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Kickstart This: Arcana Agency

I’m a big fan of text adventures, and their predecessors, Choose Your Own Adventure books. I’m actually looking at creating one of my own soon, but that’s neither here nor there.

There’s a new Kickstarter our there, called Arcana Agency: The Thief of Memories. It’s a “Game Book” in the Choose Your Own Adventure style. Click this linky-link. You’ve only got 13 days as of today! Get going!

Here’s the idea behind it:

Arcana Agency puts the reader [...]

The Morrow Project - Fourth Edition - Kickstarter Launched

First came an updated Gamma World. Then came an updated Metamorphosis Alpha. And now, another classic post-apocalyptic RPG is being updated and released from its hibernation chamber to walk the remnants of a devastated Earth. The Morrow Project is now being updated for a fourth edition by Timeline Ltd.

When it appeared nuclear war was inevitable, a clandestine project was considered and launched. Hundreds of citizens and experts with specific skills would be cryogenically frozen in hidden boltholes around the world. A few years after the End of the World, these people would then be released to help rebuild [...]


I’ve only played Monsterhearts twice, both times at conventions in 2012. The story game from Joe Mcdaldno is based on the same rules mechanics as D. Vincent Baker’s Apocalypse World. I feel a bit strange calling it “rules” since it feels far more like narrative guidelines that keeps the forward momentum going.

Monsterhearts is described by its cover as a story game about the messy lives of teenage monsters. I can say with confidence that I’ve rarely found cover copy so succinct and yet brutally accurate. I’m not afraid to own the fact that I was unsure of the game before [...]

Shades of Sky Blue: Variations on U.N.T.I.L.

This is a smaller rendering of the letterhead that I created for memos from Field Marshall Tomkins – it looks really believable, adding to the versimilitude of the campaign

A book on the structures and natures of different governments within our world got me to thinking anew about perhaps the most seminal creation within the background of the Hero System – U.N.T.I.L.

Specifically, thinking about who the organization is; how they fit into the policies, principles and charter of the United Nations; what’s wrong with the “official” version of the organization; how the organization is depicted in the Zenith-3 campaign and the [...]

An Improv Player's Reaction to Savage Worlds

Ever mounting anxiety about the ratio of hobby:metahobby time characterized much of my later experience with the d20 system. I welcomed 4th Edition D&D with open arms, simply because creating a character felt like a drag-and-drop affair. I’ve since discovered that other systems (Fate, I’m looking at you) better meet my “just make it up as you go” approach. A brief foray back into d20 with Pathfinder found me saying “Screw mechanics, I’m just putting 11 or 12 in every attribute.”

The Fred Savage Dragon (ssoosay/Flickr)

And yet, part of me looks fondly on those days when optimally elevating a character to [...]

The Story I Wish Was Told about 1 Reason Why

De Facto Discrimination - Captain Marvel: Copyright 2012 Marvel Characters, Inc.
As I mentioned yesterday, the #1reasonwhy hashtag has been on my mind a lot. For those who don't know, on Monday, Luke Crane, a game designer and an employee at Kickstarter, asked why there weren't more women designers.

Why are there so few lady game creators?

— Luke Crane (@Burning_Luke) November 26, 2012

A number of us replied, with Filamena Young, a game designer and co-owner of Machine Age Productions, adding the now-famous hashtag to her response.

While a conversation about 'why so few women designers' was going on, I was taking my [...]

No Spell Scrolls for Clerics

Zereth casting a spell from a clerical scroll in "The Sorcerer's Jewel". Art by Jim Roslof. Scan from Grognardia
     One aspect of Holmes Basic that often jumps out at new readers (since it is not found in other editions of D&D) is the scrolls on the Treasure Tables that have Potion, Ring or Wand spells. Another feature that is much less frequently noted is that only magic-users can use scrolls with clerical spells!

      True, clerical scrolls are not explicitly mentioned anywhere in the first printing of the Holmes Basic. But the Scroll Table indicates that scrolls [...]

Temptation of Imps

This post contains a reusable element from my Caverns of Slime adventure.

At one point, the characters are traveling in hell. Imps are watching. The party is in trouble: they need help fighting a powerful enemy, the need help an ally, they need to find a guide, something. The idea is to present the players with a choice and long term consequences: let the players decide how easily the characters is corrupted, or let the player decide how much their character is willing to suffer in order to avoid dealing with the devil – any decision is fine as long as it’s the result of a struggle, a result of being confronted with temptation.

Here’s what the section in the adventure says:

Whenever player characters cannot make up their mind or whenever they are in danger, have imps and devils come up and offer to help – for a price. They will enter a pact with player characters. Once the details have been hashed out, a pact requires a simple act to seal it. When a pact is broken by a player character, the character will suffer a curse.

d6Pact Price Seal Curse 1I will lead you to somebody who can help.In return, you will fight for me when I summon you.To seal this pact, you will wear this amulet with the copulating monkeys. Atempting to take it off will strangulate you.If you don’t give your utmost to win the fight, these monkeys will animate and grow and do their utmost to wreck your neighbours, your family and your friends.2I will lead you to somebody who will help.In return, you will wear this hell sigil in your face for a year and a day, invisible to all except for those that can detect evil.To seal this pact, I brand you with this [...]

Picture Thursday 4: Skeleton on an Altar by Courtney Campbell

I love this piece. Tabletop art tends to focus on characters and monsters. Occasionally you might get a sketch of an item, but most of the time there’s some kind of living creature at the focus of the image. And while that’s all well and good, I think illustrating environments is extremely underrated. As GMs, its our job to describe environments in a way which will paint a picture in the player’s minds. So it makes sense for us to imagine and share pictures of the types of environments we need to describe, doesn’t it? How would you describe this room in a way which is short enough to hold the players attention, but still covers all of the important details?

You can see more of this artist’s work on his tumblr. He also maintains a an OSR blog which you may have heard of.

NaGaDeMon: I Win!

A quick playtest last night with no major snags means that I win NaGaDeMon, 2012!

Dungeon Dealer: Updated!

Chess Dice

The secret is to aim low. I didn't want to create a full game from scratch (would never have had the time), but I figured a couple of quickie games that required very little set up might be fun.

Recounting Encounters - War of Everlasting Darkness, Session 5: Spirits of the Fell Pass

Deep in the darkness of the demon web pits, Lolth has been spinning a web of deceit, treachery, and ambition. Her goal is to seize control of arcane magic, a domain that has lain vacant since the death of Mystra 100 years ago. Lolth's web of influence has extended; controlling the Demon Weave, replacing the sundered weave that Mystra used to maintain.  
Her servitors now draw from the Demon Weave to create shrouds of darkness that they call the darkening. Drow can now move to the surface and fight with darkness on their side during, what would normally [...]

DM for Kids: No RPG Slots!

No D&D for the last couple of months!

A combination of in-laws and other relatives staying with us most of the last 3 months; my son starting his first year at secondary school in September, with all the acclimatisation and homework that involves; me travelling for work every other [...]

Are Games Broken?

If the title seems a little inflammatory, I'm sorry this was something I was pondering this morning. Over at Zach's RPG Blog II, I made a comment on how all games were broken. Something that one commenter claimed was defeatism. I made a reply that I was just realist. Of course this did get me thinking, was I being truthful? Are all games broken?

I guess my thought process on this goes a little like this. What are game rules for anyway? In my mind they simply try to provide a mechanics to handle if and how things happen. I [...]

Who's the Toughest Warrior-Type Person in the Area? (Random Table)

After I posted my randomly generated city map, my buddy Bryan and I had an exchange about why I think Vornheim is better than the random city charts in the 3E DMG. Basically, I think it comes down to a philosophical difference: Vornheim is designed to help you come up with an answer you need when your players put you on the spot, whereas the 3E DMG tables were designed to be used ahead of time to give you info that there was a good chance you’d never need. As Bry put it, “Knowing there are four 1st level clerics, [...]

The Chronicles of Heavenly Artifice CVI -- The High Chancellor

Food of the Primordials!

The guest suite at the Pinnacle of Celestial Supremacy was actually very nice; practically everything but the walls was ambrosial, there was a nice view of the reclaimed territory from the window, and there was plenty of room – unlike the rather crowded Jorgensen nursery complex’s common room.

No food though! Fortunately, he had peanut butter!

He was halfway though his first sandwich when someone came knocking at the door,

(Charles) "Er… Hello?"

(Celestina) “Charles, are you up? Someone wants to speak with you before you and Harold head off to school.”

(Charles) "Uhm… OK!"

Celestina waited for him to open the door; [...]

The Chronicles of Heavenly Artifice CV -- Violets On Television

Continuing in the Reclaimed Territories in Yu-Shan, at the Slumber Party…

As it turned out, Mr. Jorgensen had been called away on interstellar business, and so wasn't expected back for at least eleven days – and while Charles was indeed enjoying the slumber party (and handing out a variety of gifts all around at whim), it really wouldn't stretch that long. He had made some arrangements though; as the head of a generally-disliked faction, you stepped carefully with powerful people and potential allies.

Everyone was happy to be receiving presents – and hoped that Papa would get them some when he got [...]

Role-playing Game Therapy Domains


As the body of knowledge grows, the development of a distinct treatment modality, potentially "role-playing game therapy", may develop as an effective tool for the treatment of many population groups with varied needs. Potential issues that may be receptive to role-playing game therapy could be clients diagnosed with PTSD, uni-polar depression, bi-polar, autism-spectrum disorders, and many others.

The potential for RPG therapy to develop as a distinct treatment modality is a reasonable possibility considering the strong partial overlap with many existing treatment domains, while still have unique characteristics that could potentially offer solutions the other domains may not have been as effective with. These domains include:

  • Cognitive therapy
  • Behavioral therapy
  • Recreation therapy
  • Game therapy
  • Role-play therapy
  • Drama therapy
  • Gestalt therapy
  • Humanistic therapy

Analysis of the Report "Alienation and the Game Dungeons and Dragons"

I recently converted this report from the PDF version to a web page version, and while at it, updated a little bit of the information to correspond with recent market changes and other notes. This is also the version that is much longer than the previous shorter version, and has a lot more personal commentary added at the end, from the perspective of a role-playing gamer since 1979. Enjoy!

You can view the web version here:


The earlier PDF version is here:


The shorter PDF version (without the long commentary) is here:

<pending upload>

Building a Better Dundiir - Dundorin Racial Feats

The stubborn, foul-mouthed Dundorin have always been one of my favourite races, and although the normal Dwarf race in 4th Edition captures some elements of what I loved about them, it fell a little short. So, I have put together a bunch of feats which will allow you to build a true Dundorin - stubborn, tough and often hateful. 
Building A Better Dundiir

Stories from Shatensite: Part Ten of Ninety

The city-state of Shatensite and surrounding countryside exist where the line between perceived reality and nightmare dims. Those who enter, do so at their own risk to body, mind, and soul.

10.  In the weird city of Shatensite, the connection between a man's body his spirit is sometimes misaligned.  When a resident dies, it is common for the family to hold a three day wake.  The body is simply laid on a bed while family members take turns sitting with the body.  A certain stress pervades the time spent in the company of the corpse because there is a [...]

Killane's Deck of Deeds

Here is my version of the Deck of Many Things. I’ll eventually have 100 entries so you can roll percentile, but here are the first 30.

These decks have 1-100 cards in them when they are found.

  • They are always in a metal tin stamped with a winding road and a rising sun.
  • One person can choose to draw up to 5 cards, rapping on the tin once per card.
    • Then those cards slip out, and they affect the one who rapped on the tin.
    • No one can get cards from one tin more than once.
    • If the card is not absorbed or activated and remains [...]

Game Review: Lady Blackbird by John Harper

Poor Lady Blackbird has been in my review queue for over a year now, so I think it’s high time I should get back to her. Designed, written, and illustrated by John Harper, Lady Blackbirdis a scenario-based game that centers on Lady Blackbird attempting to escape an arranged marriage and return to her pirate lover in a magical Steampunk setting called The Wild Blue. Yeah, I think that about sums it up. And though I’m not a big romance guy, I have to say that the simple, elegant design of both the scenario and the rules deserves some serious kudos. [...]

Merlin: The Hollow Queen

On the eve of the arrival of a powerful potential ally for Arthur at Camelot, a young druid boy - Daegal (Alfie Stewart) - breaks into the castle seeking to take Merlin to his encampment where his young sister is dying of the sweating sickness.

Little does Merlin realise he is walking into a deadly trap.

Meanwhile Gwen - at the behest of Morgana - convinces the new arrival at Camelot, the evil and sadistic ruler known as The Sarrum (John Shrapnel), to have Arthur assassinated so she can seize the throne.

He, in turn, believes this will be an opportunity to steal the throne for himself "from a servant girl, playing at being Queen".

Sadly, The Hollow Queen is a very flawed episode at the most basic levels of storytelling.

First, we have Merlin - who has been Arthur's servant now for about seven years, [...]

10 Adventure Names

  1. Plot of the Forbidden Scepter.
  2. Crucible of Horrors.
  3. Seekers of Light.
  4. Lost Desert of Ignivallum.
  5. Bandits of the Wonderful Monastery.
  6. Sunless Fort of Lanirilrath.
  7. Unknown Horrors of the Forbidden Seal.
  8. Fort on the Alfheim/Aengmor Forest.
  9. Quest for the Pasetlol’s Cloak.
  10. Death Merchant Monastery of the Metropolis.
Related articles
  • Energizer’s “Power The Creativity” Event With Crayola (makingtimeformommy.com)
  • Looking back at the Creature Crucible series (thedragonsflagon.blogspot.com)

NaGa DeMon: Day 29

I've slowed down a bit with a whole heap of other things starting to take priority, but I've managed to throw together another scenario for Ghost City Raiders. This will probably be the last one for the month.

In this scenario, I've decided to play with the way cards are laid out on the table to form the danger zone. It makes sense to me because I've done this sort of thing in the past, but it might be a bit complicated for someone else (and I'm not sure if I've explained myself the best when giving details for [...]

6 - Navy Transport Ship

Next entry for my 100 random space encounters!
Enlightment-Class Blockade Runner
Hull: FR (18 structure points, -10% basic Pilot skill modifier) Armor: carbide (54) Reactor: expanded Drive Class: B Maneuvering Thrusters: one additional set (total Pilot skill modifier +0%) Jump Drive: yes Sensors: military +50% Jamming Systems: -30% Armament: 5 light lasers with UV focusing crystals (+1 damage)Ammo: none Shield Generator: DeltaCargo Space: 225t Other: 200t fuel holds, two external docking points, life support in cargo bays.
Enlightment-Class Blockade Runner is long, slender ship with powerful defense systems and ability to fend off smaller ships, such as fighters or pirate vessels. Its military-grade lasers can destroy enemy fighter with one [...]

Cthon: Second Age

The First Age of Cthon (at least, the first one to be recorded), was a world in which Life and Chaos dominated everything, with results that are utterly alien by later mortal standards. The proof of this is that the obscure and inhuman intelligent races of those times, later surviving in the Underdark, Abyss, and the other dark pieces of First Age that went underground, have such distorted morals, logic, and ideas because they are in tune with that world. A world that, fortunately for humans and demi-humans, practically auto-exiled itself, leaving place for a new world on the [...]

Wednesday Night Writing Exercise: The Creation of Enemies

This week, I decided to play with my old exercise on determining a character’s ideal enemy. I’m still not sure why the long-term pseudo-recurring enemy holds as much interest for me as the love interest might for another designer of characters, but still---as far as I’m concerned, there’s nothing like a good nemesis.

For sorcerer, unarmed specialist, and generally hyper/mostly innocent Ruby, I envisioned clashes that would mostly take the form of actual fighting: while a match of tactics would also work well for Ruby, I can’t see her wanting to sustain an interaction that would involve significant numbers of people [...]

If I Wasn't Running DCC [Fake Trek Edition]

Sometimes, I don't so much forget that I love DCC, but I think about what else I could be running. Over the last day or so, a lot of the OSR community has reminded me by posting pictures of gaming shelves -- gaming shelves filled with awesome memories of great games played and the fantastic prospects of games I've never played but always wanted to (or recently decided that I wanted to in the case of more recent releases). So, the question remains, "if I wasn't running DCC, what would I be running?"Starships & Spacemen 2e (+LL & MF)I know [...]

Monster Kickstarter

So when I was looking at the upcoming Kickstarters yesterday, I noticed this one. Monster by Kingdom Death, a Boardgame with some amazing looking miniatures. Don't worry, I'll be getting back to other posts soon, I started a Kickstarter widget, that will have various RPG/Board/Miniature games listed on it. (including ending dates.)

On the Value of Visuals

I'm a visually-oriented guy. Some of my earliest inspirations in the realms of fantasy and fantasy gaming came courtesy of eye candy. The works of Alan Lee, Gary Chalk, and Larry Elmore are every bit as responsible for my love of gaming - if not moreso - than the contributions of any fiction or rules author.

I'm a firm believer that RPGs, particularly those of the fantastic variety that exist only in our collective imaginations, can benefit immeasurably from even minor artistic touches to an extent much greater than the sum of those touches' individual contributions. Likewise, an otherwise [...]

Planet Zod. Part 1. The Savage World of Ordinary Heroes

Here we present a fictionalization of the playthrough from our latest Savage Worlds RPG homebrew campaign, Planet Zod. This roleplaying universe is a lot like our own, or at least it was until six months ago. That’s when General Zod showed up and conquered Earth. He mostly just sits on his throne in the Washington Capitol and grumbles, but every couple of months, he’ll do something awful — burn a town to the ground, order the residents of one neighborhood to murder the residents of another neighborhood, demolish the Golden Gate Bridge while people are driving over it — and [...]

Would You Run DFRPG for Jim Butcher?

Jim! Butcher! by tbridge via Flickr (and Fred Hicks on the right)

Jim Butcher, author of the Dresden Files series, recently did a Q&A on Reddit. I’d highly recommend giving it a read, whether you’re a fan of the series, or you haven’t read it yet. (See what I did there?)

Mr. Butcher is a gamer, and has even managed to work RPGs into the Dresden Files, a feat that’s pretty cool in and of itself. His series has also been turned in to a dedicated role playing game, the Dresden Files RPG, which we at Intwischa have used for everything from [...]

WNW: Don't Cross the Memes!

Otherwise, something awesome will happen:

Exalted -- Integrity Charms

No no… I HAVE Charms, I’m not Charming!

And here we have a little more of Charles's eccentric charm research…

Destiny Manifesting Mastery
  • Cost: Special, Minimums; Integrity 3, Essence 2; Type; Permanent
  • Keywords: Realm (Creation).
  • Duration: Special
  • Prerequisite Charms: None.

Solars cannot be bound by the threads of fate, instead drawing them – and the less potent creatures and spirits that they entangle – in their wake. A Solar with this charm has mastered that effect, and may cast his or her personal threads of fate into creation to entangle creatures and events in his or her personal goals. The user may select a specific, narrow, purpose [...]

Intrigues, Rogues, and Riots in Hobbington

Lido Goes it Alone ... and there they were, sitting in the now derelict Five Crows Tavern across the street from Dunn's Bridge. The heroes sat by the light of a single gas lamp. They were all healed up and ready to get a good night's sleep. Ishcandar announced that he wished to search for a tavern. "We're in a tavern," said Arik bluntly. "Is there anything to drink here, by chance?" asked

GE24: 15 Geeky Gifts for the Holidays

You probably have a geek in your life and maybe you can use some ideas for what to buy them this holiday season. This episode covers 15 gifts perfect for any geek.

The idea of the holiday gift guide started in 2006 with Jonathan’s other show Wargaming Recon. You can see what past Holiday Gift Guides were for that show.

The Geeks Explicitly list covers a variety of fandoms, products, uses, and even locations. It has something for your kitchen, your home, the office, to wear, and to play with.

We hope you will find this list to be useful. Don’t hesitate to [...]

What Do I Want From D&D

I got asked this today, and I didn't have time to provide a complete answer.

My answer at the time was "a little bit of every edition all rolled into one," which, I guess is technically right.

But truth be told, my ideal D&D is a Frankengame of about a dozen different sources. Let's see:

  • A MicroLite20/DCC class structure (simple, evocative mechanics without a lot of fiddly bits) with Pathfinder levels of variety. Without the 3.x/PF/4E levels of required CharOp/Build Mastery.
  • Backgrounds from 13th Age instead of set skill lists.
  • Backgrounds from D&D Next.
  • A cross between D&D Next Expertise Dice and (simple, gridless) combat powers [...]

EN World Review -- Combat in Motion (Enhanced 4E) by Christopher F. Ash

Greetings Fellow Gamers and Gentle Readers! I trust that everyone has survived the holiday, followed by the madness that is vicious hordes of Black Friday, the quaint charms of Small Business Saturday, and electronic temptations of Cyber Monday! For my own part, only the latter caught me in its web, if only for the convenience of being able to shop, hermit-like, from the confines of my warm and cozy apartment.

This week, for my EN World Review, I finally have a new D&D 4E product to discuss – which for some regular readers, is probably a welcome change from all the [...]

Breaking News: Kaiju Attack!

Thanks to Monster Island News for highlighting this hugely promising teaser trailer for next year's giant robots versus giant monsters flick, Pacific Rim, from Guillermo del Toro.

Savage Menagerie: Cobweb

No. Enc.: 2d10
Alignment: Neutral
Movement: None
Armor Class: 9
Hit Dice: 1
Attacks: 1
Damage: Special
Save: L1
Morale: None
Hoard Class: None

Cobwebs are mutated cornstalks that can trap unsuspecting victims in sticky strands of webbing. When approached, the husks surrounding the Cobweb will slowly peel back on its own, exposing pale white corncobs along each stalk. Once exposed, the kernels on each cob will explode much like popcorn kernels with a pop-pop-pop, spraying thin sticky webs of filament over a 20 ' radius. Any within range who say they're diving out of the way will [...]

Who's the Toughest Warrior-Type Person in the Area? (Random Table)

After I posted my randomly generated city map, my buddy Bryan and I had an exchange about why I think Vornheim is better than the random city charts in the 3E DMG. Basically, I think it comes down to a philosophical difference: Vornheim is designed to help you come up with an answer you need when your players put you on the spot, whereas the 3E DMG tables were designed to be used ahead of time to give you info that there was a good chance you’d never need. As Bry put it, “Knowing there are four 1st level clerics, [...]

Wherein I say...

I don’t post much anymore. Been too busy with various things such as running games and working with great people on new generators for their site. Frankly, writing blog posts with a minimal audience is pointless. I can tap out a few points on G+ and get better commentary.

While the blog will not be shuttered, there will be little life in it. I’ll keep it around to touch base with the far afield friends. I’ve already shuttered the associated twitter account. I should kill the G+ page for the [...]

[Mage: the Awakening] The Tricky Part About Balance

A friend of mine and fellow WoD GM asked me this morning, “How do you go about balancing encounters?” It’s a good question, and one that I’ve not really had that many chances to address in my blog, despite the fact that I’ve several actual play reports on Mage campaigns logged already.

The issue of “Balancing” an encounter comes from several “truths”:

  • I want the game to be fun and challenging
  • Killing off player characters without a fight is not a good way to promote fun;
  • Having my villains get wiped in the first round isn’t fun either

Therefore GMs try to find ways to [...]

Kickstarter Request Inquiry - Game Design: "e20: System Evolved" Roleplaying Game

When a game's main writer / lead developer is the only one that can bring a project to a successful completion, there is an inherit risk. When the only investor is the writer of the game, that risk falls upon his shoulders alone. When it is a Kickstarter funded project, everyone that has pledged shares in that risk.

This project was created by Gary M. Sarli, no small name in our hobby. Gary apparently has significant health issues.

The Game Design: "e20: System Evolved" Roleplaying Game, seem to have fallen prey to that risk.

Here's the latest Kickstarter Update:

e20 System: Good News and Bad News

Update #38 * Dec. 27, 2011 * 5 comments (yes, that is 11 [...]

In Which The Warlock Officially Announces...

For Immediate Release: November 30, 2012

Blackfall Press, LLC Announces Tabletop RPG Kickstarter: Cold Steel Wardens: Roleplaying in the Iron Age of Comics
[Englewood, OH] Blackfall Press, LLC is pleased to announce the opening of a Kickstarter to finance publication of their first tabletop roleplaying game, Cold Steel Wardens: Roleplaying in the Iron Age of Comics. Utilizing the new "MAFIANAP" mechanics, Cold Steel Wardens players take on the roles of masked vigilantes taking back their city from the vicious gangs, metahumans and other criminals infesting the streets. 

Cold Steel Wardens emulates the [...]

Dealing with a lone wolf

First, a definition.  A lone wolf isn't a player who simply splits the party for good reason.  A lone wolf is one that sends their character off on their own, often while the other characters are sleeping, and thus prevents the rest of the party from having anything to do while the lone wolf follows their own needs.  I further define it as when the lone wolf's scene will take a fair while.  A character giving his wife a call during a session isn't lone wolfing it.  A character running off while the rest of the party sleeps so that [...]

Kickstarter Requested Inquiry - Quicksilver Worldbook for Pathfinder

Another request, and this one is a doozy.

I bitch and complain when a project takes longer than two weeks to give a current update. Five or Six weeks is pretty much the extreme. Four fucking months?!?

Are the guys behind the Quicksilver Worldbook fucking insane? Not being in contact with your supporters for four months does not instill confidence in the progress of the project. It instills the "they're spending our money on Ho's and cocaine" type of thoughts.

I'd love to give you some of the updates, but the last few are backers only. Still, I can grace the kind readers of this blog with the update titles:

Update #14 - For backers only * Jul. 27, 2012 [...]

EZG reviews Wild Thing & When the Ship Goes Down

  Today I’m going to take a look at AaW’sonly (so far) A-series adventure that does not take place in...

GM Quick Sheets - Random Magic Item Descriptions - Blunts

   Here's a quick Random Magic Item Description Generator for blunt weapons in the form of a one page GM Quick Sheet. Great for it's simplicity and adding a little something to that mace +1.

   Thanks to the folks on the Microlite20 forums for their help and ideas.

Random Magic Item Description Generator - Blunt Weapons
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