas about sorcery have not changed much fundamentally, but they evolved a bit.

Today I'd like to talk about raw magic, the kind of magic that I'd like to see Sorcerers literally wield.

Types of magic: premises and disclaimers

Ok, so if you're here, you probably know that in D&D there's always been this great divide between Arcane magic and Divine magic. Psionic are considered "non-magic" traditionally, or simply another "power source" in more recent times. Always more recently, [...]

There is much happening in my corner of the interwebs.

So, there is a lot going on in the next few months from my little spot on the internet.
So, let's get into it.
Fate PointsSo, the Fate Points hangout is going strong. There is a new post on our blog where I talk about how it is going and who are next guests are. Check it out here. http://fatepoints.blogspot.com/2013/06/fate-pointsan-update.html
Designosaurs HangoutSo, Brianna and I are starting a new hangout called The Designosaurs. It will be every 3 weeks and it will focus on the trials, tribulations, and victories of game design.
The idea is to have someone [...]

Montporte Dungeon Campaign Session 6 Notes

I haven't had much of a chance to blog...work has been crazy (we are rolling out a merger which, thankfully, doesn't involve job losses but it involves job changes plus working with hundreds of staff, clients, and thousands of donors, but I digress). I have 4 sessions of gaming to blog about--3 Majestic Wilderlands GURPS sessions and 1 Montporte Dungeon session. Today's post will cover the short Montporte Dungeon session we had on Monday night (using Blood & Treasure).

Cast of Characters
Adzeer Mattiu, Hunter of the First Circle (Half Orc, 1 Lvl Hunter): Tim (Gothridge Manor)
Duncan Kern [...]

13th Age - I'm Trying to Remember Why / When I Preordered It...

Apparently 13th Age is off to the printers and set for a (maybe) Gen Con release. I preordered this, but I don't recall when or even why. I do remember placing the preorder, so I haven't totally lost my mind.

I seem to recall it was something along the lines of:

"Something old, something new,
Something borrowed and something blue"

Or is that for weddings?

Hopefully there will be something salvageable for me in the rules for use in the OSR but I doubt it.

Lookie! I just searched for my order. It was last August. I think that was around the time I ordered RQ6. I really should unload that book - there is nothing there that Mongoose Legend doesn't do without the [...]

Drowning in the Skull and Shackles: A Clarification

Well, I am writing a follow up to yesterdays blog as it caused a great deal of concern amongst my players.  I offer this follow up blog as a clarification of what  was truly wanting to get across.

I had no intention on yesterdays blog to be seen as an attack on any one players actions or attitudes.  I hope that the vast majority of you took home the message that if things happen to make a game "not fun" that it is OK to call it for the night.  The game was devolving quickly into a "not fun" [...]

Dapper Devil Ammo Tokens

A few months ago I purchased 150 pistol ammo tokens from Dapper Devil and immediately my group got conscious of the impact shooting people had and didn’t fire a shot for several sessions. Luckily our last session saw several full-auto attacks, a few burst fires and a couple of single shots so I really got to use the tokens and I’m pleasantly surprised to find I won’t be using them as I intended.

The reason I purchased the tokens is because I never kept track of the ammo expended during a game ever. Your massive damage pistol is balanced [...]


Sneak peek of the Zed Roaster

Wednesday Wyeth

Character Workbook: Magus for PFRPG

Character creation and leveling up can be confusing, even for experienced players. There's a lot of keep track of, including abilities to choose and statistics to be recalculated.

Character Workbook: Magus for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game is a game aid designed to walk you through the process and help you keep track of all those changes. It's not a character sheet -- you'll still need one of those -- but it will help you make sure you've filled out your character sheet completely and correctly. You'll never have to worry that your character has been short-changed. If you gamemaster asks how [...]

Rules Shifting My Dystopic Campaign

One of my players and I have toyed with the idea of shifting the Dystopic campaign into a different rules set as demons have such powerful, but limited, lores that are kind of inflexible.  The Lore of Storms does a few things to do with water really, really well, but there's a lot of things it doesn't do.  The lores we are currently using are nWoD versions I found on the internet and then tinkered with so that they were more even.  Anyone who's played the old World of Darkness demon could feel the pain of a Devourer of Plants as [...]

Wicked-Awesome Art Wednesday: Into the Castle

deviantART by Edli

This landscape strikes me as very Appendix N.

The post Wicked-Awesome Art Wednesday: Into the Castle appeared first on Age of Ruins.

Game of Development

I've been riffing on the concept of a Game of Thrones, Arrested Development mash-up over on Twitter... pretty much entirely talking to myself, but this little strip came out of it.

Think about it. The two are ripe for jamming together.

Disease, Fear, and Player Motivation, plus a Sneak Peek at Far Realms

  I was a soldier for 8 years and spent most of my time out of Ft. Bragg hanging out with guys who have absolutely nothing left to prove.
[Sidenote: there are an amazing number of RPG geeks in Special Forces].
  One of the toughest, most unflappable men I knew was a senior sergeant I'll call Robert. Now, Rob bench pressed small cars, could run 2 miles in less than 9 minutes, was one of the most experienced jumpmasters on Ft. Bragg, and knew enough martial arts to be asked to be in a Van Damme movie. He was [...]

DUNGEON! Card List

As promised (in the comments section of yesterday's post), here's the card list for my Dungeon! revamp:

Hit It Here

This card list does not include spell cards, of which there are 36 (enough that each spell-casting character can carry a full complement). I suppose for the sake of completeness, I should list them, too. Okay:

Clairvoyance - 6
Fire Ball - 9
Hold-Charm - 6
Lightning - 9
Teleportation - 6

Okie-doke...that will probably be an end to my blogging about the Dungeon! board game for the foreseeable future. I thank you all for [...]

Deus Ex The Fall ~goes Mobile

DEUS EX: THE FALLis set in 2027-- a golden era for science, technology and human augmentation, but also a time of great social divide and global conspiracy. Powerful corporations have seized control from governments and command the drug supply needed by augmented humans to survive. In this chaos Ben Saxon, a former British SAS Mercenary who underwent physical augmentation, is desperate for the truth behind the drug conspiracy. Betrayed by his private military employers, the Tyrants, not only is his own life at risk, but for all augmented humans, time is running out...

Developed by Square Enix's Mobile division in Europe, in collaboration with the originalDEUS EX: HUMAN REVOLUTIONteam at Eidos-Montral and N-Fusion,DEUS EX: THE FALLis a story driven action-RPG and the firstDEUS EXin the series to be released on mobile and tablet devices. The game includes never before seen characters from the novel published by Random House,DEUS EX: THE ICARUS EFFECT,picking up directly where the book finishes.

"We're really excited to continue the DEUS EX series on mobile and start a new journey", said Jean-Franois Dugas, Executive Game Director at Eidos-Montral. "The team has done an incredible job creating a whole new story and controls for intuitive touch screen gameplay, whilst [...]

Happy 1st Birthday Game Convention Central

One year ago we went live with our game convention listings. We had started gathering events back in May of 2012 and had a couple of test pages up before then but June 5th was the day things came together. We only had 100 gaming cons back then (and close to 600 now) so we've come a long way in our first year. Now onto the import part of this announcement - what to get us for our birthday!

Rough Riffs: Aggressive Auditions - Story Summary - Votes 17-20

Jessie decides to meet the mystery bassist alone, as requested. She travels to Darrell Street and receives a call telling her to enter an abandoned scrapyard nearby. Inside the maze of rusted metal, she finds some strange robotic scrap-metal dogs. They don't look too friendly...

Avoiding the metal mutts, she heads towards the foreman's cabin at the centre of the scrapyard. Investigating outside, she sees a figure within before she is attacked by a pair of a robo dogs. As more of the mechanical canines close in, someone bursts out of the cabin, leaping to her aid.

Character Workbook: Gunslinger for PFRPG

Character creation and leveling up can be confusing, even for experienced players. There's a lot of keep track of, including abilities to choose and statistics to be recalculated.

Character Workbook: Gunslinger for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game is a game aid designed to walk you through the process and help you keep track of all those changes. It's not a character sheet -- you'll still need one of those -- but it will help you make sure you've filled out your character sheet completely and correctly. You'll never have to worry that your character has been short-changed. If you gamemaster asks how [...]

Game Of Thrones Season 3: "Mhysa" Teaser

Game of Thrones. Alles hat ein Ende – auch die dritte Staffel DER Fantasy-Serie von HBO.
Die Red Wedding ist vorber und …

“The Northerners will never forget.”
- Game of Thrones quote

"Mhysa" (Folge 30, Season 3 Episode 10) setzt den Schlusspunkt unter die Verfilmung der ersten Hlfte des dritten A Song of Ice and Fire-Bandes von George R. R. Martin. Die Romanvorlage A Storm of Swords hlt noch einige harsche Wendungen und groartige Szenen bereit. Aber nach der nchsten Folge geht es wohl erst in gut einem Jahr weiter.

In der fiktiven Ghiscari-Sprache bedeutet”mhysa” brigens Mutter.

Wie auch immer, aber wer nach [...]

The Geekly, PGM's Weekly Report of Cool Geek Things! (6/5/13)

Welcome to another exciting edition of the Geekly, where Perpetual Geek Machine rounds up the best stuff on the Internet! We’ve got a great webcomic, some stuff about video games, and, of course, some Schadenfreude about Game of Thrones. I read a wonderful series yesterday about being a girl gamer. It’s called Manic Pixel Dream [...]

Oh, noes!

I got distracted and busy with things, such as writing the rules-lite D&D Basic Clone that will probably never see the light of day (it’s finished, I just don’t know what to do with it and have no friends to play it with), making sure that that there are enough posts in the Cirsova queue to keep the site going a little longer (I may miss some art posts here and there), and reading Lone Wolf books online. As such, I fell behind on my Vampires vs. Liches project. Dicemonkey has posted everything I’d written so far, so that means [...]

Preview - Eternal Lies: A campaign for Trail of Cthulhu

James Semple is an incredibly talented composer friend of mine - I've interviewed him a couple of times on this blog - and he's done some great soundtrack work. His roleplaying experience is pretty darned wide and varied and he's done music for Pelgrane Press for some of their games - the 'Esoterrorists', 'Trail of Cthulhu' and 'Ashen Stars'.

Now he's part of the team that have composed music for 'Eternal Lies', a campaign for Trail of Cthulhu, the tabletop RPG written by Will Hindmarch, Jeff Tidball and Jeremy Keller. 

The trailer video below is by Jame's partner in [...]

WNW: The Taxman Dumbeth

I think there's one thing that we all -- liberals and conservatives, democrats and republicans, and all points in-between -- can agree upon, and that is our mutual hatred of the Tax Man.

From the Daily Show.

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes,Indecision Political Humor,The Daily Show on Facebook

not sure I can post this buuuuuuuuuut


nwn2 bg:reloaded mod has been released

Awesome ! It's writeups.org donation month !

Dear people who like our online community archive at www.writeups.org,

We do three donation drives per year – February, June, October.

This acknowledges that most people don’t have a lot of cash on hand for hobbies at any given time – hence multiple yearly passes. It also acknowledges than more than 3 times a year would be inappropriate.

All the money is used to a/ pay for our hosting costs, b/ allow the webmaster to recoup years of accrued hosting costs and c/ allow the webmaster to recoup development costs (people hired to churn out code we can’t do ourselves).

Common donation levels are [...]

Gnays, Kneddies, and Heejaws - Gnomish Beasts of Burden

Gnays, Kneddies, and Heejaws are rather smallish ponies/burros/equines.

Rather than sleep standing up like ordinary horses, kneddies will kneel down to sleep, tucking their short legs underneath themselves like cats or camels. Curling up this way into very small lumps means that they will usually go unnoticed by any predators - which is just about everything. Gnomes don't often eat their domesticated equines, but a hungry human has no qualms about spitting one over a fire. Mmmm...kneddy chops. 

They are not suited for riding with a traditional saddle, but instead are arranged into teams for pulling small [...]


Tuchanka Planet Stats Orbital Distance 5.3 AU Orbital Period 16.7 Earth Years Keplerian Ratio 0.534 Radius 8,293 km Day Length 21.4 Earth Hours Atm. Pressure 1.1 atm Surface Temp N/A [...]

"If you're going to ring that bell, you've got to walk right up to it and ring it."

""If you're going to ring that bell, you've got to walk right up to it and ring it."" -

---Dwayne McDuffie on the commentary for Justice League Unlimited.

Big week for ballsy storytelling (Chikara, VGCW, Game of Thrones, I'm sure I'm missing some). DMs, take note for your games---if you've got a twist in mind, don't pull back because it's too crazy, and don't overcook it because you think it needs an encyclopedia of backstory to convey (remember, gaming is an artform where a year-long story is the exception; make the short term count.). Step to the plate, take the swing, [...]

Wizards without Coats: Girlfriend issues

GM: “You see 5 ogres minding their own business, discussing pacifism…”
Player (interrupting): “I attack!”

Yeah, on review, that may have been a girlfriend issue inspired decision. Silly boy.

The post Wizards without Coats: Girlfriend issues appeared first on Geek Native.

Beyond the Westwall - Session 1

Well, I made my return to the GM's chair as of last Wednesday night (5/29/13), and it felt damn good! I'm running a new campaign using Labyrinth Lord (augmented by some house rules). As for the world which my players are exploring, I'm using a combination of Rob Conley's Points of [...]

TP:SPW Progress and Confusion

Yesterday we finally got a play test done for the old combat system as predicted it was clunky and confusing. I already figured as much and removed those elements form the new version of the game. I removed both physical and magical offense, as well as defense. Also their are no more life points or soul points in the new system. This lead to a little confusion on my end when I ran the combat on less then five hours sleep. Running an old version of your game, while also writing brand new version of the same game is harder then it sounds.

So what did I learn?

1. Rituals in this game are effective and work as intended.

2.The words of power system adds a lot of fun to combat

3.The moves system works fine pacing wise.

4. The combat system was really messy and needs to be overhauled.

Now the whole game is under a massive rewrite… Wanna watch it live?

Just click the linkbelow.




The post TP:SPW Progress and Confusion appeared first on Not the Singularity.

Art -- The Village of Cairate, Lombardy

Knights in Star Wars m20

So... when not listening to my recently compiled b-sides, non-album tracks and remixes collection of Depeche Mode of the 80s (and Violator era, which technically is 1990 and maybe 91) I've been listening to my complete Star Wars music collection.  I've got the Special Edition soundtracks to the original trilogy, which are two discs and include the entire score plus extra music of the first three movies (although I had to do a little bit of digging to get the original "Yub Nub" Ewok celebration song, as well as the original "Lapti Nek" Max Reebo band song in order to [...]

Pel the 6th Level Rogue gets a tad more badass

While most of my gaming mastery is with GURPS, I also do play Pathfinder once a week or so. I'm in two campaigns, one run by +Jeromy French  (Skull and Shackles) and the other by +kung fu hillbilly (home brew, I think).

The recently released "errata" for Pathfinder goes beyond the typical SJG definition of errata, and actually makes some rules changes, from what I understand. This thread, for example, discusses some rules changes (or reversals of previous changes) that occurred to the Monk character class.

In any case, over at HeroSheets, they discuss a rules tweak to Stealth, which allows a Rogue to nail you with his sneak attack when he shoots from a stealthed position, rather than, I think, only from the flanks.

"Creatures that fail to beat your Stealth check are not aware of you and treat you as if you had total concealment""Breaking Stealth: When you start your turn using Stealth, you can leave cover or concealment and remain unobserved as long as you succeed at a Stealth check and end your turn in cover or concealment. Your Stealth immediately ends after you make an attack roll, whether or not the attack is successful (except when sniping as noted below)."-(copied and pasted from HeroSheets, so I retained their font)I like it. Pel has had a couple good occasions to do this in the past, and the extra 3d6 he gets, and the new +4 from Deadly Aim, means that a successful stealthy bow shot can deliver something [...]

White Dwarf Wednesday #67

July 1985 brings us White Dwarf #67.  We start the issue with something new, a cover from Mark Bromley. I don't believe I have seen him before, but I could be wrong.  Given the size of the door, I am guessing this is a dwarf, but not the eponymous one.  Still though a nice cover.

In the editorial Ian Livingstone talks about how Britain is catching up to the US in terms of Fantasy RPGs.  While hindsight tells me that this is partially correct (the entire industry was hitting the mid-80s slump) it had always been my perception at [...]

My Favorite NPC: Vert

This month's RPG Blog Carnival topic is "Favorite NPCs". I have several that stand out in my mind.

There was Beldo, the Rhenee crime boss with the vaguely eastern European accent who complained that the player characters once paid him off with a golden frog statuette ( "I send you for money and you bring me frog? Why don't you go someplace and sell frog, then bring me money. Then everybody happy!").

There was also the witch who tormented a different group of player characters with a hand of glory, transmuted their rivals into mice, and was generally a [...]

Everything I Need To Know About Ur-Hadad FLAILSNAILS Games I Learned From Marvel Team-Up

Yeah, I know that's one hell of a long blog title, but it's spot on the money.

Back in the day (1970's... how's that for additional parallelism with D&D-based gaming?), Marvel introduced Marvel Team-Up as a vehicle for their most popular character at the time, Spider-Man, to introduce new characters to the comics audience, or perhaps characters whose titles weren't doing too terribly well and even, occasionally, stars of other media (issue #74, as recently plastered all ove G+, included the Not Ready For Prime Time Players, the guys starring in the first season of Saturday Night Live). The first [...]

I Don't Live Near North Texas, But We Have A Con of Our Own - Michicon and the Gamers & Grognards Summer Classic

So Michicon 2013 has been announced and is still looking for GM's.  As you can tell from the title, as per always, I will not be making it down to Texas for NTRPG Con this year.  Nor did I make it to Gary Con.  But we have a small-ish summer event here in the Land of the Inland Seas called Michicon.  I've always had fun at Michicon, and last year I had a blast running the games that I GMed.  They are still looking for GM's if you live in the area and are interested.  
Secondly, I have announced that [...]

May Commissions! NeoExodus and Pathfider Society

I know it is June now, but I finished these guys last week... so they qualify as "May".

My latest batch of commissions are a diverse group - of minis, for a diverse group - of people.

The first model is a Shoanti warrior - a savage from the wilds of Golarion. He carries the typical Earthshaker and the klar shield/blade. When Jacob-M gave this model to me, he said his characters had tribal tatoos on his body.

The colors I used are very natural, somewhat muted. The white/brown really pops. At first, the jacket had trim [...]

Do You Remember Your First Player Character?

Remember that first RPG session? The magic, the confusion, that first player character?

Mine was Cyrus. This was back in 1980 or so. I hope he wan't named after Cyrus Vance, the VP, but I really don't know at this point.

Cyrus was a 1st level fighter that killed some skeletons and other beasties in a solo adventure in which my DM and best friend Kenny only owned the DMG. We had to call one of his school mates to see if I hit second level.

I don't remember Cyrus's initial stats, as he fell victim to the "stat inflation" that was common during my early teen years, but I'm sure they were nothing special ;)
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