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All That Glitters...

Magical items. They're commonly engraved, crusted with gems, made from gold, covered in scrollwork, and otherwise obnoxiously ornate. Or at least, the ones I give out usually are. Why's that? Well, if someone's going to go through the trouble to invest great power in an object, I generally assume that they would also, you know, make it nice and shiny. I mean, these are made by powerful priests

On the Ecology of the Giant

"Yes, I would say we have a big problem" - Todis Aldan, Neo-Empyrean Archaeologist

Nomenclature: Giants, Titans, Big Folk, Goliaths

Description: Large Humanoids

Things that are known:

  • They are large creatures that resemble Men. 
  • They vary in height from 8' to the size of small mountains
  • They are fond of throwing things

Rumors and other whispers in the dark:

  • Many people differentiate the giants by the terrain in which they live. That really has little affect on the nature of the giant
  • They are hated by certain breeds of Gem Dragons
  • The terrain actually differentiates the race of giant. Cloud giants are elves, Fire giants [...]

Lords of Gossamer and Shadow: (Amber) Diceless Role-Playing via Kickstarter

Lords of Gossamer and Shadow (Jason Rainville, Rite Publishing)

Lords of Gossamer and Shadow: Diceless Role-Playing.Steven D. Russell von Rite Publishing und sein Team aktualisieren gewissermaen Erick Wujciks wrfellosen Rollenspielklassiker Amber. Der Verlag konnte einige interessante Kreative fr das ber Kickstarter finanzierte Projekt gewinnen.

Lead Designer: Jason Durall (Amber Diceless Role-Playing, Shadow Knight, A Game of Thrones RPG, Supernatural RPG)

Editing: Perry Grosshans (To Kill or Not to Kill)

Lead Artist: Jason Rainville (Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Npc Codex, Lamentations of the Flame Princess, Coliseum Morpheuon)

Cartography: Jonathan Roberts (George R. R. Martin’s Lands of Ice and Fire, Heroes of the Jade Oath, Coliseum Morpheuon)

Nach eigenen [...]

Midwinter Murders is not IKEA

As we didn't have a session last week, here's something we played earlier. In fact, this session was the Blogkeeper's first ever go as a tabletop GM. Using a bastardised version of the Mortal character sheet from Exalted, the group of tired ChimeraCon players decided to delve into the world of fiction.

The setting is from Jasper Fforde's BookWorld or Thursday Next series, so it takes place within the world of fiction. The characters are taken from classical fiction and are playing Jurisfiction agents, basically the police of the BookWorld, and they have been sent to investigate a string of gory murders ...

Playing amongst others, Alice from Alice in Wonderland and Arthur Hastings from random Agatha Christie novel with Poirot, Frankenstein's Monster, and one of the roleplayers even decided to play himself as an Outlander. What could possibly go wrong?

Courtesy of 4 December 2011's 1st [...]

C is for Capers!

Slang An illegal plot or enterprise, especially one involving theft.

Here is a simple random table to determine what type of caper a supervillain might attempt to pull off, should you ever need such a thing.

1d6: for the uninitiated, in a tabletop roleplaying game (or RPG, like Dungeons & Dragons or ICONS Superpowered Roleplaying, the focus of my blog), this notation means to roll one six-sided die (like you would find in most board games) to get a result of 1 to 6.

Location: The Scene of the Crime. Roll [...]

Doctor Who: The Rings of Akhaten - TV Trailer...

Word of the Day -- Boondocks

The word boondocks is a relic of American colonialism. British English imported lots of words from its far-flung colonial possessions, but American colonial aspirations mainly produced words derived from Spanish and adopted with the settling of the West. This one, however, is an exception.

It derives from the Tagalog word bundok, meaning mountain. It was adopted into the language by occupying American soldiers in the Philippines as a word meaning any remote and wild place. By 1909, only some ten years after the American conquest of the islands, the word had caught on enough to rate an entry [...]

Review: Wilderness of Mirrors

Review: Wilderness of Mirrors by John Wick
John Wick Presents

Wilderness of Mirrors is a very easy to dive into game system that simplifies the spy genre and shares narrative power with the player.  The game system was created in response to the idea that most other spy games out there focus too much on the details (like what damage this or that gun deals) rather than the inherent characteristics of a spy show.  And that, frankly is where this game excels in.  
The game is a d6 game, which makes it immediately accessible to most [...]

C is for Cimeris

A full half of the demons I have researched start with the letter A or B.  No joking.  I have never figured that out really, but check out the various demonologies out there.  There are a few left of the other letters though.

For C we have Cimeris. Also known as Kimaris, Cimeies, Cimejes, Cimeries, and Tuvries  he is one of the more popular demons, appearing in the Ars Goetia,  Pseudomonarchia Daemonum, even in  Aleister Crowley's and Anton LeVey's works.

NAME: Marquis Cimeris
Symbol: See next
Alignment: Chaotic (Evil)
Movement: 120'
Armor Class: 0
Hit Points (Hit Dice): 158 hp (17 HD)

New Monster: Cerebral Slime

"Stop poking it." Feris admonished.

"Why? We don't know what it is." Nimble replied as he poked the slime encased skull yet again.

"And you want to frelling piss it off?" Rathgar asked.

"If it was going to do something, don't you think it would have done so by now?" With one final push the skull rolled over, and white orbs looked directly at Nimble.

*I see you now* echoed in his head.

"Frell. Rathgar, you were right." Nimble said as he dropped the stick and backed away.

The pool of [...]

C1 - The Hidden Shrin of Tamoachan

One of the classic monochrome modules from the early days of the game. This was originally used as a tournament module at Origins in 1979. This was rated #18 in the top 30 modules/adventures of all time in Dungeon magazine. I played this back in the early 80s and still remember the adventure today though most of the details have faded. It is an adventure that is trap heavy. This is easy enough to explain away though in real terms since it is a tournament module and you need to have traps to gauge thinking and to penalize foolishness. In the setting think of how pyramids are portrayed and you see what I mean. I also remember that the names were very exotic in nature. This module is overshadowed by The Tomb of Horrors but given the right DM I think this could rival it.

From the publisher:

"This module was originally used for the Official Advanced Dungeons & Dragons tournament at Origins '79, and is the first in another new series of modules from TSR, the COMPETITION SERIES. This module contains a challenging setting as well as an original scoring system and an assortment of pre-rolled characters for adventuring. The module may thus be used for private competition among players, or as a separate, non-scored adventure! also include herein are background information, a large-scale referee's map, referee's notes, and new monsters and descriptions for an added taste of excitement.

This module is meant to stand on its own, and includes areas on the map where Dungeon masters may add their own levels."

Design Workshop: Looking for Something Worth Prototyping

Last week I was looking at game blogging and how its skill set intersected with game design. I realized that even if you play games all the time,kibitzabout them, tinker with them, and develop stuff for them… there are still entire swaths of the early stages of game design that you’re liable to know nothing about. It’s actually kind of exciting to think that there is such a vast unknown so nearby. While I could always just, you know, buy Lewis Pulsipher’s book on thissort of thing, I decided to just sally forth and see what I could figure out [...]

Sistema Endless Ways -- Parte 5


O desenrolar do combate divide-se em 2 rondas, a Ronda inicial e a Ronda de combate.

A ronda inicial divide-se por em 3 partes, a Surpresa, o Posicionamento e a Ordem de Combate. A Surpresa s existir se pelo menos um dos grupos no tiver conhecimento do outro, se assim for ambos os grupos iro lanar 2d6 e somar modificadores de surpresa, como por exemplo, o grupo est a guardar algo, ou o grupo est camuflado, oualgumdo grupo tem uma armadura pesada e est em movimento, etc. Quem tiver o maior valor ir ganhar a surpresa, passando-se ento ao Posicionamento.

No Posicionamento [...]

Ar: Through the Vortex

Continued from "Ar: In Search of the Sphinx"

This unique doughnut-shaped floating island is the last district to have been created in the Kingdom of Ar. A royal edict abruptly carved out a large area of open space and prime fishing waters once shared between Hippogriff, Griffon, Skybridge, and Wyvern Districts. Sour feelings remained ever since the partition, because viceroys weren't consulted about the decision or even told of its rationale. Instead, a haze of secrecy surrounded the event, letting on solely that the new dominion was off limits to all but a select few [...]

C is for the Cockroach King!

Random find. I like it! :D
Patron of greed, hunger and thirst (not necessarily in the literal sense). Sometimes he is named as the Keeper of the Vermin because of his name and images. It's said that he gathers army of arthropods to infest realms of other gods or maybe even material world. Due to his unpredictable and malignant nature sometimes he sends plagues of vermin and diseases and instills jealousy and greed in people's hearts, just to cause wars and conflicts.
Keeper of the Vermin is often worshipped by people driven by lust and greed. He has followers both [...]


I gamed last weekend without a laptop.  This was unusual, and I think the first time I've done so since coming to college.  It started as kind of a lark, since I wanted to bring a thick notebook to scribble notes and maps and whatnot in and could not fit both the notebook, my laptop, and the ACKS Binder (a printed copy of the ACKS main rulebook) into my backpack.  It definitely caused a few slight hangups, mostly in the transmission of henchman statistics (which we usually send via electronic means), but I think I liked it.  It kept me [...]

C Is for Castor

Rewards and News from our Last Game

There has been a lot of discussion on google+ on what an appropriate reward entails. This is what I handed out after our last game.


The chips and the blueprint were successfully delivered to the Yakuza by remotely piloting the truck to Victoria Park. This week’s game will take place 1 month later so everyone needs to pay 1 months rent.


  • +1 Yakuza Faction Standing
  • 6 Karma
  • 50,000

Public News

  • Underground electro-slam artist Attila has been found dead at his Kowloon apartment. Cause of death has been attributed to a BTL overdose. On and off supermodel girlfriend, Lacey was not available for comment.
  • Pop sensation Miho’s [...]

10 urban events/encounters

  1. injured bird lies helpless
  2. a man gets down on one knee and proposes, drawing a crowd and knotting traffic
  3. insect swarm/nest on building
  4. city watch follows you for 2d4 blocks
  5. sandstorm
  6. smoke rises in distance (brush fire)
  7. street vendor (food, drink, trinkets, etc.)
  8. religious pilgrims with vow of silence are jeered at
  9. large beetle buzzes around head
  10. a sheet of music blows into a PC’s face

The Port of Shadows 2

I have taken it upon myself to put to parchment the known history of this loathsome den of villains. Deneir aid me in my quest. When first I considered the nature of the task, I mistakenly lulled myself into believing that uncovering and transcribing the lore of Skullport would be a mundane tusk. How does one port differ greatly from another?
It is with great humility that I admit I was gravely mistaken. The Port of Shadow is unlike any port above or below the surface of Abeir-Toril. Not surprisingly, it is much like the Underhalls that surround it: difficult to quantify, enigmatic, dangerous and yet alluring, all at the same time. The whole attempt would have been fruitless had I not encountered Sangalor of the Secrets, a generous and fair-minded person whose knowledge of Skullport is only matched by his devotion to Oghma the Binder. Sungalor, if you are reading this, I thank you for the guidance and insight. May the Binder keep you safe.Alphraxis of Deneir
Skullport, or the Port of Shadow to the learned and informed, is a dismal and dangerous domain populated by the vilest beings the Realms Below has to offer. Mercenaries gather [...]

Wonder Woman Wednesday...

A New Logo

Alright, maybe my first instincts were right...keep it simple....keep it elegant. Don't overthink it.

Most of the classic games have simple names; names that tell you what the game is about in a few simple words rather than trying to push evocative arty imagery on the players.

I like evocative and arty, but that sort of thing hasn't drawn the attention I'd often like my games to get. Maybe it's time to take a different course, just a simple name, a plain logo.

C is for Cathedral

Constructing religious structures for a fantasy world can be quite challenging. For this map, I drew up a cathedral dedicated to Heironeous, the standard D&D deity of chivalry, glory and heroics. I figured that if any of the deities in the D&D pantheon had cathedrals, Heironeous would. The grand, soaring architecture was meant to evoke a sense of glory, awe and power in actual cathedrals. Why not coopt that mood for a fantasy structure?

So much symbolism is built into real sacred spaces that it can be difficult extracting the real world symbolism while still making a [...]

Books and Other Sources of Knowledge

I’ve recently touched on some ideas about spell books as rewards in Seekers of Lore, but didn’t explore the topic thoroughly.

Seekers of Lore

First, there are other sources of knowledge. Books are perhaps one of the most convenient overall ever — generally portable, fairly durable, human-readable, and with decent data density for the technology level. There are other possibilities, even if you move beyond other written works such as scrolls, and carved works such as cuneiform tables and runes carved into cave walls. A cavern echoing with the words of a god, a crystal glowing with vis, a wise elemental spirit, [...]

Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh

I am purchasing a Cthulhu mug as a reward to myself for sticking through a rough first year laboring for a new company and getting a work from home position that should both be more lucrative and allow me more time to geek out on D&D.  Cheers!

I already own a raven mug made by Ziggy which is among my most cherished positions, being capable of imbuing stout beers with magical properties (I have proven this on many occasions through a rigorous and very scientific method).

I can hardly wait to get my paws on the Cthulhu mug. [...]

Game Mechanism of the Week [Neo-Redux] 10: Stunt Points

The other night I watched the Dragon Age episodes of Tabletop.

Part 1

Part 2

They were out a while ago, but I've only just managed to get around to watching them. It looks like pretty standard fare when it comes to a roleplaying game, but there was one innovation which looked pretty interesting to me. I will admit that I haven't read the Dragon Age books, I haven't played the games online, and my only exposure to the system comes from watching the videos...so my interpretation of this rule might be a bit skewed ("Tabletop" does [...]

C is for Crisis on Infinite Earths

Worlds will live.  Worlds will die.  And the DC Universe will never be the same. 

While the Secret Wars was cool, The Crisis was deep and huge and sweeping.  It was epic.

George Perez's art was panoramic.  Marv Wolman's writing put the heroes on the ropes and the villains had very little choice but to help out.  After all, the Anit-Monitor wanted to destroy the Multiverse.  And he was winning.

We watched Barry Allen sacrifice himself.  Supergirl fell in battle, at Kal-El's side.  Wonder Woman was returned to mere clay.

Whole Universe's [...]

C is for Croshan the Tyrant

In the eastern reaches of the Nightside region, where the murky depths of the Nell Nod forest finally give way to the Khozak plains, there is a region that is controlled by an ogre warlord that terrorizes a wide swath of countryside.  The ogre is named Croshan the Tyrant, and is extraordinary for an ogre in several ways. First, he is intelligent - more so than most of his ilk.  Second, he is a planner and user of resources.  Third, he has a wicked, wicked partner.

In a patch known as the Cowslip Fields, on the northeastern edge of [...]

Doomed to fail: Kickstarters that'll kick the bucket

Again, looking through kickstarter does throw up some god awful funding campaigns, lets face it for every one or two good ones, there’s going to be many real stinkers. So with that in mind, I’ve selected a few that my money is on to really fail. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a great feeling [...]

Spell: Summon Weird Machine

Summon Weird Machine
Level: 6
Duration: Depends on Machine Summoned
Range: Touch

Caster constructs the appropriate geometrical figure corresponding to a particular Weird Machine and then invests the Attractor Pattern at the center of the design with the designated sacrifice in order to call forth the Weird Machine they have decided to summon.

See the Weird Machine Table for options and requirements.

Boog, Dwarven Fighter

Here's the mighty warrior, Boog.

Read more

In Game Life

One of the things that I think a lot of online chat based RPGs have over their table top cousins is that you can get a very real sense of who a person is in the chat game a lot easier. Part of the reason for this is the anonymity and isolation of a single user at their computer playing the character. Distractions have a harder time impacting the game. There is more too though. It's something I've tried to capture in my games of late. I've had varied results, but here are some of the things that have come [...]

The Knights of The Outer Darkness For Your Old School Space Opera

 A Knights of The Outer Darkness in battle with his hated foes 

The Knights of the Outer Darkness are a group of renagades, warriors, veterans, and psychics who served during the so called "psychic wars" of 2298. These monsters roam the space ways looking to bring about the so called "Xeno genesis". To shatter the walls between the space time continuum and the Outer Darkness.
Each knight strives to be a paragon of the paths of darkness, emptiness, apathy, and pain.They are often found  moving the galactic chess board around them as masters of chaos,depravity, and corruption. 

Each [...]

Actual Play: GURPS DF Jade Regent - Ravenscraeg 5

We picked up with the same server errors we ended with, and 45 minutes after game start, we finally fixed them and got to it.

Are you smarter than a SM+1 Troll?
We faced two nine-foot-tall Trolls (not the end-of-pencil kind), and Brother Michel engaged them in conversation.
Michel: "Hello there. Listen, can we go through? We're in a hurry."
GM:  The lead one cocks his head. "Go.... through?" His oversize nose twitches as he draws in a lungful of air.Michel: "Great! Step aside, would you?" (Brody! Help!)
Brody: "My friend is a great and powerful wizard. If you step aside for him, he will bless you with great prowess in battle and virility in all your years. If you don't, he'll probably do something unspeakably horrible that I won't want to watch. It's really best if you step aside - or better yet, join us! We can pay you."
The trolls look confused. The entire notion of "pay" has gone right by them. And yet . . . 
GM:  "Pay.... what?"

Michel eyes Brody suspiciously.

Brody: "We've got piles of valuable fur upstaiirs. You can have them! Warm, comfortable, just the thing to attract a fine troll woman, eh?"
The lead troll seems to consider this thoughtfully.

GM: "Warm." He nods. "WARM!"

Brody:  "Very warm!"
They step back out of the way.
+Kevin Smyth why aren't we simply killing these guys again? I mean, trolls. We note that Michel won't let us. (in [...]

Season 5 Episode 7 - Orcs or Orks?

Welcome to Season 5 Episode 7 of RPG Circus

Episode Topics
  • Favorite Monsters Series: Orcs
  • PAX East Report
  • Things We Can Do To Make the Game World More Engaging


  • Jeff
  • Brian
  • George

Show Links

  • Pathfinder Dominates Fall 2012 Sales
  • ICV2 Top 5 RPG Fall 2012 in Sales
  • Green Ronin's FreePort Kickstarter Makes it's Goal

Token 1 (Tread-Bot:Beamer)

While working on the sketches for Tomb Complex 47g, for the Tomb of the Rocket-Men Contest, I made a set of robots that I thought might work reasonably well as counters or tokens. When I get done with the current new Space-Age Sorcery follow-up pdf, I'll go back and make tokens/counters out of the rest of these robots. I have a "Space Dungeon" in mind for them that ought to be fun to write-up for either Mutant Future or X-Plorers.

Wandering Monsters: Fish- And Frog-Men

As a fan of Lovecraftian things the basic premise of ancient fish-people living underground, surfacing only to kidnap people for sacrifice, makes me feel that I should like kuo-toa more than I do, but as with last's weeks batch of assorted evil humanoids they--along with the rest--just come across as confusing and boring.

Let us go down the list:
  • They are evil, but "only" neutral evil, which actually seems odd given that they hate discipline and are largely insane. 
  • They worship a naked, female, half-lobster, half-human deity. At least with drow their iconic god can look like a drow, [...]

I am Iron Man!! One man's quest to become a superhero! (Kickstarter)

The thing I enjoy about looking around the Kickstarter site and its projects, is that I will find some real interesting and funny stuff there, and this is one of the latter. TheOnlyTonyStark is trying to build himself a more robust version of this plastic carrymat Iron man suit! Well, he’s probably not anything like [...]

Smells Like Trouble

Shaving soap may save your life.

Nobody is quite sure what keeps a reanimate moving, and why they aren't just rotting piles of meat. They're perfectly intact, and will even heal wounds over time. Nothing like those half gone grey skinned creatures from old movies. More impressively, this oddly good health is in spite of having next to no sense of hygiene. Far as we can tell, they don't bathe, and change clothes only when what they're wearing has ripper or rotted completely off, if that much. Death be not proud and all that. (Though I don't think that [...]

B is for Beetles

Beetles, and the other allied species (Crickets, Ladybugs, Potato Bugs) present a small design challenge, insofar as the way I've assigned racial bonuses in Mythweaver is through granting a trait shift. However, in the Army Ants rules I've assigned the trait shift to the specialties, so assigning trait shifts to species would be redundant - and I don't have enough traits to spread the wealth.

However, seeing as there are four core allies species, and there are four core attributes, I can assign a shift bonus to the Feat linked to the attribute in ways that logically represent the [...]

Bottled Youth (A to Z Challenge B)

The gods who once ruled over what would become the Sea of Stars would reward their most faithful with beautiful bottles filled with the essence of immortality, a drink that would wash away age and restore youth and vigor. Even then, their were highly prized and even more highly sought after.

With the fall of the gods and the sundering, the supply of such miraculous brew ceased but the demand for it did not. Wizards, alchemists and sorcerers bent their skills and powers to recreate such. However, lacking immortality themselves, they could only grant youth by taking it from another. The [...]

Can You Describe Your Blog in 5 Words or Less?

We currently have 74 blogs signed up for the Swords & Wizardry Appreciation Day Blogathon, which is to take place on April 17th. Which means I have 74 blogs listed and hyperlinked, but no descriptions for them.

Descriptions are helpful, but not if they run on and clutter the page for the other 73 listed blogs (or however many we end up with). As a blogger, I know how hard it is to avoid being verbose ;)

That being said, I'm looking for blog descriptions for this listed blogs that are "5 words or less". Ain't that a biatch? It keeps it from getting too cluttered.

Submit any 5 word or less blog description that you might want added as a comment to this post and [...]

The Whirlpool Galaxy

Tried a new sort of style. Not sure if the colors are okay (remember, I am colorblind), it’s supposed to be sepiaish though.

Hang Out with Almighty Creator(s)

I thought for sure I had shared this link before, but in digging through the archive it looks like I missed it.

So here you go

TTYU Worldbuilding Hangouts

I highly recommend perusing. Whether you're stuck in a bind and stumbling through your story, or if you just want a good read that is bound to spark ideas, these are they. You will have a hard time coming up with anything these don't cover. If you prefer to watch than to read (because the material is very dense at points) Juliette Wade also posts them [...]

[Fantasy Craft] Jianghu: A Wuxia Campaign, Subplots

I’ve been checking out the Subplots available in the Fantasy Craft core rules for the Wuxia campaign I’m planning so far, and I’m pretty happy to see that most of them work for any genre.

With regards to my campaign, I’d probably allow the following as they all suit the Wuxia Genre very well.

Cursed – This is a fun one, this can be a springboard for many interesting Xia which are working to rid themselves of a curse, or just lead to all sorts of happy complications of being plagued with misfortune.

Dependents – This is a tough one, but still fits [...]

GAMA Trade Show 2013 Report 7

Cheapass Games


Cheapass games, long known for extremely basic games, evolved a bit and produced a “snazzy” version of the venerable “Unexploded Cow.”

This game has a retail price of $25.00.

Grandpa’ Beck’s Games

Scheming and Skulking is a new trick-taking game due to be released at the end of May for an MSRP of $12.99.

Strictly speaking Sedition Wars and Zombicide below are both from “Cool Mini or Not,” but in the interests of clarity I am splitting them off into their own entries.

Sedition Wars

Sedition Wars gets its first expansion “Sedition Wars: Arms of Sorrow” that functions as both a stand-alone game and expansion [...]

Axes and Anvils


I am now working with Mike Nystul on getting a draft of Axes and Anvils done for the project backers. The project has run into significant problems, and I’m fast with the game design, and… well, I want the backers to have a great dwarf game.

I’ve slowed down on posting as I’ve worked on this. By the end of the week I’ll be ready to play-test with my home group, and by the end of next week this thing should have a draft. That’s very good news to me.

Here is Mike’s update on the Kickstarter site.



Dwimmermount Project Update #50: Labyrinth Lord Version Restored, Release Schedule Set


What's the current status of the Dwimmermount project?
We are on track to deliver all the promises of this Kickstarter. In the last update I reported that Autarch would not be able to fulfill the Labyrinth Lord version of Dwimmermount, but this was due to miscommunication between James and I. We now have his approval to publish both the LL version and the Adventurer Conqueror King System version.

We'll use the LL version to present James' original vision for Dwimmermount. Working with his draft and notes on editing, and our conversations about further development, the LL version will present the dungeon according to the plan which would have led to a March release if personal issues had not intervened.

Game Design Memories

I wrote my first game back sometime around 1988. It was this weird class project I packed in a JCPenny’s shirt box for a class project. It was called Slang Wars and it was a cardboard chit, Avalon Hill style wargame that had to do with the battle between “proper speaking” and “slang.” I was [...]

100 Volume One downloads!

After three days, Explorers of the Unknown were downloaded exactly 100 times (and previeved exactly 100 times too)! Thanks alot :-)
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